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Eicher Tractor Price list in India 2022 | Features and Benefits

    Eicher Tractor Price list in India 2022 | Features and Benefits

11 Nov, 2022

Eicher tractors are known for their strength, resilience, special features, and exceptional designs.Despite being the industry's champion, Eicher has kept its features current and continues to set itself out from the competition. The tractors made by Eicher tractors have power outputs ranging from 18 horsepower to 55 horsepower. 

Tractors made by Eicher are produced by TAFE. Due to their durability, affordability, ease of maintenance, and fuel efficiency, these engines are advantageous for farmers and other alternative businesses. This boosts the customer's productivity and earnings because the majority of the Eicher engines in this phase are cool and can operate in hot conditions for extended periods of time.


Here are Top 7 Best Eicher Tractors in India: 

1. Eicher 485 Super DI

Eicher 485 Super DI

The all-new Eicher 485 Super DI is one of the most famous and highly demanded tractors in 2022 because of its excellent features.

Features of Eicher 485 Super DI are:

  • An efficient tractor that is simple to connect to all required farming equipment is the Eicher 485 Super DI. It can handle tractor attachments thanks to its 38.3 PTO hp and live-type power take-off. 
  • The Eicher 485 Super DI Tractor's Dry Type Single or Dual Clutch ensures a smooth and straightforward operation. For the Eicher tractor 485, dry disc brakes or oil-immersed brakes are offered, which offer less slipping and better field grip. 
  • The Eicher 485 Super DI power steering side gear offers simple control and improved functionality. The 485 Eicher tractor is a popular option in the Eicher category. Additionally, this tractor model has a 48-liter fuel tank and a lifting capacity of 1200–1850 kg.

 The price of Eicher 485 Super DI is 6.50 lakhs to 6.70 lakhs*.   


2. Eicher 551 

eicher 551

The all-new Eicher 551 is a brilliant build model from the Eicher tractor range, it has great engine durability, and it is one of the most efficient farming machines that can drive anyone crazy.

Features of Eicher 551 are: 

  • The Eicher 551 model has a 3300 CC, 3-cylinder engine with a rated engine output of 49 HP. 42 HP is converted from this power and applied to the driving shaft. 

  • Because the engine's air filter is a dry kind, the engine receives clean air for combustion. 

  • The partial constant mesh transmission type controls the 8+2 side shift gear combination. A single/dual-clutch combination is used to regulate each of these combinations. This results in a maximum forward speed for the tractor Eicher 551 of 32.93 Kmph. 

  • The Eicher tractor 551, which is designed for quick control and safety, is equipped with multi-disk oil-immersed brakes. These have less wear and tear since they utilize less energy.

The price of Eicher 551 is 6.80 lakhs to 7.10 lakhs*.  


3. Eicher 557 4WD PRIMA G3

Eicher 557 4WD PRIMA G3

An expanded model with excellent cost is the Eicher 557 4wd Prima G3 tractor. Additionally, the Eicher 557 4wd Prima G3 effectively meets all farming requirements. The features of the Eicher 557 4wd Prima G3 are displayed here, along with its price, which is listed below.

Features of Eicher 557 4WD Prima G3 are: 

  • A dual-clutch with a partial synchromesh transmission is installed in the Eicher 557 4wd Prima G3. 

  • Additionally, the Eicher 557 4wd Prima G3 travels at a breathtaking 30.51 Kmph. 

  • A 65-liter gasoline tank is included with the Eicher 557 4wd Prima G3. 

  • Additionally, the Eicher 557 4wd Prima G3 can lift 2100 kg 8 + 2 gear Eicher 557 4WD Prima G3 has. 

The price of Eicher 557 4WD Prima G3 is 8.55 lakhs to 8.80 lakhs*. 


4. Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3

 Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3

The tractor, the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3, is a large model with an excellent price. Additionally, the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 effectively meets all farming requirements.

Features of Eicher 380 4Wd Prima G3 are: 

  • A dual Clutch with Partial Constant Mesh Transmission is installed in the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3. 

  • Additionally, the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 travels at a breathtaking 30.77 Kmph. A 57-liter gasoline tank is included with the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3. 

  • Additionally, the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 is capable of lifting 1650 kg. Eight plus two gears make up the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3. 

  • The power steering system is used with the Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3. 

  • The Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 was likewise constructed with many excellent characteristics.

 The price of Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 is 7.90 lakhs to 8.20 lakhs*.


5. Eicher 333 Super Plus 

 Eicher 333 Super Plus

One of the most well-known tractor models from the Eicher tractor brand in India is the Eicher 333 Super Plus. In the tractor and commercial vehicle market, Eicher is well renowned for producing tractors and engines that are best in class.

Features of Eicher 333 Super Plus are: 

  • Eicher 333 Super Plus is built with classic characteristics. Additionally, the engine is designed with contemporary components for optimal efficiency and the newest features. The tractor's main engine is a 2365 cc diesel engine with a 36 HP maximum output. 

  • A single or dual-clutch connects the tractor's powerplant to the transmission. On this tractor, a combination of constant and sliding mesh-type transmissions are available. 

  • This tractor includes a 10-speed gearbox with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears to provide the best performance. The maximum top speed possible in forward gears is 28.65 kmph thanks to this set of gears.

  • A 3-cylinder diesel engine with a size of 2365 CC and a total output of 36 HP is installed in the Eicher 333 Super Plus. A PTO with a 6-spline design and a 540 RPM range contributes to the 36 HP PTO output.

 The price of Eicher 333 super plus is 5.50 lakhs - 5.70 lakhs*. 


6. Eicher 5150

 Eicher 5150

The Eicher 5150 is a classy tractor that has an attractive design that appeals to everyone with its exquisite and awesome built structure and applications.

Features of Eicher 5150 are:  

  • The Eicher 5150 tractor is the priciest and most well-known tractor in the 50 HP engine category. 

  • It has a 3-cylinder, 2500 CC engine that produces 2200 ERPM. The tractor's extra-mild performance and effective field mileage maintain it in demand with farmers, who use it extensively. 

  • The tractor has a variety of sophisticated and built-in features that enable it to complete all the agricultural tasks on the field and keep it going for the long run. It incorporates a sliding mesh clutch that makes operations simple and slick. Powerful 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes are there to boost the engine's power.

The price of Eicher 5150 is 6.60 lakhs to 6.95 lakhs*. 


7. Eicher 242

eicher 242

Eicher 242 tractor can carry out light-duty farming tasks like bringing seeds to the fields, etc. In terms of its ability to lift loads, this tractor is exceptional and sets standards for its rivals.

Features of Eicher 242 are: 

  • The 1557 cc, 1-cylinder engine in the Eicher 242 tractor produces angular velocity at 1900 RPM. Hence, a torque of 69.10 Newton-Meters was produced. The tractor can now lift 1220 kg of weight thanks to this. 

  • At the crankshaft, there is 25 HP of engine rate power. While the tractor's output ends have 21.25 HP available for takeoff. 

  • The four-stage air filter prepares the air for engine combustion. 

  • The tractor is remote-friendly thanks to its water-cooled engine it has a sliding mesh gear gearbox with an 8+2 gear ratio and a level shift location in the middle.

  •  As a result, there is reduced tangling and wear and strain. A maximum speed of 30.84 Kmph is therefore made possible. 

 The price of Eicher 242 is around 4.04 lakhs to 4.50 lakhs*.  


                                                                     PRICE LIST OF EICHER TRACTOR MODELS

Model Name 

Hp Range 


Eicher 551

42 HP

6.80 lakhs to 7.10 lakhs* 

Eicher 242

25 HP

4.04 lakhs to 4.50 lakhs*

Eicher 5150

50 HP

6.60 lakhs to 6.95 lakhs* 

Eicher 333 Super Plus 

36 HP

5.50 lakhs to 5.70 lakhs*

Eicher 485 Super DI 

46 HP

6.50 lakhs to 6.70 lakhs*

 Eicher 557 4WD Prima G3 

50 HP

8.55 lakhs to 8.80 lakhs* 

 Eicher 380 4Wd Prima G3 

40 HP

7.90 lakhs to 8.20 lakhs* 

*Prices may differ from state to state.


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Eicher tractor price starts at Rs. 2.90 Lacs* and goes up to Rs. 8.50 Lacs*.

At Tractorgyan, you can find Eicher tractor price list.

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