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Eicher tractor price list in india 2022 | features and benefits

    Eicher tractor price list in india 2022 | features and benefits

List of Top 7 Tractors by Eicher:

03 Mar, 2022

Incorporated in 1982, Eicher motor is a flagship of eicher group which is solemnly dedicated to manufacturing automobiles and machinery. Specifically talking about agricultural vehicles and types of equipment, Eicher is the ultimate pioneer when it comes to tractors.

The highest and lowest costing of Eicher Tractors is set in such a manner that it covers all variety of price ranges. The model with the least cost is Eicher 188 priced at Rs. 3,50,000 lakh and the most expensive model is priced model, Eicher 650 is priced at 12,00,000 Rs. The Horsepower range is also a quiet variant, the Horsepower range starts from 18  HP and goes up to 60 HP.

We know that if you are reading this blog it must be because you might be considering buying an EICHER tractor, but might possibly be confused about which model you should buy, don’t worry we know the hassle, which is why we have carefully curated a list about top 7 tractors by EICHER along with their pricing and other features.


List of top 7 Tractors by Eicher:


1. Eicher 333:

On Number 1 we have Eicher 333 which comes with 3 cylinders and a powerful engine of 2365 CC and has 10 gears in total, 8 forward and 2 reverse, comes with a 1905mm wheelbase this helps to carry out activities in different terrain this transmission is attached through a dual/single clutch. This tractor comes with a mechanical steering option proving it to be the most comfortable tractor by EICHER. It runs on diesel the tractor is available with Dry Disk or Oil Immersed brakes making it the best kind of tractor sold by EICHER company. The company is famous for reliable products and having a value of money Eicher 333 tractor is the most appropriate example for of it.

HP: 33HP

Price: 5,50,000*

Lifting Capacity: 1600  kg

Engine Capacity: 2365 CC


2. Eicher 242:

Coming up next on number 2 we have Eicher 242, which is fit and fabulous to use on average sized-lands and is best while working with cultivator, trailer, rotavator, and seed drill regularly It has a single-cylinder, has an engine capacity of 1557 cc with RPM  as 1900 RPM. The fact that is suitable for average-sized lands makes it more popular among the Indian farmers as the majority of Indian farmers own Average sized lands. It is also known for being the choice of modern farmers as it is filled with the latest technology and fir for today’s farmers.

HP: 25HP

Price: Starts from 3,55,000 to 3,95,000*

Lifting Capacity: 900 KG

Engine Capacity: 1557 CC


3. Eicher 557:

Eicher 557 is a brand new- 2022 model by the pioneer of the agricultural automobile industry Eicher motors, it is fitted with a side shift synchromesh transmission system which is responsible for giving you the freedom and ease you from the hard gear shifting it has an excellent speed and live power take-off with 540 RPM, it goes well with all kinds of implements be it rotavator, tiller, sower, cultivator etc. This 50 Horsepower has an engine capacity of 3300 cc and has the PTO HP type  42.5


HP: 50 HP

Price: 6,65,000 to 6,90,000*

Lifting Capacity: 1470-1850 kg

Engine Capacity: 3300 cc


4. Eicher 551:

Popular because of its value of money nature Eicher 551 is a flagship product by Eicher Company. The USPs of this tractor involves a fuel-efficient engine, popular tractor model, it comes with assurity of eicher and affordable service and maintenance cost, not only this tractor has its spare parts available for it in India without any hassle, in other words, you can find the spare parts easily in India, it comes from a brand which is completely made in India, various tractors subsidiaries are also available from the different state government.

HP: 49HP

Price: 7,00,000*

Lifting Capacity: 1850 kg

Engine Capacity: 3300 CC


5. Eicher 380 super Di:

Next up we have Eicher 380 the ace of the full-sized tractor category, this 40 HP can lift up to 1200 kg and is universally adaptable with all kinds of types of equipment be it a cultivator or a rotavator even with a tiller literally every type of implement is attachable with this tractor. It comes with a 1905 mm wheelbase overall length of 3660 mm and weighs up to 1980 kg. It is packed with all high quality and latest features making it fit for farmers of new age, today’s farmers.

HP: 40hp

Price: 5,00,000 to 5,50,000*

Lifting Capacity: 1200 kg

Engine Capacity: 2500 cc


6. Eicher 485 Super Di:

Often known as the best-in-class tractor, Eicher 485 is the ultimate tractor the farmer needs to carry all heavy-duty tasks on the field as well as off the field this 45 HP tractor can lift up to 1850 kg of weight. And it comes with the warranty and quality assurance of Eicher.

HP: 45HP

Price: 6,00,000 lakh to 6,30,000*

Lifting Capacity: 1850 kg

Engine Capacity:


7. Eicher 548:

Eicher 548 is a flagship tractor by Eicher which is a spot-on value for money tractor, which comes with a great deal of after-sale services which is completely pocket friendly so that Indian farmers can be benefitted. With 48 Horsepower this tractor can lift up to 1400 kg and is driven by a 2945 cc strong engine. It is fit for large lands and heavy-duty tasks to be performed both on and off-road.

HP: 48 HP

Price: 6,00,000-6,85,000*

Lifting Capacity: 1400 kg

Engine Capacity: 2945 cc


Eicher tractors price list in 2022: 

Name HP Price
             Eicher 333 



Eicher 242


3,55,000 to 3,95,000*

Eicher 241



Eicher 551



Eicher 380


5,00,000 to 5,50,000*

Eicher 485


6,00,000 to 6,30,000*

Eicher 548


6,00,000 to 6,85,000*

 *Tractor Prices may vary from city to city. To know tractor price in your city click here.


We hope this blog about the top 7 Eicher tractors was helpful to you in making the decision regarding purchasing a new eicher tractor. For more information regarding other agricultural vehicles and types of equipment, to stay updated regarding the latest farming trends keep visiting our website.

We also offer to buy and selling of used vehicles and provide the best possible deals to both parties, for more please do visit our website Tractor Gyan.


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