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Top 10 Best Power Tiller in India 2024 – Know Price, Features & Uses | Tractorgyan

Top 10 Best Power Tiller in India 2024 – Know Price, Features & Uses | Tractorgyan

    Top 10 Best Power Tiller in India 2024 – Know Price, Features & Uses | Tractorgyan

20 Mar, 2024

The very crucial step that a farmer needs to take to begin the farming journey is preparing the land well. A well-prepared land will have proper airflow, equally-distributed nutrients, and the ability to provide essential root support.  

In this important job, a power tiller is the most useful tool for farmers. In this blog, we’re going to talk about: 

  • What is a power tiller 

  • Types of power tiller 

  • Best power tillers in India 2024 

  • Benefits of power tiller 

  • Uses of power tiller 

So, let’s get started. 

What is a Power Tiller 

A power tiller is one of the most important as well as a popular component or farming tool that is highly required. It is a multipurpose tool for farming designed to handle an ample number of things, not just the tilling of the soil. Mainly, a power tiller is a fully motorized agricultural tool with a proper system of tiller which also has a smooth flow or resistance over the farming operational activities.

It is powered by a powerful engine and performs the forward and backward push. Its main role is to correctly seed the crop, warm the soil before planting it, and control the weeds.

It comes in handy in a variety of tasks namely for ploughing, improving the fertility of the soil, harvesting, combining, division, rotating ploughing etc. It replaces animal power with machine power and is one of the successful equipment for farm-based workloads. By automating soil tilling, it saves a great deal of time and effort. It nourishes the growth of the crops by handling or controlling the areas of plants where their growth is not required.

Types of Power Tillers 

Depending upon the capabilities, features, and functionalities, power tillers are available in many types. We have listed the most common power tiller types for your reference. 

1. Mini–Sized Power Tiller

The mini-sized power tillers are ideal for small-scale fruit and vegetable farms where the farm’s cultivation is limited, and the soil is relatively loose, compared to other types of soil that do not require much tilling.

2. Medium–Sized Power Tiller

Medium–Power Tillers of various sizes are primarily utilized in locations where the soil is thicker, tougher, and rockier, requiring a medium to heavy amount of tilling.

3. Large–Sized Power Tiller

Power tillers are of larger sizes and are better suited to more extensive farming. 

Benefits Of Power Tiller

Power tiller plays a crucial role for Indian farmers and it benefits them in multiple ways. Here are some of the most common benefits of power tillers. 

  • Power tillers are highly versatile and can work with multiple types of implements such as rotary puddlers, plo discs, trailers, and threshers. Hence, they can help farmers to automate a wide range of farming activities. 

  • They are easy to operate and make cultivation quick and precise.

  • By eliminating weeds and maintaining the proper air flow, a power tiller can significantly improve the soil health. 

  • A power tiller reduces the need for manual labor and animal power. Hence, farmers are able to conduct more farming activities in less time. 

  • They aid in multiple farming-related activities that include sowing, seeding, watering, and harvesting. 

Use of Power Tiller

An aware and intelligent farmer can use a power tiller in a wide range of farming activities. For instance: 

  • They can use a power tiller  to prepare the farming land. With its blades, farmers can break soil clusters and level the surface. 

  • Power tillers can help farmers to seed the crop correctly and warm the soil before planting. 

  • Farmers can use power tillers to remove weeds and unwanted crops from the farm lands. 

  • Power tillers assist in harvesting, threshing, and transportation of crops. 

  • Farmers can use a power tiller to pump water. 

Top 10 Power Tillers in India 2024 - Know Price, Features & Uses

Wondering which power tiller is good and delivers the best ROI? We have listed the 10 best power tillers in India for you.

1. VST Shakti 135 DI ULTRA 

VST Shakti is one of the most demanded power tiller series to date. Power tillers of this series are loved by farmers because of their smooth functioning, easy-to-use properties and handy features. VST Shakti 135 DI Ultra from this series has all the essential features that boost farm productivity.

It possesses all the sophisticated characteristics necessary for effective and efficient work. This power tiller is made to meet the needs of farmers. It has a water-cooled horizontal 4-stroke single-cylinder diesel OHV engine of 13 HP. 

The VST Shakti 135 DI Ultra has a side drive rotary transmission with 2 reverse and rotary speed options. It has a combustion chamber with direct injection (DI) Internal expanding metallic shoe-type brakes that can be controlled by hand are also essential. With 13 tynes, it performs outstanding tilling. 

VST Shakti 135 DI Ultra Features

  • The multistage, oil bath-type air cleaner keeps the dirt and dust away from the engine 

  • The 11-litre capacity fuel tank supports long-hour operations 

  • The 600 MM tilling width does deep tilling. 

VST Shakti 135 DI Ultra Specifications


VST shakti 135 DI


13 Horsepower

Fuel Tank

11 liters

Tilling width and depth

600mm and 150mm

VST Shakti 135 DI Ultra Price 

VST Shakti 135 DI Ultra price in India is Rs. 195000*.


2. KMW Mega T 12 LW

KMW Mega T 12 LW

The KMW Mega T 12 LW Power tiller is the second most highly demanded power tiller across India. It is an ergonomically designed power tiller for better balance and steady movements. One of the advantages of this power tiller is that it is useful for both wet and dry land preparations. 

KMW Mega T 12 LW offers optimum efficiency for minimal fuel use, thanks to its TREM III transmission compliance. It also has a very small turning radius that makes this tiller ideal for narrow fields. 

KMW Mega T 12 LW Features 

  • The parking brakes provide better control over the tiller. 

  • It comes with a water-cooled engine that supports long hour operations.  

  • With 6 forward and 2 reverse gears, it provides more speed options. 

KMW Mega T 12 LW Specifications 


12 HP single cylinder horizontal and water cooled diesel engine

No. of Gears

6 Forward and 2 Reverse 


Parking brakes 

Number of blades 


Clutch Type 

Dry, multi friction disk

Mega T 12 LW  Power Tiller Price                                                    

Mega T 12 LW price in India is Rs. 270,000*. 


3. Kubota PEM140DI Power Tiller

Kubota PEM140DI Power Tiller is one of those rare power tillers that combines power and versatility for farmers. It has a deep tilling width, provides a comfortable sitting area, and saves fuel immensely.  It has great working capability because of its 80 cm width rotary that spreads the power across the operational area. It can operate seamlessly in both dry and wet areas.

Kubota PEM140DI Power Tiller Features

  • It comes with 2 rotary speed options to cater to diverse rotary needs.

  • The wheel track width of 800-950 mm covers a large area in one move.

  • The pressurized radiator and crankshaft-driven cooling fan keep the engine cool during operation.

Kubota PEM140DI Specifications 


13 HP Direct injection diesel engine

Tilling Width 

80 Cm 

Ground Clearance 

52.5 cm

Fuel Tank 

11 litre 

Main clutch

Dry multi-plate type

Kubota PEM140DI Power Tiller Price 

Kubota PEM140DI Power Tiller  price in India is Rs. 2,20,000*. 


4. KMW MEGA T 15 

KMW Mega T 15 power tiller is packed with many modern Japanese technologies and it is designed to handle a wide range of farming activities without any hassle.

KMW MEGA T 15 Features 

  • It complies with TREM IV transmission norms

  • Cerametallic clutch has a great performance and life

  • It has a tractor-like seat that provides maximum comfort

KMW Mega T 15 Power Tiller Specifications


Single Cylinder, Horizontal, Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Engine Power 

15 HP 


6 Forward + 2 Reverse


Brakes & Transmission 


Multiple Clutch ( Cerametallic )

Track Width

660 mm to 810 mm

KMW Mega T 15 Power Tiller Price 

KWM Mega T 15 power tiller price is Rs. 285,000*. 


5. Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller

Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller

Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller is a highly versatile tiller ideal for small to mid-scale farmers. It meets TREM IV transmission norms and provides the best possible ROI.

Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller Features

  • It can operate in both wet and dry lands

  • It has an advanced brake system

  • It comes with chain drive system

Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller Specifications

Engine Type

Single Cylinder, Horizontal, Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Engine Power 

15 HP 

Rated RPM



6 Forward and 2 Reverse 

Track Width

660 mm to 810 mm

Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller Price

Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller price in India is Rs. 305,000*.


6. VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus

VST shakti 165 DI Power Plus

VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus is a 16 HP power tiller that farmers can use without any worries.  This is a small tiller with great capabilities.  It automates harvesting and many other activities.  

VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus Features

  • It is suitable for fruit and vegetable farms.

  • It belongs to the tillage category.

  • You get multiple speed options.

VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus Specifications



Cooling System 

Radiator Thermosiphon

Tilling width 

750 MM

Tilling Depth 

150 MM


Hand operated internal expanding metallic shoe type

VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus Price

VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus price is affordable in India.


7. Honda FJ 500

Honda FJ 500

The Honda Power Tiller FJ500 has all the features that a farmer looks for in an implement. It is efficient and effective. On the farm, this Honda Power Tiller is quite productive. The Honda FJ 500 comes with an adjustable height handle with an On and OFF switch and steady speed control. It has access to the best quality belt Tyne cover for operator safety as well as Tyne width adjustable strong and quality tynes.

Honda FJ 500 Features

  • It can help you uproot the weeds from fruit gardens and vegetable fields. 

  • The forced-air cooling system ensures proper combustion. 

Honda FJ 500 Features Specifications




Lever For simple Speed Control

Fuel Tank

2.4 liters

Tilling width and depth

3600/ 2.9 kw  

Honda FJ 500 Price 

The Honda FJ 500 price in India is Rs. 74,000 *.


8. Graves Cotton GS 15 DI

Greaves Cotton power tiller is widely utilized across the country. In India, the GS 15 DIL is one of the most extensively used power tillers. Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL is multipurpose farming equipment designed to make farming easier for farmers. 

The Graves Cotton Power tiller has all the product quality which makes it stand superior over the ground it comes with a double-disc constant mesh type clutch and 1.5 tons of haulage capacity.

Graves Cotton GS 15 DI Features

  • It’s great for crop protection.

  • Its haulage capacity is 1.5 tons. 

Graves Cotton GS 15 DI Specifications


Horizontal Water-Cooled Diesel Engine


15.4 horsepower

Fuel Tank

15 liters

Tilling width and depth


The Graves Cotton GS 15 DI Price 

The Graves Cotton GS 15 DI price in India  is Rs. 22,400*.


9. Graves GS 18 DIL

Graves GS 18 DIL

Graves GS 18 DIL is a cost-effective power tiller with the ability to automate tilling activities at multiple levels.  It works effectively on dry and wetlands.  It comes with a handle start system for seamless operations.  It has a compact construction, stylish design, and high-end versatility.

Graves GS 18 DIL Features

  • The water-cooled system prevents overheating.

  • It has a 15-litre fuel tank to store more fuel.

  • You get more speed options to handle a wide range of activities.

Graves GS 18 DIL Specifications


GS 18DIL Diesel 

Engine Cooling System

Water Cooled 

Machine Attachments



Double Disc constant mesh


6 forward & 2 reverse gears 

Max Torque

51 NM 

Graves GS 18 DIL Price 

Graves GS 18 DIL price in India is affordable for Indian farmers. 


10. VST Shakti 130 DI

VST Shakti 130 DI

VST Shakti 130 DI belongs to the tillage category and is a perfect compact power tiller for Indian farmers. It is capable of performing outstandingly in farming activities such as tilling, harvesting, and transportation. It saves fuel while delivering amazing performance on the fields.  

VST Shakti 130 DI Features

  • It has a multiple plate dry disc type clutch for better operations.  

  • The condenser Type Thermosiphon cooling system keeps the engine cool.

  • It has a multi-hole nozzle for better fuel injections.

VST Shakti 130 DI Specifications


Horizontal 4 stroke single cylinder Direct Injection 


13 horsepower

Fuel Tank

11 liters

Max. Torque 

4.2 kg-m /1600 rpm


6 forward 2 reverse 


Multiple plate dry disc type

VST Shakti 130 DI Price

VST Shakti 130 DI price in India is Rs. 2,05,000*.


Top 10 Power Tiller Price List in India 2024

Power Tiller Models  Power Tiller Price
VST Shakti 135 DI Ultra  Rs. 1,95,000*
KMW Mega T 12 LW Rs. 2,70,000*
Kubota PEM140DI Power Tiller Rs. 2,20,000*
KMW MEGA T 15 Rs. 2,85,000*
Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe  Rs. 3,05,000*
VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus Rs. 2,17,000*
Honda FJ 500 Rs. 74,000*
Graves Cotton GS 15 DI Rs. 22,400*
Graves GS 18 DIL  Rs. 2,90,000*
VST Shakti 130 DI Rs. 2,05,000*

Final Say 

A power tiller is here to ensure that farmers are no longer making a great deal of efforts in preparing seedbeds, removing weeds, promoting oxygen flow, and in many other types of farming activities. 

A right type of power tiller empowers farmers by all means possible. So, do you own a power tiller? Which power tiller model you liked the most? 

Share your views with us so that other farmers are also able to make a wide decision when it comes to buying the best power tiller in India 2024. 

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Recently Asked Question about Top 10 Best Power Tiller in India 2024 – Know Price, Features & Uses | Tractorgyan

What are the top 10 best power tiller in India in 2024?

VST Shakti 135 DI ULTRA, KMW Mega T 12 LW, Kubota PEM140DI Power Tiller, KMW MEGA T 15, Kirloskar Mega T 15 Deluxe Power Tiller, VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus, Honda FJ 500, Graves Cotton GS 15 DI, Graves GS 18 DIL, VST Shakti 130 DI are the top 10 best power tiller in India in 2024

How Many Types of Power Tillers?

Three types of power tillers are there Mini–Sized Power Tiller, Medium–Sized Power Tiller, Large–Sized Power Tiller.

What are the Benefits Of Power Tiller?

Improves soil structure and enhances soil parameters, leading to better crop growth and yield are the benefits of power tiller.

What are the Use of Power Tiller?

The power tiller used to till the soil and prepare it for planting..

Where can I find updated price list of best power tillers in India ?

At tractorgyan, you can find the updated price list of best power tillers in India.

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