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Retail Tractor sales down by 1.37% YoY in FY'22 shows Fada Research

Retail Tractor sales down by 1.37% YoY in FY'22 shows Fada Research

    Retail Tractor sales down by 1.37% YoY in FY'22 shows Fada Research

06 Apr, 2022

Sales of the tractor brands in FY’22 decline by 1.37% in comparison with FY’21

Cracking up sales for the tractor brands every year with a great number is not a move of the wave. Every year the sale of tractors is expected to increase, sadly, this FY'22 the total sales stands to be 639119 and in FY'21 it was 6,44,965 which is quite low and creates a decrement. However some unachieved targets motivate more towards cracking high sales, hopefully, this thought works out for all the tractor brands in FY'23. 


Here is the complete info ride to the retail sales performance of all the tractors in India in FY'22 as per Fada research. 

  1. Mahindra & Mahindra
    The elephant of the tractor industry has converted 1,45,855 as the total sales in FY'22 wherein in FY'21 they stood at 149718. As a matter of fact, the big brand of tractor showed a sinking result in computing to the sales in FY'22.


  2. Swaraj
    Swaraj has always set the bars high, but for now, we can say its is sailing in the same ship as Mahindra. The sales for the FY'22 i.e. 1,04,625 are less than the sales of FY'21 i.e. 106455. Hopefully, these high heads of the tractor industry get back on their high sale quotient.


  3. International Tractors (Sonalika tractors)
    77,334 is the sales for the FY'22 and 81022 is the sales for FY'21. Well, it is quietly evident that the International tractor brand too failed in marking a high number of sales in FY'22 than in FY'21.

  4. TAFE Ltd(Massey Ferguson)
    When expectations are high the results often decline. So is the case with the TAFE tractor brand. The sales for FY'22 of TAFE Ltd are 73,628 in FY'22 and 75640 in FY'21, which is clear to be less and meager than expected.

  5. Escorts
    The big daddy of the tractor industry has disappointed in presenting total sales for the FY'22. The sales for FY'22 stand at 66,518 and 70,695 for the year FY'21. The diminishing sales performance is quite evident here.


  6. John Deere
    Coming the most innovative tractor brand, John Deere has too marked the rise in sales for the year FY'22. The figure stands to be 52,426 and 50,072. Sadly the rise in sales seems to be fading away in the coming years for other tractor brands but for John Deere, it is always possible.


  7. Eicher Tractors
    38,345 in FY'22 and 40,821 in FY'21 is the total sales figure achieved by Eicher. The sales scenario of this tractor brand is quite visible through their figures.


  8. CNH Industrial Pvt Ltd
    The sales are 25,044 in FY'22 and 24,507 in FY'21. The good news is that CNH too can manage to achieve high results in marking sales in FY'22.

  9. Kubota 
    14,402 in FY'22 and 11,376 in FY'21 is the figure out for Kubota tractors. Amidst the decline in sales of other brands, Kubota did a great jigsaw of sales in FY'22, they marked the rise which is quite applauded. 


  1. Other brands
    A brand like VST continued the decline in sales for FY'22 but the other brands like Force, Captain and Indo Farm marked a rise in sales for FY'22. 


Thus, FY'22 has a mixed sales performance for the tractor brands. Some managed to achieve high and better sales result in FY'22 than in FY'21 and some actually couldn't see the rise. However, the up and lows are quite normal and thus, this time tractor brands will rigorously work hard to get high results. For more such tractor updates, stay tuned to TractorGyan. 


1. The above numbers do not have figures from AP, MP, LD & TS as they are not yet on Vahan 4.

2. Vehicle Retail Data has been collated as on 05.02.22 in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, and has been gathered from 1,397 out of 1,605 RTOs.

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