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Top 8 thresher machines in India and there uses

    Top 8 thresher machines in India and there uses

17 Jun, 2022

A thresher machine is a piece of agricultural equipment that is power-driven that separates grains from crops. A thresher is a piece of farm equipment that threshes wheat and separates seeds from straws and husks. It's also used to thresh wheat, maize, beans, soybeans, and other crops. 

This tractor thresher machine has several unique and modern features that make farming more efficient for farmers. It is a time-consuming machine that makes the threshing process easier and more efficient.


The functions of a thresher are as follows

1. To feed the harvest to thresh our the grain out of the head.

2. Separate the grain from the straw

3. To clean the grain 

4. To put the grain in a bag

5. To make the chaff suitable for animal feeding.


Seeds are removed from grain heads by rotating cylinders whose threshing action is mostly based on impact. When a slow-moving material collides with a fast-moving cylinder, the heads or pods are fractured, and the grains are separated from the straw. When the material passes through the restricted clearance space between the thresher cylinder and the concave portion of the unit, it undergoes further threshing.


Types of Thresher 

The agricultural field uses a wide variety of threshers for meeting their farming purposes. Different types of thresher are used for different purposes. 

1. Rasp – Bar Cylinder type

The thresher unit in this thresher is made up of serrated bars with an open concave.


2. Hammer Mill type

It is a thresher with a closed cylinder casing and a concave threshing unit consisting of hammers or beaters. For grain separation and cleaning, it comes with a set of oscillating sieves and an aspiratory blower.


3. Syndicator Type

It's a thresher, having a corrugated flywheel with serrated chopping knives and a closed cylinder casing, and a concave threshing unit. This style of thresher is also known as a chaff-cutter thresher.


4. Spike Tooth Cylinder type

It's a thresher with a threshing unit consisting of a drum with rows of spikes, a closed cylinder casing, concave, as well as sieves, and an aspiratory blower.


Lists of Threshers used according to the crop 

According to the crop, there are four types of threshers:- 

  • Maize thresher 
  • Wheat thresher 
  • Paddy thresher
  • Multicrop thresher 


Here’s the list of 8 best threshers used in India 

1. Swaraj P – 550 Multicrop 

The Swaraj P – 550 Multi crop thresher is the most used in India with a length of 4020mm followed by a working width of 2240 and an engine capacity of 40 HP.

The thresher machine is also equipped with an Oscillating 3-stage Sieve cleaning mechanism that maintains it clean. It's a multi-crop thresher with the capacity to thresh crops in tonnes such as wheat (1.2 tonnes), black grams (1.5 tonnes), soybeans (1.2 tonnes), and beans (1.2 tonnes).


2. Dashmesh 423 – Maize thresher

Dashmesh Multi-Crop Threshers are constructed from high-quality materials. Tractor PTO is used to drive these threshers. DASMESH Threshers are extremely simple to operate and can be used with tractors ranging from 35 to 70 horsepower. These threshers rotate at a safe pace of 700 to 750 revolutions per minute. Construction that is durable which is simple to adjust, maintain, and operate. Is designed just for you and crafted of high-quality materials. 

It works more smoothly and efficiently with the aid of gear. 

The frame is built to last. The quality for export Heavy-Duty Gear Container 

High-tensile steel nuts and bolts are used. Every component is created using a computerized CNC machine.


3. Landforce Multicrop thresher

Sorghum, mustard, wheat, millets, Soyabean, and other crops are commonly shelled with a Landforce multi-crop thresher. It is appropriate for medium and large-scale farms, as well as bespoke hires. The multi-crop thresher is efficient and produces high-quality straw after threshing wheat. It contains all of the necessary attributes, including small size, appealing design, and trustworthy performance. These unique characteristics improved output rate, threshing performance, grain loss, and so on. 


The machine is anti-acid, moisture-resistant, and rust-resistant. The machine threshes the multi-crop with 35 hp and above power. The price of a multi-crop thresher is inexpensive and economical for machine owners.


4. Dashmesh 641 Paddy Thresher

Dasmesh 641 is a Paddy thresher with a minimum HP of 35 HP that belongs to the post-harvesting category. It uses 2 litres of fuel per tonne and produces 1.0 to 1.5 metric tonnes of total output per hour. This Dasmesh 641 paddy thresher machine is tough and reliable, ensuring high farm productivity. It does, however, have several unique qualities that make it more difficult. The Dasmesh thresher pricing, on the other hand, is acceptable in terms of the farmers' budget.


5. Mahindra Thresher

One of them is the Mahindra thresher, which features innovative and cutting-edge technology for effective labor. The machine is a PTO-driven tractor attachment that separates the grains from the husk. The machine's skid height may be adjusted, making operations simple. The gadget is simple to operate and can be rapidly transported to any threshing location in the field. The Mahindra thresher has a smooth and simple operation with reduced operating costs. It is more effective in cleaning than the standard threshing method.


6. KS group Multicrop

The Ks Group Multicrop is a multi-functional top thresher machine that can handle a variety of crops and belongs to the post-harvesting category. This implement has a horsepower rating of 25 and requires more horsepower to operate with a tractor with a similar horsepower rating. Groundnut, maize, soya bean, red gram, wheat, green gram, and black gram are among the crops that the Ks Group Multicrop thresher machine is best suited for. Farmers will find this Ks Group micro thresher pricing to be easy and affordable.


7. Mahindra M55

The Mahindra M55 also referred to as a paddy thresher, is perfect for paddy fields. It's a semi-cylindrical and centrifugal fan with four blades that belongs in the harvesting category. Its 35–55 HP implement power necessitates the use of a tractor model that is compatible with it. The Mahindra M55 is a great thresher model that has all of the best features and produces good results. The Mahindra M55 paddy thresher machine price, on the other hand, is determined by the farmer's budget.


8. Landforce Harambha Thresher 

The Landforce Harambha thresher (wheat) machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology and a sleek design. The machine's compact form has 2-3 sharp cutting blades with spike tooth cylinders. Cut into little pieces, the crop is rubbed against the concave. The threshing unit is equipped with two aspirator blowers, which separate small wheat residue pieces from the seed. Wheat thresher prices are low and farmers find them to be cost-effective.


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