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Top 8 Thresher Machines Price List in India 2024 - Functions, Uses and Types of Thresher | Tractorgyan

Top 8 Thresher Machines Price List in India 2024 - Functions, Uses and Types of Thresher | Tractorgyan

    Top 8 Thresher Machines Price List in India 2024 - Functions, Uses and Types of Thresher | Tractorgyan

14 Mar, 2024

What is a Thresher Machine?

A thresher machine is a piece of agricultural equipment. It is power-driven and is useful to separate grains of various types from their stalks and husks. It is one of the most widely used farm tractors implement by grain farmers. 

A thresher comes with a wide range of unique and modern features that make grain harvesting more efficient for farmers. It automates the threshing process and helps farmers to process larger qualities of crops  in less time and effort. 

Functions of Thresher Machine

A thresher is the best friend of a farmer when they are involved in crop harvesting. It can perform a wide range of functions such as: 

  • Removing the husk from the grains 

  •  Removing impurities like chaff, dust, and small debris from the separated grain

  • Collecting the grain in a bag

  • Making the chaff suitable for animal feeding

All these functions are carefully performed with the help of intelligently designed components that we’re going to explain next. 

Components of Thresher 

A thresher machine is made up of multiple components that are responsible for performing different aspects of threshing processes. 

  • Hopper helps farmers to feed the harvested crop into the thresher.  It is like a storage container that stores the crop. 

  • Conveyor Belt is a key part of the feeding mechanism of a thresher. It is useful to carry the crop from the hopper to the threshing drum. 

  • Threshing Drum has rotating cylinders with teeth or blades arranged in rows or spirals position. It separates the grains from the stalks and husks. 

  • Concave surface is inside the threshing drum. It receives the separated grain falling from the threshing drum. 

  • Separation mechanism is made of parts like airflow, gravity and sieves. All these components help the threshing machine to separate chaff from grains. 

  • Cleaning system is a part of some threshers and it helps farmers to remove impurities such as chaff, dust, and small debris from the separated grains. 

Process of Thresher Machine

With the help of the above-said components, a thresher strategically finishes crop threshing. Here's a step-by-step explanation of the thresher machine process. 

  • The harvested crop is put into the hopper. 

  • The conveyor belt carries the crop from the hopper into the threshing drum. 

  • The crop into the drum where the rotating drum starts beating it. The drum teeth or spike rub against the crop and it loosens the grains from the husks. 

  • The loosen grain then goes on to the concave surface where grains are finally separated from the grains. 

  • With the help of a separation mechanism, straw, chaff, and husks are removed from the grains. 

  • Cleaned grains are then collected or stored in a bin while the husks and chaff are expelled from the machine. 

Types of Thresher 

Thresher is a very diverse implement and is available to take care of every type of harvesting needs. We have broken down the types of threshers based on crops, functionality, and threshing cylinders available. 

Types of Threshers According to Crop

You can choose from the below-mentioned types of threshers suitable for different types of crops. 

  • Wheat Thresher: These types of threshers are optimized to harvest hard grains like wheat. 

  • Rice Thresher: A rice thresher has blades designed to handle small and elongated rice grains. 

  • Maize (Corn) Thresher: A maize thresher has optimized parts to effectively separate the kernels from the cobs.

  • Multicrop Thresher: This type of thresher has different customization settings so that it can handle a wide range of crops. 

Types of Threshers According to the Functional Components

Based on functional components, threshing machine types are:

  • A Drum Thresher uses a rotating drum to separate the grains from the husk. 

  • Rotor Thresher that has a spinning rotor with beaters for grain separation.  

  • Axial Flow Threshers have a rolling rotor with radial arms that separates grains from husk. 

Types of Threshers According to Threshing Cylinders

Based on the types of threshing cylinders used, we have a single-cylinder or multi-cylinder thresher. In addition, we also have: 

  • Syndicator Thresher that features a rotating drum with attached wire loops. It is used for cereals and pulses. It has a corrugated flywheel with serrated chopping knives, a closed cylinder casing, and a concave threshing unit. This style of thresher is also known as a chaff-cutter thresher.

  • Hammer Mill or Beater Type Thresher uses a set of hammers mounted on the shaft that helps in crop threshing.  It is a thresher with a closed cylinder casing and a concave threshing unit consisting of hammers or beaters. For grain separation and cleaning, it comes with a set of oscillating sieves and an aspirator blower.

  • Spike Tooth Type Thresher comes with a threshing unit consisting of a drum with rows of spikes, a closed cylinder casing, concave, as well as sieves, and an aspirator blower.

  • Rasp Bar Type Threshers have cylinders with rasping bars or teeth. The thresher unit in this thresher is made up of serrated bars with an open concave.

Uses of Thresher Machine

While the prime usage of a thresher is removing husk from the grains, it has many other use cases as well. For instance: 

  • Farmers can use it in commercial farming set-up to increase the efficiency of the harvesting. 

  • It can automate menial harvesting activities and save the time and effort of farmers. 

  • By cleaning grains effectively, a thresher is useful to improve the quality of the grain. 

  • Farmers can store the harvested crop in the collecting units of a thresher. 

  • They can attach the thresher to a tractor and use it to transport the harvested crop. 

  • Farmers can collect the husk or straw and use it for animal feeding. 

Top 8 Thresher Machines in India

Looking for the best thresher in 2024 but confused about which model to choose from? Here’s the list of 8 best threshers in India.  

Swaraj P – 550 Multicrop is a very affordable thresher that offers advanced features and the ability to handle a wide range of crops. It’s compact and delivers great performance through its diesel engine. 

Swaraj P – 550 Multicrop

Swaraj P – 550 Multicrop Features

  • Oscillating 3-stage Sieve cleaning mechanism for effective cleaning 

  • Can clean crops like wheat, black grams, soybeans, and beans 

Swaraj P – 550 Multicrop Specifications

  • It has an engine capacity of 40 HP.

  • The overall length is 4020mm and the width is 2240mm. 

Swaraj P – 550 Multicrop Price

The Swaraj P – 550 crop thresher price in India is affordable and fits into the budget of most Indian farmers.  

A boon for maize farmers, Dashmesh 423 is constructed from high-quality materials and is extremely simple to operate. You can use it easily with tractors of 35 to 70 horsepower. 

Dashmesh 423 – Maize thresher

Dashmesh 423 – Maize Thresher Features

  • It has two modern blowers

  • Its build quality is superb  

  • High-tensile steel nuts and bolts are used. Every component is created using a computerized CNC machine.

Dashmesh 423 – Maize Thresher Specifications

  • Drum size is 690 MM x 1600MM

  • Working capacity is 4000 to 6000 kg/per hour 

Dashmesh 423 – Maize Thresher Price

Dashmesh 423 – Maize Thresher price in India is suitable for most Indian farmers. 

Sorghum, mustard, wheat, millets, Soyabean, and other crops are commonly shelled with a Landforce multi-crop thresher. It is appropriate for medium and large-scale farms. The multi-crop thresher is efficient and produces high-quality straw after threshing wheat. It contains all of the necessary attributes, including small size, appealing design, and trustworthy performance. 

Land force Multicrop Thresher

Landforce Multicrop Thresher Features

  • It has great anti-acid, moisture-resistant, and rust-resistant qualities 

  • It threshes the multi-crop with 35 hp and above power

Landforce Multicrop Thresher Specifications

  • Implement power of 35 HP or above 

  • 3 cutting blades 

  • One cleaning blower with airflow adjustment 

  • Main shaft diameter of 75 mm

  • Working width of 1780 mm

Landforce Multicrop Thresher Price

The Landforce Multicrop Thresher price in India is Rs. 2,50,000*. 

This Dasmesh 641 paddy thresher machine is tough and reliable, ensuring high farm productivity. It belongs to the post-harvesting category.

Dashmesh 641 Paddy Thresher

Dashmesh 641 Paddy Thresher Features

  • It has a heavy-duty frame 

  • The nuts and bolts used in the thresher are made up of high-tensile steel

Dashmesh 641 Paddy Thresher Specifications

  • Implement power of 35 HP or above 

  • It uses 2 litres of fuel per tonne and produces 1.0 to 1.5 metric tonnes of total output per hour. 

  • The thresher weight is 1500 KG. 

  • The sieve size is 1828 MM x 812 MM. 

Dashmesh 641 Paddy Thresher Price

Dashmesh 641 Paddy Thresher price in India is Rs. 5,25,000*. 

Mahindra thresher features innovative and cutting-edge technology for effective labour. The machine is a PTO-driven tractor attachment that separates the grains from the husk. 

Mahindra Thresher

Mahindra Thresher Features

  • The machine's skid height may be adjusted, making operations simple. 

  • The gadget is simple to operate and can be rapidly transported to any threshing location in the field. 

  • It is more effective in cleaning than the standard threshing method.

Mahindra Thresher Specifications

  • Mahindra thresher tractor engine power is within the range of 22 HP-80 HP. 

  • They have 2 to 4 fans. 

  • The drum diameter is between 20 to 30 inches. 

Mahindra Thresher Price

 Mahindra thresher price in India varies according to the model and features offered. 

The KS Group Multicrop is a multi-functional top thresher machine that can handle a variety of crops and belongs to the post-harvesting category. Groundnut, maize, soya bean, red gram, wheat, green gram, and black gram are among the crops that the Ks Group Multicrop thresher machine is best suited for.

KS group Multicrop

KS group Multicrop Thresher Features

  • Blades are made up of premium-grade stainless steel 

  • Its cleaning efficiency is 99.3%

  • It has a low grain breakage probability

KS group Multicrop Thresher Specifications

  • This implement has a horsepower rating of 25 and requires more horsepower to operate with a tractor with a similar horsepower rating. 

  • Spike Tooth Type threshing cylinder. 

  • 2 wheels. 

 KS Group Multicrop Thresher Price

KS Group Multicrop Thresher price in India is Rs. 3,30,000*.  

The Mahindra M55 also referred to as a paddy thresher, is perfect for paddy fields. It has a semi-cylindrical and centrifugal fan with four blades that belongs in the harvesting category. The Mahindra M55 is a great thresher model that has all of the best features and produces good results. 

Mahindra M55

Mahindra M55 Features

  • It features a centrifugal-type fan

  • Its output capacity is 1.2 - 1.25 Ton/Hour*. 

Mahindra M55 Specifications

  • Its implement power is 35–55 HP. 

  • Four blades

  • Semi-cylindrical oscillating type concave 

Mahindra M55 Price

The price of Mahindra M55 is 1.95 Lakh* in India. 

The Landforce Harambha thresher (wheat) machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology and a sleek design. It has a threshing unit equipped with two aspirator blowers, which separate small wheat residue pieces from the seed.

Land force Harambha Thresher

Landforce Harambha Thresher Features

  • Its body is made from premium-grade cast iron. 

  • It has 3 blades. 

  • It comes with a 6-month warranty.

  • It has an automatic feeding mechanism. 

Landforce Harambha Thresher Specifications

  • The threshing drum diameter is 710 mm/ 28 Inches. 

  • The cylinder has 28 bar teeth. 

  • The load wheel weight is 100 kg. 

  • 99-100% threshing efficiency. 

Landforce Harambha Thresher Price

Landforce Harambha Thresher price in India is Rs. 1.88 Lakh*. 

Do You Have the Best Thresher for Your Help 

Without the help of a thresher, a farmer can’t have a smooth and quick harvesting process. It’s a wise investment to make. Hence, farmers should only pick up the best available option. Select any thresher model from our list of Top 8 thresher machines in India and enjoy great ROI. 

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