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Vst sold 502 Tractors and 3747 Power Tillers in July'22

    Vst sold 502 Tractors and 3747 Power Tillers in July'22

01 Aug, 2022

VST is a well-known and century-old tractor manufacturing company situated in India south. It was founded in 1967 and has since expanded into the sales and marketing of tractors and tillers, leaving all its competitors in the dust. They sell adjusted and inherent specs on their tractors and power tillers, making them the preferred choice of farmers and other buyers.


Below is a tabular representation of the sales quantity being sold in July 2022 as a comparative study from July 2021.


Current period in Nos.

Corresponding period in Nos.



July 2022

Year to date

July 2021

Year to date














Total (tillers & tractors in Nos)







The table's tabular layout displays the combined sales data for power tillers and tractors as of July 2022. It also shows a comparison between the power tillers and tractors in July 2022 and July 2021.

Approximately 3747 power tillers were sold in July 2022, with a year to far total of 12908; in comparison, 3583 tillers were sold in July 2021, with a year-to-date total of 10312.  Along with the tractor sales, which were 502 in July 2022 and 2189 overall, compared to 814 in July 2021 and 2862 overall.

Over the past year, there has been an increase in sales. The number of sales climbed by 164. Tractor sales have since decreased, from 814 in 2021 to 501 in 2022, respectively.

In July 2022, there are 4249 tractors and tillers, compared to 4397 in July 2021. Tractor sales that were reported in 2022 have decreased.

However, the year-to-date data shows that sales increased by 15097 in 2022 and 13174 in 2021.


About VST

The VST group of enterprises began this project with the goal of making it successful tractor brand. Every business success model is determined by year-over-year increases in sales and revenue. VST is continuously thinking about this. Further, VST Mitsubishi is a small four-wheel drive tractor that is gaining popularity in the market. Tus, VST Tillers & Tractors is credited with being the first to introduce modified and user-exclusive tractors and tillers, already to push the growth graph to new heights.


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