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Tips to increase tractor mileage | Tractorgyan

    Tips to increase tractor mileage | Tractorgyan

10 Nov, 2022

For a farmer, cutting down on the tractor's mileage and increasing its overall efficiency are crucial steps to consider. 

If you are a farmer, this post is just for you. If you are going to buy a tractor, you should think about how to enhance the tractor's mileage before making your purchase.


11 Tips to increase the tractor’s mileage are as follows:

1. Use qualified products

2. Maintain a stable rate of speed operation

3. Create an operational depth

4. Allow timely maintenance to the tractor

5. Provide a limited cooling time

6. Proper adjustment of tires

7. Avoid fuel burns

8. Calculate and maintain the distance traveled

9. Shut off the tractors

10. Tire selection is also one of the contributing factors to increasing the tractor’s mileage

11. Some additional fuel-consuming tips

tractor mileage


1. Use qualified products

The mileage and overall economy of the tractor are increased by using high-quality, fuel-efficient products including oils, lubricants, and fuels. The engine oils, hydraulic fluids, gear greases, and lubricants further increase in dependability and efficiency thanks to these high-quality goods.


2. Maintain a stable rate of speed operation

Maintaining an equitable amount of seed operation in tires further helps to increase the tractor’s mileage such that the tractor adapts to that pace of speed and delivers the perfect number of results without disturbing the tractor’s mileage.


3. Create an operational depth 

Here, operational depth refers to a reduction in the depth of operation of the tractor's associated implements. Extra soil compaction results from operating at too great a depth.


4. Allow timely maintenance to the tractor

Performance and fuel economy can be improved with careful maintenance. Clean the radiator screens of dust and debris. Dust can, over time, restrict the airflow required to cool the radiator, causing the engine to overheat and operate less well. Replace soiled fuel and air filters regularly. 


5. Provide a limited cooling time

To save fuel, reduce running when not necessary. It may just take three to five minutes of running to effectively circulate the cooling oil.


6. Proper adjustment of tires

The element that has the most impact on your fuel usage is the tire pressure determined by the kind of ground. 

In the fields, an excessive amount of slide will be caused by an overinflated tire, necessitating greater engine power to compensate for the lost grip and improve the transfer of tractive force to the ground. 

On roadways, a tire with insufficient air pressure will have an excessive amount of contact surface area with the pavement, creating significant resistance and requiring more engine power.


7. Avoid fuel burns

To avoid fuel burns you must ensure not to punch the throttle, and use smooth, steady fuel acceleration which in turn does not burn the fuel spikes and increase the tractor’s mileage.


8. Calculate and maintain the distance traveled

Make sure to calculate and maintain the amount of distance that you have traveled with your tractor to prevent less stopping as unnecessary stopping can cause breaking and reduces the tractor’s mileage.


9. Shut off the tractors 

Modern diesel engines need to be turned off after 5 to 10 minutes of inactivity. 

Left-running wastes fuel and may cause carbon to accumulate in the spray holes and valves of the injector. So, it is necessitated to shut off the tractor when not in use.


10. Tire selection is also one of the contributing factors to increasing the tractor’s mileage 

When you are selecting a tire for the tractor for improved performance choose or select a tire that is bigger in size for 4WD and the rear axle of MFWD tractors, get the widest tires you can afford because doing so enables you to lower the inflation pressure and expand the tire's footprint. 

Choose tires that can support the static axle loads at the desired inflation pressures.


11.  Some additional fuel-consuming tips are:

  • Tillage passes should always be minimized or eliminated because they use more gasoline than other field operations. 

  • Avoid compaction and deep tire ruts in your soil, both of which require tillage. 

  • Keep the ground-working components of tillage instruments sharp and operate them no deeper than necessary.

  • Always operate the tractor in a high gear that emits no smoke. Run implements following the tractor's capabilities. More gasoline is used when operating smaller implements on a tractor with a bigger carrying capacity and operating the tractor at a slower speed. 

  • The state of tractor tires also affects how much diesel is used. Inefficient tractor tires use more diesel fuel. 

  • The air pressure in the tire must be appropriate. The air pressure should be within the limits when driving on a field or a road. 

  • Regular inspections of tractor smoke are necessary. Your tractor will use more diesel if it emits more smoke. It must be repaired.

  • Checking the oil level on a tractor engine should only be done when it is cold. If there is less oil in the tractor, add the correct quality of engine oil. Oil should be replaced when it becomes soiled. 

  • Regularly check the radiator's water level. If the radiator runs dry, it needs to be filled again. 

  • A radiator's water level should be checked. Refill the radiator with water when it becomes low. Water should be added to the battery when it is low.

Its necessary to keep a check on the tractor’s mileage and fuel consumption if you have to maintain the tractor’s health because the methods or tips which are mentioned above are not so troublesome to conduct just consistency and proper knowledge will help to achieve a perfect tractor mileage 


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