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Kartar Tractor Implements In India

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187 साल पहले शुरू हुई यह कंपनी आज है विश्‍व की दूसरी सबसे बड़ी ट्रैक्टर कंपनी।

blog 187 साल पहले शुरू हुई यह कंपनी आज है विश्‍व की दूसरी सबसे बड़ी ट्रैक्टर कंपनी।

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मैसी फर्ग्यूसन ट्रैक्टर भारत में बहुत ही पॉपुलर ट्रैक्टर ब्रांड है - मैसी फर्ग्यूसन 1035 डीआई, इस ट्...

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Recently Asked Question about Kartar Tractor Implements:

The price of Kartar farm implements starts from Rs. 15000.
Rotavator, Combine Harvester and Straw Reaper are made by Kartar.
10+ models are available in Kartar Implements.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Kartar tractor implements price list.
Kartar 4000 Maize Combine Harvester is the most popular Kartar implement among farmers.
Kartar tractor implements are compatible with all tractors so there is no specific requirement of hp.
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About Kartar Implements

In 1975, KARTAR Agro Industries was founded. It has established itself as the country's leader in the production of self-propelled tractor implements. The company has grown primarily as a result of the long-standing relationship that Kartar has maintained with farmers in the agriculture industry. Kartar agro has always recognised its obligation to farmers, and our interaction with them and commitments to product quality have been unwavering in this regard. Kartar Agro has developed the company and fine-tuned products to the demands and requirements of farmers throughout the years, approaching four decades. The Kartar Agricultural Research and Development Department is extremely dedicated, and improvisation is a constant process.

Kartar Agro industries have been producing tractor implements in Bhadson, Punjab, since its establishment. To achieve perfect precision on all works in the manufacturing department, KARTAR Agro has installed a large number of very expensive and imported CNC equipment and Plasma machines. This, too, has been recognised as a result of the company's high-quality standards. The Punjab government has given KARTAR Agro a GOLD MEDAL for quality. At the moment, Kartar Agro's total yearly production capacity is 3000 to 5000 units of tractor implements.

Katar Tractor Implements has been in high demand for a long time. Katar Agro has increased its marketing workforce as well as their dealership network across India in order to meet this demand. This is a continuous and ongoing process. Katar Agro now has 41 dealers across India that promote sales, provide after-sales service, and supply spare parts for Katar Tractor Implements.

What are the USP of Kartar tractor implement?

• Katar Agro manufactures a wide range of agricultural implements for seedbed preparation and land cultivation.

• Katar Agro equipment helps to remove dead thatch and promote vegetation, as well as permitting root aeration and airflow, which allows the soil to breathe.

•These tractor implements are far superior in quality and efficacy to those of any other competing brand.

• Katar Agro offers a wide range of agricultural implements to help customers boost their productivity and efficiency.

• Katar Agro provides implements that are perfectly connected with the product they are attached to, allowing farmers to operate more effectively and efficiently.

• Katar Agro provides a cost-effective, high-quality product that encourages farmers to compile their wants and needs.

Effective and Efficient Tractor Implements from Katar Agro

KARTAR Rotavator:  Farmers have traditionally relied on the KARTAR rotavator, and getting the most production out of it is another benefit. The price of Rs 98000*. It has 40-60 HP. The PTO speed is 540 rpm. The rotor speed is 215 rpm. Crop production is another goal of farmers who want to increase productivity and yields in a month, and the Kartarrotavator tractor implement is the finest tool for the job. 

Kartar Combine Harvester: The Kartar Combine Harvester is a cost-effective and fuel-efficient machine with 40-50 HP implement power. It has got 6 cylinders and 2200 rpm. The lifting capacity of the tractor implement is 380 lts. It is unrivalled in terms of quality and efficiency, and it is highly regarded by farmers. 

Kartar Maize Combine Harvester: Kartar Maize Combine Harvester has a 40-50 HP implement power and is very fuel-efficient. It has got 20 quintal lifting capacity. It is unrivalled in terms of quality and effectiveness, and farmers adore it. Kartar Maize Combine Harvester is a machine that harvests maize with a combined harvest Farmers have long relied on it to get the greatest output out of it. 

Kartar Straw Reaper: This implement is the most professional and complex in terms of its use and structure. It has 2150 kg of lifting capacity. The price of the Kartar Straw reaper is Rs 2.70 Lakhs*. It has a 50-55 HP implement power.

This implements for tractors is the most efficient and decreases the farmers' workload by a significant amount. Farmers must perform a variety of tasks in order to manage their entire agricultural fields and farmlands, and the Kartar Straw Reaper is the ideal implement for this in Indian farmers. 

What is the price of Kartar tractor implements?

The price of Kartar tractor implements is quite reasonable and cost-effective. Farmers find it easier to acquire because it matches their budget and eliminates the need to worry about the cost. Kartar tractor implements are available in India at a starting price of Rs 15000. The pricing of these Kartar tractor implements is mostly determined by market forces and market actors. Thus, when it comes to farmers, Kartar tractor implements are one of the most cost-effective and low-cost tractor implements available.

Kartar Implements Price List 2024 in India

Kartar ​Implements Models Kartar ​Implements Price
Kartar KR636-42 Rs. 80,000 - 1,20,000*
Kartar Knotter Rs. 1,40,000*
Kartar Jumbo 536-42 Rs. 85,000*
Kartar Straw Reaper 61 Rs. 3,40,000*
Kartar Rotavator 736-54 Rs. 1,15,000*

Where to get information about Kartar tractor implements in India?

Kartar Tractor implements are used by farmers to cultivate their crops. This list includes seed drills, cultivators, hoes, ploughs, and other tools. Furthermore, a wide range of classical tools is increasingly used in modern-day operations due to their ease of use and availability. Visit the Tractor Gyan website to learn more about such tools and implements in-depth of Kartar Tractor implements. There are numerous blogs and articles on tractors and their tools on this site. This will assist you in purchasing any merchandise, tractor, or implements. As you will discover extensive information on every product on Tractor Gyan, you will be able to make an informed decision when purchasing any product. On our website Tractor Gyan, you can learn everything there is to know about Kartar Tractors, tools, and products, among other things.

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