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Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited's farm mechanisation brand is KMW. By 2025, KMW hopes to have transformed the lives of 50 million farmers through innovative goods, technology, and distribution. KMW now sells a variety of innovative farming implements and Smart Farm Machines that are designed to improve the productivity, safety, and comfort of a variety of farming chores. Tilter, Potato Digger, Hopper, Sprayer, Seeder, Non-Tipping Trailer, Tipping Trailer, Power Plough, and Ridger Featured Products are just a few of the KMW equipment that has won numerous national and international accolades.

One of the most important ways that KMW helps rural India is by giving our farmers' most important tools, the tractor and combine harvesters, a boost. Tractors are utilised for a variety of purposes in our country, including farming as well as hauling. The combine harvester automates the harvesting of crops such as wheat, rice, maize, and jowar.

KMW has been collaborating with world technology leaders to establish its Applications Business Unit (ABU) to efficiently answer the emerging needs of the global farming community. The KMW ABU has perhaps the most sophisticated and comprehensive assortment of implements that cater to almost every farm mechanisation need of every farmer. Offering a range of implements and accessories for various agricultural applications such as land preparation, planting, harvesting, post-harvest handling, around the farm operations, and storage, the KMW ABU has perhaps the most sophisticated and comprehensive assortment of implements that cater to almost every farm mechanisation need of every farmer.

What are the USP of KMW tractor implement?

·         KMW was founded to bring the company's vision of providing revolutionary agricultural machines to the world's small and marginal farmers to life.

·         Creating products based on client feedback, hence KMW can meet the demand and requirements of farmers.

·         KMW focuses in getting a comprehensive grasp of farmer needs even before a new product is produced. This uses the company's extensive engineering skills and experience in the agriculture sector to develop new and useful products.

·         KMW manufactures an extremely light Petrol Powered Power Weeder Machine that is ideal for farming in mountainous terrain, arid plains, inter cultivation, and other applications.

·         Kirloskar Farm Mechanization Power is a great blend of advanced technology, user-friendliness, and versatility in a device that is accessible to all farmers.

·         KMW creates highly customised goods to fit the Indian Army's, Indian Navy's, and Indian Air Force's unique and demanding specifications. Classification societies create and certify auxiliary marine generator sets and main propulsion application-specific solutions.

Effective and Efficient Tractor Implements from KWM

KWM Rotary Tiller: This is a rotary tiller made specifically for the soil conditions in India. A design that is lightest in weight and most efficient in its class. The Rotavator tiller comes in a variety of sizes. Kirloskar's tractor rotavator is compatible with tractors ranging from 20 to 60 horsepower.

KMW Brush Cutter: The agricultural Hand Held Brush Cutter from KMW is lighter, has fewer vibrations and uses less fuel. It has a high level of safety and requires little maintenance. It weighs roughly 5.8 kg and comes with a four-stroke engine.

KMW Seed CUM Fertilizer Drill: Kirloskar Farm Mechanization's Seed cum Fertilizer Drill is utilised for simultaneous seed sowing and fertilisation using a single-operated machine. It can be used to plant groundnut, maize, wheat, Bengal gramme, soya bean, and other crops. Seeds and fertiliser are kept in separate containers.

KMW Sprayer: Kirloskar Farm Mechanization's power sprayer is the ideal blend of cutting-edge technology, ease of use, and versatility. In agricultural areas, orchards, tea plantations, and vegetable gardens, the sprayer is ergonomically constructed to provide optimal pesticide application. 

KMW Hopper: Kirloskar Farm Mechanization presents you with the most flexible Hopper, which combines a two-wheel tractor with a front-end loader in one machine. Ploughing, spraying, rotavation, cultivation, and haulage are just some of the applications for the Kirloskar small tractor with a front end loader. 

What is the price of KMW tractor implements?

These low-cost, high-performance instruments offer outstanding value for money. The costs of this tractor implement brand are very modest, and they will easily fit into any farmer's budget. The pricing of KMW Tractor implements starts at Rs.50,000. KMW is well-known for enhancing the versions of these instruments with advanced technology and customised methods, allowing farmers to use them more efficiently at all times. It is without a doubt one of the most well-known brands among farmers.

Where to get information about KMW Tractor implements in India?

KMW produce high quality product which can meet the demands of farmers as well as the Indian Navy and Air force. KMW not only manufacture tractor implements and tractor but it has a wide range of implements for different field. To know about this company and their versatile product you don’t have to take the help of Google, you can easily find all the detailed information of KMW tractor implements on website Tractor Gyan. Tractor Gyan provides comprehensive and detailed information on all of the implements described above. On our website Tractor Gyan, you can find all of the prices, on-road prices, specifications, dealership information, and features of all implements and tractors of KMW. This site has a lot of blogs and articles on tractors and their tools. This will help you buy anything, including a tractor or implements. You will be able to make an informed selection when purchasing any product because Tractor Gyan provides thorough information on every product.

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