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Vst Series 9 Tractors: VST Launches 6 Most Advanced Compact Tractor Models.

Vst Series 9 Tractors: VST Launches 6 Most Advanced Compact Tractor Models.

    Vst Series 9 Tractors: VST Launches 6 Most Advanced Compact Tractor Models.

09 Aug, 2023

Bengaluru, 09 August 2023: VST Tillers Tractors Ltd, one of India’s leading farm equipment manufacturers, today announced the launch of the Series 9 Range of Compact Tractors, 18 HP upwards. The company, with the aim of further establishing its leadership position in the 4WD Compact Tractor segment in the country, designed and developed the new series of tractors at its Hosur plant. The 6 new models, in the range of 18HP to 36HP will be available from this month itself. The VST tractors are named, starting with “9”, VST 918 (18.5 HP), VST 922 (22 HP), VST 927 (24 HP), VST 929 (28 HP), VST 932 (30 HP), VST 939 (36 HP).

Series 9 by VST is “The Most Advanced Compact Range” with international design and technological integration to address the growing needs of farm mechanization in Orchard, Horticulture as well as Traditional Agriculture Crops and non-agricultural field. The Segment's first features in the industry will make Series 9 as the right choice for aspiring Farmers.

VST’s new multiutility compact tractors have several firsts to their credit including an independent PTO, MID PTO, Reverse PTO, fully Synchromesh Gearbox, Electro-Hydraulic Controls (EHC), and Dual Track width Option with selective models. By adopting advanced technology, the new range provides increased comfort for the operator. The EHC feature enables the driver to control the implements with the touch of a button. Its narrowest track width with Dual options and short turning radius allows farmers to navigate narrow spaces easily while working with different crops, considerably increasing productivity and reducing crop damage.

VST’s feature-filled Series 9 tractor range comes with a state-of-the-art design and optimal dimensions making it the REAL LIGHT WEIGHT Tractor. Operating these tractors is very easy and hassle-free. The series is equipped with a best-in-Class Engine delivering best-in-class power, torque, and mileage.

The ergonomics of the new VST Series 9 Tractors include raised platform, a premium look, projector headlamps, a heat protector shield, a new-generation instrument cluster, deluxe seat, and a short turning radius. These versatile tractors are suitable for a wide range of applications and can be used with tillers, rotavators, MB plough, ridger, duck foot cultivators, sprayers, loaders, haulage, thresher, genset, and many more.

Talking about the launch, Antony Cherukara, CEO, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd said “VST’s compact tractor delivers best-in-class performance in the segment. The launch of the new Series 9 tractors is in line with VST’s commitment towards Farm Mechanization of multiple crops and enriching the lives of Indian farmers. With the Indian farming community embracing newer technologies, which are innovative and efficient, our Series 9 Range will be the most advanced and versatile tractor offering in its segment and is developed to deliver a winning formula of “Extra Power – Extra Saving- Extra Comfort” for better earnings for Indian farmers.

With this launch, we now have a complete range of compact tractors, and we are confident that these products will further cement our leadership position in the compact tractor market.

Progressing on the path of exponential growth by adopting a Fast, Frugal & Future ready approach, a premium series of VST-Zetor will also be launched in the coming months to offer a wide range of products to the farmers and business associates.

VST Tillers Tractors Limited. was established in the year 1967 by the VST Group of companies. With a legacy of more than 55 years, VST continues to drive farm mechanization and empowerment of Indian farmers. VST Tillers Tractors Ltd is one of the fastest-growing brands in the agriculture segment and commands a leadership position in power tillers with more than 70 % Market share and pioneer in 4WD compact tractors segment and is amongst the leading producers of the other category of Tractors, Engines, Transmission, Power Reaper, and Precision Components. VST also exports products to European, Asian, and African markets. VST Tractors are marketed under the ‘FIELDTRAC’ brand in various markets of the European Union meeting the latest EU standards.

The company crossed the milestone of Rs. 1000 crore revenue during FY 2022-23 and is on track to become a Rs. 3000 crore global brand in diversified farm mechanization products and solutions by 2026, as per their 5X Vision.

With its focus on Research and Development, the company has made significant investments in R&D to drive continuous innovation. Other than process improvisations, product improvements, and new product introduction the organization has built a strong foundation of transformation to accelerate growth by undertaking strategic initiatives, new business prospects, Global ventures, and brand initiatives.

 An unwavering dedication to excellence and a legacy of serving farmers worldwide, VST continues to redefine the landscape of modern farming machinery. Since its inception, this leading tractor manufacturer has been extensively engaged in empowering farmers with its inventive tractor range.

Continuing its legacy, VST now launched six new tractor models, under Series 9. Designed for modern-era farming, each of these new tractors from Series 9 is here to elevate your farming experience to unprecedented heights.

Let’s learn about this new series and the included models. 

Series 9 - The Future of Tractors is Here 

The VST Series 9 is one of the most carefully curated series, offering compact and mini tractors. Their specifications are planned so strategically that they are an ideal blend of utility, functionalities, and durability. 

Some key traits of this series are:

- 3 Segments

- 6 power ratings from 4 different engine platforms

- 3 gearbox boxes, sliding mesh, constant mesh, and Syncro mesh, for better utility

- 3 different hydraulic lift options, 500 Kg, 750 Kg, and 1250 Kg, so that farmers with different lifting needs will have a tractor option

- Single and independent clutch option

- Highly fuel efficient 3 and 4-cylinder engines that can generate high torque

- Less RPM drop to help you continue farming operations with heavy loads as well

- Slide cover mesh for better safety and an elegant look

- Easy-to-open front bonnet opening that makes maintenance easy as well

- Aerodynamic styling that gives a unique look to the tractor

- Adequately bright projector headlamps for better safety on the road during the night

- Narrow fenders that make the tractor perfect for row crops

- Quick release coupler comes with a tippling type trailer that promotes easy haulage

- Advanced PC and DC hydraulics levers for better lifting

- Optimal fender to tire gap to avoid mud accumulation

- High-end oil-immersed brakes for better operations

- ADDC hydraulics in 500/750/1250 speed option

Six Tractor Models With Advanced Capabilities 

Under this series, VST currently launched six tractors with inventive features. Let’s have a look at the offerings of these tractors.


1. VST 939 DI

vst 939 di

Elevate your farming experience with the VST 939 DI tractor from Series 9. Designed to meet the diverse demands of modern farming, this is a 36 Hp featuring an inventive Japanese DI engine. Such an advanced engine is the industry’s first and this is what makes this tractor a desirable one. From expansive fields to intricate tasks, the VST 939 DI tractor is poised to redefine the way you work the land.

Key Features:

- The VST 939 DI is equipped with a high-performance 36 Hp 3 - cylinder engine, ensuring optimal power delivery and fuel efficiency for demanding tasks.

- With its advanced 9+3 Helical transmission system and fully synchromesh gearbox, the tractor offers seamless shifting between gears, empowering you to tackle various terrains and applications with ease.

- The hydraulic system of the VST 939 DI tractor is designed to handle a wide range of implements as it's powered by ADDC hydraulics and has an amazing lifting capacity of 1250 Kg.

- Speaking of PTO, it comes in independent, reverse, and mid-range PTO.

- Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous engineering, the VST 939 DI is built to withstand the rigours of agricultural operations, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

- The tractor comes with 8.4x24 tyres and oil-immersed brakes.


2. VST 932 DI

vst 932 di

VST 932 DI is a cutting-edge machine that embodies the perfect fusion of advanced technology and robust performance, setting new standards in modern farming. This is an ideal compact tractor for small-scale farmers as it offers unmatched fuel efficiency and great performance at an affordable cost.

Key Features:

- The VST 932 DI is powered by a state-of-the-art Japanese DI engine that operates at 30 Hp and has 3 cylinders.

- Equipped with an advanced 9+3 Helical and fully synchromesh transmission, this tractor is here to enhance the manoeuvrability of farmers across various terrains.

- The tractor's hydraulic system includes ADDC hydraulic control, independent/reverse/mid-PTO, and 1250 Kg lifting capacity. It allows seamless integration with a wide range of implements and enhanced productivity.

- The tractor features 9.5x 20 tyres with oil-immersed brakes.


3. VST 929 DI EGT

vst 929 di egt

VST 929 DI EGT is part of Dual Track Edition of this leading tractor manufacturer and is best known for its power-packed engine and great usability features. It is laced with a 3-cylinder Japanese DI engine that delivers power and performance on the field with the same ease and perfection.

Key Features:

- This tractor features a 28 Hp fuel engine and is able to operate for long hours.

- Speaking of its advanced transmission system, it has a fully constant mesh transmission type and 8+2 transmission speed.

- It offers dual PTO speeds, 540 and 540 E.

- With 750 Kg ADDC hydraulics, this tractor is capable of performing lifting, pulling and cultivating with finesse and accuracy.

- The ergonomic design of the tractor is supported by an 8.3x 20 tyre and oil-immersed brakes.


4. VST 927

vst 927

Promoted as Legacy Born Again, VST 927 is a great mini tractor to own. This tractor delivers performance on touch terrains without burning excessive fuel. This is a 4-cylinder 24 Hp tractor built to last.

Key Features:

- The tractor features an advanced fully constant mesh gearbox that comes with an 8+2 transmission speed.

- It has dual PTO speed, 540 and 540 E.

- With an advanced ADDC hydraulics system, it can lift up to 750 Kg weight without any hassle.

- The tractor features 8.3x 20 tyres and oil-immersed brakes.


5. VST 918

vst 918

Those who’re looking for an affordable mini tractor can purchase a VST 918 tractor. This 18.5 Hp tractor is here to help farmers having small land and vineyards. This tractor is here to help in every mundane farming task without much maintenance and breakdown.

Key Features:

- The tractor features a highly efficient 3-cylinder engine that continues operating for long hours.

- It has two gearbox options, sliding and constant mesh

- The transmission speed options are 6+2 and 8+2

- It has dual PTO, 540 and 540E.

- The inventive ADDC hydraulics of this tractor is designed to lift 750 Kg weight easily.

- It comes with 8 x 18 tyres with oil-immersed brakes.


6. VST 922

vst 922

A mini tractor under 25 Hp range from Series 9 of VST is VST 922. This is a 22 Hp tractor with a 4 WD system. It means it’s an ideal combination of performance and power.

Key Features:

- The VST 922A tractor boasts a rated RPM of 2700 and is powered by a 979.35 cc water-cooled engine. Its air cleaner operates on a dry-type system, while the engine's torque measures 5.79 Kg-m (56.8 Nm).

- Its naturally aspirated, 4-stroke engine delivers a PTO Hp of 18 (13.4 kW).

- The gear transmission includes a sliding mesh gearbox with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears (optional: 8 forward and 2 reverse). Shifting is made easy with a side shift mechanism, allowing speeds ranging from 1.31 to 19.30 mph in the forward direction and 1.67 to 7.36 mph in reverse.

- The tractor features a single dry friction plate clutch, oil-immersed brakes, and manual steering for control.

- Additionally, it offers a two-speed PTO with RPM options of 540@2340 and 750@1985.

- The fuel tank capacity is 18 litres, and its Category I three-point hitch ensures efficient implementation usage.


Which Model You’re Going To Get 

Considering the features and specifications, we have no qualms to admit that VST did a great job in its Series 9 tractor. Like always, it kept performance and affordability at the core. The series has great lightweight tractor options. 

So, which one did you like the most? Don’t forget to share your feedback about VST tractors with us. At Tractor Gyan, we aim to empower farmers by providing accurate and timely information. Stay connected with us for more such information. 

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