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Eicher Launched Eicher 280 Plus 4WD Mini Tractor : Jo Hai Har Baat Mein Plus

Eicher Launched Eicher 280 Plus 4WD Mini Tractor : Jo Hai Har Baat Mein Plus

    Eicher Launched Eicher 280 Plus 4WD Mini Tractor : Jo Hai Har Baat Mein Plus

12 Sep, 2023

Eicher Tractors has taken a step ahead and has launched an Eicher 280 Plus 4WD Tractor. Eicher 280 Plus 4WD has the Plus factor in its performance, service, features, and usability. The tagline for The Plus tractor is ‘ Har Baat Mein Plus’. The R & D team of Eicher Tractor have given some modern and game-changing features to this Eicher Plus tractor.  This new Eicher Plus tractor will reshape modern farming with its help.

And the Eicher 280 Plus 4WD mini tractor is finally here. Scroll down to know more about this game-changer mini tractor from Eicher. 

Eicher 280 Plus 4WD Mini Tractor For Every Work of Your Gardens and Interval Farming

eicher 280 plus 4wd

Eicher 280 Plus 4WD mini tractor is Eicher’s newly launched tractor. The company promoted this tractor as a tractor with a plus factor and when we get to see the features of this tractor, we’re impressed. This is a 26 HP tractor that comes with SC 213, water-cooled engine. It has two cylinders with a direct fuel engine pump. 

Considering these engine specifications, we have no qualms to admit that the eicher 280 Plus 4WD tractor will certainly deliver better performance on the field. With a 4WD system, this tractor is going to help farmers remain highly productive even in rough terrains. 

Features of Eicher 280 Plus 4WD Tractor 

To provide you with more insights on Newly Launched Eicher 280 Plus 4WD Mini tractor capabilities, we have come up with a list of key features of this inventive tractor. 

  • The powerful tractor features a single-unit clutch with an advanced transmission system. It offers nine forward and three reverse speeds with a side shift and partial constant mesh configuration. 

  • You’re ensured to have great stability on the ground as it rolls on sturdy tires. The tire dimensions are 12.7 cm x 30.48 cm (5.0 x 12) at the front and 20.32 cm x 45.72 cm (8 x 18) at the rear. 

  • If we talk about its PTO, it features a live, six-splined shaft, two-speed PTO that has standard 540 RPM @ 2450 ERPM speed. In addition, you have an option of 540 RPM @ 1750 ERPM.  

  • Eicher 280 Plus 4wd tractor has an amazing lifting capacity of 750 KG making it a perfect farming machine to own for small farming fields. To maintain the weight and carry it without any issues, the tractor features a 3-point linkage and control system. The links are fitted with CAT-I and control system 

  • The machine's lifting capacity, with lower links in a horizontal position, is 750 kg, managed through a three-point linkage and controlled with CAT-I (Combi Ball) links.

  • Eicher 280 Plus 4wd mini tractor relies on oil-immersed brakes for stopping power. You have a power steering facility in this tractor that grants great control. 

  • The fuel tank can carry up to 23 liters of fuel. 

  • You get a lot of additional accessories with this tractor. For instance, you get a tipping trailer kit, swinging drawbar, company-fitted drawbar, hitch rails, and a top link.

This list of features is impressive and is certainly designed to empower farmers in the field. Once again, Eicher did a great job in providing a tractor that is designed for Indian farmers and the agricultural requirements of India. 

What is The Price of Eicher 280 Plus 4WD Tractor in India? 

The Eicher 280 Plus 4WD price in India is affordable like most of the tractors from the Eicher brand. 

Final Say 

Eicher’s newly launched Eicher 280 Plus 4WD mini tractor is a tractor made for the future with a plus factor. This tractor has extra lifting capacity, better performance, and outstanding performance that simplifies your gardens and interval farming tasks.

So, if you’re planning to upgrade your old tractor then Eicher 280 Plus 4WD will be an ideal choice to make. Team of Tractor Gyan will continue bringing more details about the latest tractor models in India so that our farmers stay updated, informed, and ahead in the competition. 

About Eicher Tractors

Over the years, Eicher has become the epitome of quality and excellence. Its tractors are equipped with inventive farming technology that empowers farmers in all the leading aspects. Having the help of Eicher Tractors means, having the following:

  • Better productivity

  • Higher ROI

  • Boosted yield

  • Reduced manual efforts

  • Quick time-to-market

As Eicher manufactures tractors that take care of every farming need and perform excellently in all kinds of farming conditions, its tractors are now revolutionizing the Indian agricultural landscape.

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