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VST Sold 2039 Power tillers and 395 Tractors in December 2023

VST Sold 2039 Power tillers and 395 Tractors in December 2023

    VST Sold 2039 Power tillers and 395 Tractors in December 2023

02 Jan, 2024

VST is India’s leading tractor manufacturer and offers a wide range of tractors and power tillers. This manufacturer has recently announced its December 2023 sales data. 

In this blog, we’re going to provide detailed insights on Vst Tillers Tractors Dec-2023 sales data and a head-to-head comparison of VST December 2022 sales with VST December 2023 sales.

Particulars For the current period (in Nos.) For the corresponding period (in Nos.)
VST Tillers Tractors Sales December 2023 Year to date VST Tillers Tractors Sales December 2022  Year to date
Power Tillers 2039 24914 4043 25436
Tractors 395 3903 516 4912
Total (Tillers & Tractors in Nos) 2434 28817 4559 30348

VST Power Tiller Sales in December 2023 

According to recent reports, VST sold 2039 power tillers in December 2023. If we compare this sales data with December 2022, December 2023 sold fewer power tillers. In December 2022, a total of 4043 Power tillers were sold out.

As the year 2023 comes to an end, it would be good to make a net comparison of the total power tiller sales in 2023 and 2022. The year-to-date VST power tiller sales in 2023 is 24914 while this sales number was 25436 in December 2022.  

vst tillers tractor sales in dec 2023 and dec 2022

VST Tractor Sales in December 2023 

VST sold 395 tractors in December 2023 against the tractor sales of 516 in December 2022. This comparison shows a decline of 121 tractor units in YoY sales. 

Next, we have year-to-date sales of tractor comparisons for 2022 and 2023 to share with you. In 2022, VST sold 4912 tractors from 1st January- December 2022. The brand managed to sell 3903 tractors from 1st January to December 2023, with a YoY decline of 1009. 

VST Total Sales in December 2023 

For December 2023, the VST total sale is 2434 units, against the VST total sale of 4559 units for December 2022. The YoY decline is 2125 units.

This report also had total YoD Data for 2022 and 2023 for your reference.  The VST total YoD 2022 sales were 30348 whereas the VST total YoD 2023 sales is 28817. This way, VST recorded a YoY decline of 1531 units.

About VST Tillers Tractor

VST Tillers Tractor Limited was incorporated in the year 1967 by VST Group of Companies. From its formation till today, one of the basic objectives of this company has been the empowerment of Indian farmers. This company is doing the work of mechanization and modernization of agriculture on a large scale.

The organization is the largest manufacturer of power tillers and 4WD compact tractors in the Indian agricultural market. Apart from the Indian markets, VST Tillers Tractor Limited also has a good presence in the European, Asian, and African markets.

VST Tractors and Power Tillers Sales in December 2023 Impact on VST Tillers Tractors Share Price

As the recent VST sales report revealed, sales of power tillers and tractors in Dec 2023 are lower than that of Dec 2022. This decrease in sales might hurt the VST Tillers Tractors share prices.

The VST Tillers Tractors share price in India in NSE was INR 3,599.00 on 2nd January 2024 and the return was declined by 2.75%, at the time of writing. The one-week highest share price was INR 3802.10 while the one-week lowest price was INR 3599.00, with a drop of 5.34% in returns.

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Recently Asked Question about VST Sold 2039 Power tillers and 395 Tractors in December 2023

How many tractors did VST Tillers Tractors sell in December 2023?

VST Tillers Tractors sold 395 tractors in December 2023.

How many power tillers did VST Tillers Tractors sell in December 2023?

VST Tillers Tractors sold 2039 power tillers in December 2023.

What were the tractor sales figures for VST Tillers Tractors in December 2023 compare to December 2022?

For December 2023, the VST sold 395 tractor units, which is comparatively lower than its December 2022 sales, which shows the sales of 516 tractors.

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