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Sonalika Tractors Soar with Highest Market Share Achieved in February 2024

Sonalika Tractors Soar with Highest Market Share Achieved in February 2024

    Sonalika Tractors Soar with Highest Market Share Achieved in February 2024

02 Mar, 2024

Sonalika closed February 2024 with impressive sales numbers and we got to know about it through the recent sales updates, provided by the company’s officials. 

Sonalika sold  9722 tractors in February 2024. This sales number includes the sale of Sonalika in domestic and export markets. With such great sales numbers,

Sonalika managed to capture 16.1% overall tractor market share, the highest-ever February overall market share seized so far.

The company also recorded the highest overall market share gain with 3% during February 2024.  

Mr. Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director of International Tractors Limited (Sonalika & Solis), posted on Linkedin and said:

sonalika tractor sales in february 2024

“It feels exciting to share that our growth trajectory in FY'24 has reached a new crest, wherein we have clocked our highest ever February overall market share of 16.1%. This power packed performance includes a staggering 9722 overall tractor sales that has also enabled us to outperform industry performance and clock highest market share gain of 3 percentile point in industry.

Our pivotal approach with our farmer centric heavy duty tractor range is enabling us to redefine the statement of prosperity for farmers and helping them trust our adaptability and consistency. We have already set course for the year 2024 with our latest launch last month, wherein we launched 10 new Tiger tractors in 40-75 HP which are equipped with premium features for farmer's delight. Ensuring smiles across the farming community is what drives us forward and we will continue to do so with greater intensity with new launches and strengthen our position as the go-to choice for farmers.”

Sonalika Tractors Press Release Feb 24

New Delhi, 4th March’24: India's No. 1 tractor export brand, Sonalika Tractors takes pride in leading the Indian agri ecosystem towards farm mechanisation and making the lives of farmers happier with its widest heavy duty tractor range in 20-120 HP. Moving into the final stages of FY24, Sonalika Tractors is elated to clocked its highest ever February overall market share of 16.1% and highest market share gain in the industry. This includes a robust performance of 9,722 overall tractor sales during February’24 which is 6.2% higher than company’s FY’23 performance of 9154 overall tractor sales. While the industry continues to struggle with overall sales, Sonalika has continued to remain ahead of the industry performance and has become the only leading brand to grow in the tractor industry.

With a firm belief of becoming the leading and most reliable tractor brand in every tractor segment, Sonalika recently extended its renowned and premium ‘Tiger tractor series’ with 10 new models in 40-75 HP range. With its biggest and the most powerful HDM yet fuel efficient engines, CRDS technology, precise hydraulics with the efficient multi speed transmissions, the company is partnering with farmers in scripting their agri success story across regions. Understanding the pulse of the Indian agri ecosystem, Sonalika has already established a 1000+ channel partner network, and 15000+ retail points to stay as close as possible to farmers and help them access modern agri-farming machinery. 

Sharing his thoughts, Mr Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director, International Tractors Limited, stated, “We feel happy to have delivered on dynamic Indian agri ecosystem needs for tractors and clocked our highest ever February market share of 16.1% along with highest market share gain in the industry. Maintaining our positive momentum all throughout the month, we have registered 9,722 overall tractor sales clocked in February’24 and have outpaced industry performance as well. Our widest heavy duty tractor range that recently got upgraded with 10 new Tiger tractor models is being highly appreciated and accepted by farmers as it offers a plethora of new superior technologies across engines, transmissions and hydraulics. Supporting farmers in progressing towards a more sustainable future is what drives us forward and we will continue to do so with greater intensity in the future.”

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