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Retail Auto Sales in April 2024 Show a Remarkable 27% Growth Across Various Categories

Retail Auto Sales in April 2024 Show a Remarkable 27% Growth Across Various Categories

    Retail Auto Sales in April 2024 Show a Remarkable 27% Growth Across Various Categories

08 May, 2024

The retail auto sale report for April 2024 helped us to understand how this industry performed in each category. As the report showed, this industry recorded an overall growth of 27%. Every category, including Two-Wheelers, Tractors, Three-Wheelers, Passenger Vehicle, and Commercial Vehicles, demonstrated YoY growth. 

Let’s review the category-wise performance in detail. 

Two Wheeler Retail Sales Data for April 2024

The 2W category sold 16,43,510, units, in April 2024 and recorded a 33.21% YoY growth. The recorded sale of the 2-wheeler category in April 2023 was 12,33,763 units. For the two-wheeler category, a streamlined supply chain and boosted demand for 125cc vehicles are two key factors leading to the YoY growth of the category. 

Three Wheeler Retail Sales Data for April 2024 

The 3-wheeler category of the Indian auto sector sold 80,105 units in April 2024 and demonstrated a 9.27% YoY growth. In April 2023, this category sold 73,310 units. 

The 3-wheeler category sale data is the combined sale of three-wheeler(goods), three-wheeler (passenger), three-wheeler (personal), e-rickshaws, and e-rickshaws(carts) categories. Amongst all these categories, the e-rickshaws(carts) category showed the highest YoY growth of 56.35%. 

Passenger Vehicle Retail Sales Data for April 2024 

The passenger vehicle or PV vehicle category sold 3,35,123 units in April 2024 against the 2,89,056 units sold in April 2023. This sector managed to launch new models, despite the persisting supply chain disturbances, and experienced 15.94% YoY growth. 

All India Vehicle Retail Data for Apr'24
CATEGORY Apr'24 Apr'23 YoY%
2W 16,43,510 12,33,763 33.21%
3W 80,105 73,310  9.27%
E-RICKSHAW(P) 31,808 31,591 0.69%
E-RICKSHAW WITH CART (G) 4,223 2,701 56.35%
THREE-WHEELER (GOODS) 9,072 8,147 11.35%
THREE-WHEELER (PASSENGER) 34,938 30,817  13.37%
PV 3,35,123  2,89,056 15.94%
TRAC 56,625 55,857  1.37%
CV 90,707 88,663 2.31%
LCV 47,009 45,191 4.02%
MCV 6,704 6,651 0.80%
HCV 32,191 33,293 -3.31%
Others 4,803 3,528 36.14%
Total 22,06,070 17,40,649 26.74%

Tractor Retail Sales Data for April 2024 

The retail tractor sale in India for April 2024 is 56,625 units against the 55,857 units sold in April 2023. This way, this sector recorded 1.37% YoY growth.  

Commercial Vehicle Retail Sales Data for April 2024 

The retail Commercial Vehicle sales in April 2024 were 90,707 units and this category marked 2.31% YoY growth. The retail CV sales were 88,663 units in April 2023. The major factor for this YoY growth is the bulk buying of school buses. 

Total Retail Auto Sales for April 2024 

The total sales of the auto sector is 22,06,070 units and the sector marked a growth of 26.74% in April 2024. The total retail auto sales was 17,40,649 units in April 2023. Multiple factors such as new model launches, bulk buying of commercial vehicles, and positive sentiments fueled this comprehensive growth of India's auto retail industry in April 2024.


1- The above numbers do not have figures from TS & LD.

2- Vehicle Retail Data has been collated as on 06.05.24 in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India and has been gathered from 1,360 out of 1,503 RTOs.

3- Commercial Vehicle is subdivided in the following manner

a. LCV – Light Commercial Vehicle (incl. Passenger & Goods Vehicle)

b. MCV – Medium Commercial Vehicle (incl. Passenger & Goods Vehicle)

c. HCV – Heavy Commercial Vehicle (incl. Passenger & Goods Vehicle)

d. Others – Construction Equipment Vehicles and others

4- 3-Wheeler is sub-divided in the following manner

a. E-Rickshaw – Passenger

b. E-Rickshaw – Goods

c. 3-Wheeler – Goods

d. 3-Wheeler – Passenger

e. 3-Wheeler – Personal 

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