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Goverment Big Plan For Farmers During Coronavirus

Goverment Big Plan For Farmers During Coronavirus

23 May, 2020

Goverment Big Plan For Farmers During Coronavirus

In the wake of COVID-19, different sections of the society are struck due to the lockdown. Amongst them, the worst hit is the farmer's community as because the majority of the transportation services are shut, which makes it difficult for the farmers to transport their produce. Also, they are facing inconsistent pricing. To help the farmers tackle the crisis; measures have been taken by the centre as well as state governments.

Currently, the Andhra Pradesh government has big plans for the state's farming community.

The government has constructed 471 Rythu Bazars (farmers' market), raising their number from the existing 100 similar markets.

Additionally, 451 APSRTC buses have been transformed into Mobile Rythu Bazars, distributing necessary items from the farm to the people of Andhra Pradesh.

"This ensures that the supply of essential products reaches even the most remote areas apart from helping authorities enforce social distancing standards on the ground. This further increases the selling of Rythu Bazars benefiting the farmer as a whole" added a senior official.


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Significant steps by the Andhra Pradesh government:

  • A mobile application is developed, where people can avail doorstep delivery of vegetables and fruits.

  • As farmers growing fruits like bananas face problems, their issue is resolved by the government by procuring vast quantities of fruit and selling them at nominal prices to households.

  • Bananas are currently sold at 10 Rs/kg, while state-wide supermarkets charge almost 70 Rs/kg. The department has already procured a total of 7000 MT of Bananas.

  • More than 700 procurement centres have been built which are closer to farms across the state. Jowar, Red Gram, Bengal Gram, Maize and Turmeric are procured with the help of these centres. It helps the farmers to travel minimal distances, to sell their products. It also ensures that farmers save on transport costs.

  • Also, the Agriculture & Marketing department reported that 25% of the products are sold via the door delivery system in the state. The list is posted in front of stores, supermarkets, and Rythu Bazaars to ensure no vendor misuses the lockdown and charges inflated rates for necessities.

  • A data gathering system has been launched where every day, the government obtains data on price change and reported prices from all of the state's 11,000 villages. It helps the authorities recognise individual pockets that sell crops below the Minimum Support Price (MSP). When any incidents are reported, remedial measures are implemented by the authorities. A strict vigilance on cost changes often supports nab violators. 

Supervision by the government:

The village-level agriculture assistant supervises the execution of all these measures. 

Moreover, the CM of Andhra Pradesh has assured that none of the farmers will face any trouble, and they will be taken care of in the best possible manner during this time.

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