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Who should buy John Deere Tractor?

    Who should buy John Deere Tractor?

Who should buy John Deere Tractor

15 Jul, 2020

In this continuously advancing world, we can’t afford to stay behind just because of a lack of advanced technology. And especially we can’t let our farm yield get low because of lack of mechanization. But when it comes to buying a tractor we often face confusion about which one to buy.

Just like when it comes to tractors with advanced features and power-packed performance John Deere is one of the brands that pop up in our mind. And leave us with the question of whether I should buy a John Deere Tractor or not?

So, here we are with all the key specifications of John Deere Tractors to let you know whether it’s a perfect option for your investment or not.

Since 1988 John Deere Tractors are persistently playing the role of a perfect companion of Indian farmers. John Deere Tractor's price is a little higher than the other tractors but it has always been known for its powerful advanced beasts among the tractor community and it makes it worth the price. It offers a variety of tractors to choose from as it knows different types of farming requires a different type of tractor.

Let’s look at the different tractor series offered by John Deere:

  • D series


John Deere 5D Series offers a variety of John Deere tractors ranging from 33 to 55 HP known for their multipurpose, fuel-efficient, and power-packed performances. Along with Power Pro models, this series comes with a capacity of working efficiently on and off-field. 

From providing you a comfortable drive while transportation to make your production thrive with its astounding performance, these tractors are designed to fulfill all your needs. This series includes models like 5005 (33 HP), 5045 Power Pro (46 HP), 5305 (55 HP), and many more.

So if you have a good budget and you are looking for a tractor that can help you conquer all your tasks on and off-field you can go for a tractor from John Deere 5D series.

  • E series


This series of John Deere Tractors include utility tractors ranging from 50 to 75 HP. These tractors come with powerful engines and hydraulics along with smooth transmissions to perform efficiently with implements. 

With models like 5210 Gear Pro (50 HP), 5060 (60 HP), 5075 (75 HP), and many more, this series is designed specially to perform all your heavy fieldwork.

In case if you have a big farm with an adequate budget and require a tractor to work well with your implements then John Deere 5E series can offer you the best options.

  • Specialty Tractors


John Deere tractors range doesn’t end only with utility tractors. It provides you with a variety of specialty tractors ranging from 28 to 36 HP. These tractors come with a narrow and compact design to make your operations like puddling, intercultural and orchard farming easier and comfortable. 

John Deere offers you three specialty tractors to choose from that are 3028 EN (28 HP), 3036 EN (36 HP), and 3036 E (36 HP) with a warranty period of 5 years each making their life longer.

If you have a small farm and you practice orchard or intercultural farming these little beasts with a long life can be your perfect partner.

  • Super Heavy Duty Tractors


This series brings you two super heavy-duty tractors built with a powerful engine and hydraulics to ease your farming operations, especially on a commercial level. With great HPs of 110 and 120, 6110 B and 6120 B are fully equipped with advanced technology to perform well in all your farm tasks including working well with implements.

If you are a commercial level farmer with a sufficient budget and need a heavy-duty tractor you can go for John Deere Super Heavy Duty Tractors.

John Deere brings you a wide range of tractors to fulfill all your different needs with a long warranty period of 5 years. So if you aren’t low on budget and require an efficient tractor with power-packed performance then John Deere Tractors is one of the best options for you.


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