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7 Awesome Tips to Increase Life of Your Tractor

    7 Awesome Tips to Increase Life of Your Tractor

Awesome Tips to Increase Life of Your Tractor

18 Jul, 2020

7 Awesome Tips to Increase Life of Your Tractor


Tractors are like a faithful companion of the farmers. Farmers usually put all their savings at stake to buy a tractor and they often think that their duty gets finished after buying a tractor. But actually, this is where their main duty begins. The duty to properly maintain your tractor so that it can work efficiently for many years and you can get great refunds for your investments. Here are some important tips to maintain your tractor. Make sure you properly follow these tips to ensure the good condition of your tractor.



             1.Read the tractor manual to understand the basics

Make sure you go through the manual provided with the tractor as a tractor is made up of so many different components and it’s important to understand the location of these various components and how to take care of them.


             2.Protect your tractor and keep it clean

If possible keep your tractor in a shed so that you can save it from heavy rain. As some parts like the exhaust system, seat etc. may get damaged if exposed to rain.  

As well as don’t forget to clean it regularly so that there are no blockages due to dirt and dust.


             3. Keep a check on the fluids 

Fluids in a tractor include engine oil, transmitter fluid, coolant, hydraulic oil and battery electrolyte. And leakage of any of these fluids may be a sign of big damage in the tractor. So make sure you check them regularly to identify any kind of damage at the earliest.


            4. Regularly check the hydraulic system, brakes and power take-off

When it comes to hydraulic system you need to keep an eye on the belt and hoses of the system. Make sure there isn’t any blockage or damage in the tubing and hoses to ensure the proper flow of fluids even under pressure. And if there is front loader in your tractor do not overload it.

Keep your brakes regularly lubricated and make sure they work efficiently.

You should also listen carefully to sound coming from PTO so that if you find any unfamiliar sound you can recognize that there is damage in the PTO.


             5. Keep an eye on tyres and do not overload

Make sure that there is the right air pressure in the tyres and there is no wear and tear in the tyres as it also affects the performance of the tractor. As well as do not overload the tractor to save the life of your tractor.


            6. Don’t forget to regularly check filter, radiator and battery

When it comes to filter and radiator they often get damaged due to dirt so ensure that you clean the dust on them regularly by the help of blast of air. As well as no dirt gets into the fluid present inside them, if it happens you need to replace these fluids as soon as possible.

And you need to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning the battery. You should never let any metal come in its contact to avoid sparks and clean it properly only after losing its connection, firstly the positive one and then the negative one. 


               7.Lubricate and change the oil regularly

Make sure that different parts of your tractor are properly lubricated and use proper lubricants for your lubrication instead of light lubricant oils.

If you have a new tractor changing the oil often will be really helpful to increase the life of your engine. But make sure you turn your engine on and warm it up before performing oil change as it will help in the proper flow of oil.

Make sure you regularly do this routine check-up of your companion to increase the life of your tractor.



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