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Agriculture News । आज की खेती की खबर 28/07/2020

Agriculture News । आज की खेती की खबर 28/07/2020

    Agriculture News । आज की खेती की खबर 28/07/2020

ट्रैक्टरज्ञान आपके लिये लाया है कृषि जगत से जुड़ी आज की मुख्य खबरें!

28 Jul, 2020

1.पीएम आवास योजना के लिए आवेदन शुरू, मिलेगी 2.5 लाख रुपए की सब्सडी। 


नए घर खरीदने के सपना देखने वालों के लिए सरकार की तरफ से खुशखबरी है। पीएम आवास योजान्तर्गत लखनऊ विकास प्राधिकरण ने गरीबों को कम दाम पर घर देने को लेकर आवेदन शुरू करने की घोषणा की है, शारदा नगर और हरदोई रॉड पर बने पीएम आवास लेने के लिए 30 जुलाई से 25 सितंबर  तक आवेदन लिए जाएंगे।आवेदकों को पहले 5000 रुपए फीस देने होगी फिर लॉटरी में नाम आने पर 1 माह के अंतराल में 45000 रुपए जमा करने होंगे।आवास योनान्तर्गत ये 6,51,000 रुपए कीमत के मकान पर 2.5 लाख रुपए सब्सिडी के तौर पर सरकार देती है बाकी 4,01,000 रुपए 6 तिमाही किश्तों में लॉटरी में चयनित उम्मीदवारों को खुद से देने होंगे।

आवेदन वे लोग ही कर सकते है जिनका लखनऊ का स्थाई पता हो,3 लाख से कम सालाना आय हो और पक्का मकान ना हो।इसके अलावा ews, clss, lig, st, sc और महिलाएं सभी योजना का लाभ ले सकते हैं बस सरकार की किसी भी हाउसिंग स्कीम का लाभ आवेदक परिवार न उठाता हो। इसके लिए रजिस्ट्रेशन एलडीए के पोर्टल http://www.ldaonline.in पर ऑनलाइन होंगे।


2.बैम्बू की खेती करने पर सरकार करेगी मदद


बैम्बू या बांस की खेती को बढ़ावा देने के लिए प्रधानमंत्री द्वारा नेशनल बैम्बू मिशन की घोषणा की गई है । इस योजना के द्वारा आत्मनिर्भर भारत का समर्थन किया जाएगा । बांस की कुल 136 प्रजातियां है जिसमें से 10 का इस्तेमाल सबसे ज्यादा किया जाता है । जिस काम के लिए उपयोग करना है जैसे फर्नीचर, खिलौने, घरेलू वस्तुओं को बनाने में आदि, उसके आधार पर बांस का चुनाव किया जाता है । बांस की खेती में समय काफी महत्वपूर्ण है क्योंकि इसकी खेती में करीब तीन से चार साल का वक्त लगता है । इसके साथ साथ आप अन्य चीजों की खेती भी कर सकते हैं । क्योंकि इसके पौधों को तीन-चार मीटर की दूरी पर लगाया जाता है । यह पर्यावरण के लिए भी काफी लाभदायक है और इसकी पत्तियों को पशुओं के चारे के रुप में इस्तेमाल किया जाता है । बांस की खेती में नुकसान भी काम होता है और अब इसी का टाइम पर लगने वाला फॉरेस्ट एक्ट भी हटा लिया गया है । योजना के तहत हर राज्य में मिशन डायरेक्टर बनाए गए हैं । जो काम की देखरेख के लिए हर जिले में अधिकारी का चुनाव करेंगे । किसान इस के पौधों को सरकारी नर्सरी से फ्री में प्राप्त कर सकते हैं ।


3.Around 1.1 crore farmers with KCC have been benefited with concessional credit till now 


On the demands of farmers and under Atamanirbhar bharat a concessional credit of Rs 2 lakh crore as a section of stimulus package of Rs 20.97 lakh crore has been approved by approved to help 2.5 crore farmers with KCC (that includes fishermen and people in animal husbandry too).

According to Nirmala Sitharaman the Finance minister of India by 24.07.2020, out of Rs 2 lakh crore banks have been already sactioned a total of 89,810 crores that have benefited 111.98 lakhs farmers with Kisan Credit Cards helping them with the expenses that occur at the kharif sowing and other activities. And since June 30 the sactioned money has increased by 26,940 crore as by June 30 it was only Rs 62,870 crore reaching only 70.32 lakh farmers.



Agriculture is the oldest profession for mankind. The global population is estimated to rise to 9.7 Billion by 2050, which means farm operators have to increase efficiency and produce more food on less land.  The agriculture industry around the globe is facing challenges and demands the focus on yield improvement, biodiversity, soil preservation, and many more such issues. 

FarmERP is a  software solution used globally by farmers for procurement, processing, supply chain, and financial data management and analysis. It is a smart agriculture ERP Platform for improving productivity & profitability of agribusiness. It helps many companies in achieving objectives of sustainable agribusiness. They assist corporate and individual farm operators, agribusiness to practice Smart agriculture to achieve higher efficiency, higher yields, and higher profitability. They help farm operators and agribusinesses around the globe to collect, integrate, and analyze huge amounts of data to support their business decisions.


5.Pashu Kisan Credit Cards


Government of India is working excessively for the welfare of the agricultural sector by giving various beneficial schemes. Also, animal husbandry is the area which requires proper attention and care. To protect the livestock, the government has launched the Pashu Kisan Credit Card scheme.

Pashu Kisan credit cards are provided through banks and the awareness about it will be given through veterinarians. Also, banks will promote this scheme so that it can reach to more number of people. The state government of Haryana aims to provide this scheme to about 1,00,000 farmers till August,15. In total, Haryana government targets to provide 8 lakh cards to the livestock farmers. 

Important documents for PKCC

Farmers need to make KYC through the banks to get PKCC.

Then, you need to provide Adhar card, voter card, PAN card and passport size photos.

You have to go to the bank with all these documents for further procedures.

Till now, 1,40,000 cattlemen have been covered under the scheme. The scheme gives financial assistance of ₹40,783 for a cow and ₹60,249 for a buffalo and the other norms are similar to the Kisan Credit Card.


6.Sonu Sood gifted a tractor to a farmer.


Sonu Sood, the real-life hero who has helped a lot of people in lockdown to reach their home. Now, he has done something different Actually, he came across a video clip of a farmer working in the field with his two daughters on twitter. Later, the actor contacted the farmer and gifted him a new tractor.

Nageswara Rao, the farmer residing in  Madanapalle (Andhra Pradesh) was a tea seller before the COVID created this unusual situation in front of him. He returned to his village with his family which involves his two daughters, one has cleared her intermediate and the other one has passed out 10th standard. The girls were carrying a yoke on their shoulder in the clip and were ploughing the plot with their father. After seeing this Sonu called the family and offered them ox but Mr.Rao said a tractor will be better for them. Sonu Sood assured him that he will get his tractor and told him to let the girls study.

The actor kept his promise and delivered a brand new tractor at their doorstep on Sunday itself. After knowing about the good work of Mr.Sood, N Chandrababu Naidu took the responsibility of Nageswara Rao's girls education.


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