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Renewable Energy in Agriculture

Renewable Energy in Agriculture

    Renewable Energy in Agriculture

Renewable sources of energy can be generated again and again and are not going to extinct.

04 Aug, 2020

Energy is the basic requirement to operate any work in any domain. But due to the growing population and the amount of pollution that non-renewable sources of energy produce, it is better to opt the renewable ones. The renewable source of energy can be generated again and again and are not going to extinct.

We can effectively use renewable energy in agriculture too. There are several sources of renewable energy that can provide sufficient energy to your farm requirements.


Solar Photovoltaic

This system involves the conversion of solar light radiations into electrical energy and then this electrical energy can be used for lighting, operation of machinery, water pumping etc.


Solar Thermal

In this case, the solar heat radiations get converted into heat energy. The generated heat energy can be used to heat water, food drying, cooking, in solar greenhouse etc.


Wind Energy

Windmills convert the wind energy(speed) into electrical energy. This has a mandatory requirement of high-speed wind and thus can be established where wind speed is sufficient to move the turbine. The generated energy can be used in Farm machinery, poultry equipment, pumps etc.



It is one of the best renewable sources of energy as it requires no big set up and is quite economical. The biowaste like leaves, cow dung, flowers, etc can be converted into bioenergy through different methods like direct combustion, anaerobic fermentation etc.

The government of India is taking a lot of commendable steps to aware farmers to switch towards the renewable sources of energy. To achieve the same, the government has launched various schemes that provide subsidies to farmers for these energy setups.

Under the Solar KUSUM Yojana, farmers will get a 90% subsidy on solar water pumping systems. India has solar energy in abundance and therefore, the government is trying very hard to produce a large portion of electrical energy through solar energy. Therefore, it has launched various programs to achieve the target of 100 GW of solar panel capacity by 2020. Solar rooftop program and establishment of solar parks are evidence for the same. Also, the subsidy schemes are given in order to enhance the installation of grid-connected solar power plants and solar pumps.

Therefore, we should also understand the seriousness of the matter and give priority to sustainable growth by using a renewable source of energy rather than a non renewable source of energy. Government is already helping by providing different subsidies, we should utilize them for our benefit and definitely, our usage towards this energy will save the environment to a great extent.


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