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Amazing Tips to Boost Your Cotton Yield

Amazing Tips to Boost Your Cotton Yield

    Amazing Tips to Boost Your Cotton Yield

Amazing Tips to Boost Your Cotton Yield

08 Aug, 2020

Cotton is one of the major Kharif crops in India. The income of a lot of farmers is dependent on their cotton yield every year but due to lack of management and knowledge, they aren’t able to get a good yield. So, here are some useful tips that will help you to increase your cotton production.


  • Get your soil tested and make your soil well-nourished

It is important to get your soil tested every so, that you can know the proper condition of your soil. And provide it with the nutrients that it lacks. This helps you in maintaining a proper balance of nutrients in your soil.


  • Balance the amount of nitrogen in your soil

When it comes cotton lack of nitrogen or excess of nitrogen both of them can result in a decrease in your yield. So, you should get your soil tested and maintain the balance of nitrogen of your cotton field.


  • Choose the seeds and variety wise wisely

Always choose good quality and variety of seed as good seeds of soil result in good yield. It is advised to plant 2-3 variety of cotton and get your seeds treated before sowing.


  • Make sure soil is warm and have a good amount of moisture

Cotton seeds require warm soil and good moisture to grow properly so it is better to make sure that the temperature of your soil is 16 degree Celsius or more than it. As well as make sure that it has good moisture content.


  • Plant your seeds properly

It is important to plant the cotton seeds at a proper depth as planting them deeper can result in increasing your yield time. It is advised to sow them only one or one and a half inches deep in the ground.


  • Proper Irrigation and drainage system

Make sure you irrigate your field at proper times and give it a sufficient amount of time. As well as have a proper drainage system so that there isn’t any water stagnant in your field as it can also delay the maturity of your crop.


  • Keep your field away from the weeds

Always keep your cotton field away from the weeds especially at the time of sowing is advised to get rid of weed and use 2-3 layers of herbicides.


  • Keep an eye on the pests

Keep an eye on the pests and insects so that you can save your crop from any damage as these pests can even cause crop failure. So, it is better to treat them at the earliest.

Hope these tips are useful to you and get you a good yield.


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