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Mahindra’s initiative - “Prerna for women and Power to their dreams”

    Mahindra’s initiative - “Prerna for women and Power to their dreams”

“Prerna for women and Power to their dreams” - Mahindra’s initiative to leverage the standards of women, read on!

Women have already set the pedestal of pursuing a career on heights. The aim of seeing a future in the agriculture sector is again a surprising yet amazing initiative by them. No doubt women are the dynamic and leading forces of growth and prosperity in every field. In the case of agriculture, women are the driving force in executing tedious and back-breaking field tasks, thus, they need to be applauded and appreciated for their continuous and tiring tasks. Mahindra hence thought to acknowledge their efforts and hard work by launching a campaign named “Prerna”. The campaign intends to provide persistent guidance, help training, equipment allotment and whatnot to help the women grow in this field to a better extent.

“Prerna” has been the initiative in the favour of the women, empowering them, motivating them to carry on farming with better suits and fundas. Since 2017, the promotion and campaigning began. Prerna has leveraged a lot of women and set its target to promote gender-neutrality. All the economic and ergonomic tools and equipment are provided, to provide them with an extra pinch of motivation. In November 2018, the Prerna initiative was started in almost 60+villages of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka and aims at outreaching 6000 women farmers. Prerna by Mahindra has powerfully and positively changed up and impacted the lives of 2000 women farmers, helping them grow and enrich more. The initiative of Prerna will help in counselling and will closely work with the women to boost better knowledge and capacities of them to help them work efficiently and productively in fields.

Rajesh Jejurikar, President, Farm Equipment Division at Mahindra, observed and addressed the need to recognize the efforts and contribution of the women farmers, helping them do more better and perfect in agri-business. Necessary opportunities, training and usable equipment should be provided to become better farmers and improve their life in a better way.

What are the activities to do under the campaign of Prerna?

Prerna by Mahindra has a lot of scope and future and a wonderful opportunity for learning. It’s been a drive to help women know more about agriculture and farming and improve their traditional approach, this also, makes them ready to use all the equipment and farm vehicles that are majorly required for productivity. Knowledge sharing sessions, farm demos, educational learning or kitchen gardening are some of the interesting activities that the Prerna project focuses on. The overall activities are done just to ensure better feasibility and learning of the women farmers. Thus, the scope and need of women growth have been observed and taken into consideration by Mahindra, it has set the best and a fruitful example of women empowerment.

Benefits of Mahindra Prerna to the women
Mahindra believes in aiding more and contributing towards CSR and other socially moral responsibilities. The Prerna project seems to be the rays of hope and light in the lives of women who aspire to be farmers and get utmost productivity every month or year. Here are the best benefits that any woman under this campaign can have with utmost assurance. 


  • Women get empowered with their rights and learning with a pinch of motivation.

  • Prerna helps them to seek better guidance and better monitoring on various other learning aspects that requires more proficiency. 

  • Genuine mentorship is provided, technical and modern techniques, knowledge related to every aspect is given here. 

  • A demo session that makes the learning fast and efficient is timely delivered here with a proper mind plan. 

  • Framing becomes a “business in blood” for all the women farmers. They get the best techniques and modern tactics to know which makes their farming easy and better day by day.

Thus, Mahindra has embarked on the market, by launching a women-centric project of Prerna. That has leveraged and lifted the standards of women and gave them the power and strength to be consistent in their farming practices and be the best in farming culture. The Prerna project has aspired and itigated more power and energy to the womens and uplifted their dreams of being the best farmerrs, which is incredible.

To know any such amazing agricultural update like Prerna project by Mahindra than visit Tractor Gyan, everytime.


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