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"5 shockingly high-profit earning plants grown in India."

    "5 shockingly high-profit earning plants grown in India."

"5 shockingly high-profit earning plants grown in India."

13 Aug, 2020

The agriculture sector always has some unusual and amazing trends going on. But this time it's not about the tractor, farm equipment, new scheme or subsidy but this time it's about some shockingly high profit earning plants grown in India. And you will not believe that their plantation doesn't need any magical requirements.

If you are bored with the same old plants and want to try something new then here is a list of 5 plants which will help you earn high profits. So, just do check them out below -


●        Lavender:

People all over the world just love the pleasant and comforting fragrance of lavender. So, it becomes pretty obvious that it demands must be high and it directly leads to its high price. And you can also grow them in your home. There are some popular Indian varieties of lavender such as Sher-e-Kashmir, Spike Lavender, True Lavender, and Lavandin.



●        Saffron:

Just like its royal status, the price of this spice is also very high but it has never stopped people from buying it. And in a country like India where the desserts are everyone's favorite saffron is just cherry on the cake for us. It is so important because of its unique taste, aroma and texture. There are also lots of medical benefits of saffron.



●        Bonsai Plants:

These cute and small plants look prettier in one's living room and hence they work great as a showpiece. Nowadays people are showing more interest in bonsai plants maybe because they cover less space and look damn good. And with just a perfect blend of knowledge and skills, you can grow a nice bonsai and you can make decent money from selling it.



●        Herbs:

In this era when people are made over foreign cuisine, the herbs farmers are the one who is getting most benefited by it. This craze of people has created a huge market for herbs like cilantro, basil, oregano and etc., And its not difficult for you to find the customer because herbs are not only used in food industries but there are other industries also like medical and cosmetics.



●        Landscaping plants:

Gardens are now becoming common in houses and with that people are looking for landscaping plants that will not only make their lawn green and fresh but it will also keep the space filled with positivity. People are investigating more in plants than art pieces so it's quite clear that landscaping plant production is also a great way to earn money.

Keep experimenting and earn more!!:)))


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