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Women with Tractors are the Durga's of this Yug. Know everything about John Deere's new initiative.

    Women with Tractors are the Durga's of this Yug. Know everything about John Deere's new initiative.

08 Mar, 2021

In this ever-changing world, John Deere has set a new example of its integrated core values through its new ad मैं दुर्गा हूं. This ad shows the strength and capabilities a woman holds by comparing a woman and a tractor to Goddess Durga. It shows how farming and big farm equipment like Tractor is not only meant for men but for women too.



It’s not the first time John Deere has made the world realize the value of a woman it has always promoted the empowerment of women not only by its ads but by providing them with new job opportunities. John Deere always makes sure that there is always a female member present at its launch event and even promotes the empowerment of women by using female drivers at the launch event of new tractor models.



John Deere has shown the world how women are no less than men and how providing new opportunities to women can create a positive impact on the world and business. Its continuous effort to empower women by giving them new career opportunities and providing them with new platforms has surely made a huge change in the way the world perceives a working woman.


TractorGyan: An example of women empowerment


Like John Deere, We at TractorGyan too believe in the capability of a woman to empower our business. Here, at TractorGyan 50% of our workforce are women working hand in hand with men. We truly appreciate the worth of a woman and the power they hold to change the world. Way the first time in the history of this industry a female host at TractorGyan hosted a tractor review video that showed the world the capability a woman holds in herself and how she is no less than a man.


We here at TractorGyan know the worth of a woman and appreciate each and every woman than works with us. We believe that they are no less than Goddess Durga and we will be always looking forward to empowering them by providing them with as many as opportunities we can.



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