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Vst Sold 2061 Power Tillers And 600 Tractors In May 2021

    Vst Sold 2061 Power Tillers And 600 Tractors In May 2021

01 Jun, 2021

VST Tillers Tractors Limited in May 2021 sold 600 Tractors and 2061 Power Tillers. This marked a 60.16 % drop in their tractor sales and a 23.83 % drop in their power tillers sales compared to the sales figures of May 2020  as 1750 power tillers and 633 tractors.

Particulars For the current period For the corresponding period (in nos.) For the corresponding period (in nos.) (in nos.)
May 2021 Year to Date May 2020 Year to Date
Power Tillers 2061 3719 1750 2511
Tractors 600 1121 633 961



About VST Tillers Tractors Ltd

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. was established in the year 1967 by the VST Group of companies, a well-known century-old business house in South India.
The founder of the group was Sri. V.S.Thiruvengadaswamy Mudaliar started with humble beginnings under the VST & Sons banner in the year 1911. VST SHAKTI is India's No 1 brand in Power Tiller (walking Tractor) in India introduced over five decades ago. A pioneer in compact four-wheel-drive tractors initially introduced as "VST Mitsubishi", has now expanded its presence under the brand "VST SHAKTI" with a range of compact and agricultural Tractors.


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