Which is a better choice for Farmers, 2WD or 4WD Tractors?

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Which is a better choice for Farmers, 2WD or 4WD Tractors?

    Which is a better choice for Farmers, 2WD or 4WD Tractors?

17 Apr, 2022

A tractor is a vehicular machine mainly used on farms. Farming operations become easy and simplified by the use of a tractor. It is capable of performing various farm operations like ploughing, sowing, mowing, haulage, etc. Tractors are broadly classified into two categories, 2 wheel-drive tractors, and 4 wheel drive tractors. Before buying a tractor one must consider the advantages and disadvantages of a particular category of the tractor. Whether a 2 wheel drive or 4 a wheel-drive is best suited for different farm activities under different land and weather conditions.

Let’s study in detail  2wd and 4wd tractors to know and understand which tractor is best.


What is a 2 Wheel-Drive Tractor?
A 2 wheel-drive tractor is a type of agriculture machine which is powered by a single axle and is used to lift different kinds of tractor implements like cultivators, rotators, and seeders. Such tractors are beneficial in dry farming conditions where the fields are not excessively muddy. These tractors mostly rely on the rear axle so that the traction can be maximized.

2wd tractors are mostly suitable for farm operations like topping, spraying of fertilizers, sowing seed, etc. They are generally used on farmlands where the focus is mainly on the machine’s operational capability and the pulling power of the tractor is not a major factor.


Benefits of 2WD Tractors
2wd tractors are capable of managing most farm activities. However, they are not suitable where land conditions are extremely muddy. Below we mention some of the benefits of 2wd tractors.

  • Cost-effective prices – 2wd tractors are cost-effective. These tractors are affordable for small and marginal farmers.
  • Small turning cycle – Suitable for small areas as the turning cycle is short.
  • Ease of operations –Easy to handle and navigate. Work smoothly in dry conditions.
  • Suitable for primary farm functions –  Best suited for farm activities like sowing,  ploughing, and spraying pesticides. Perfect for farmers who have fewer loads on the farms. 

Examples of Most Popular 2WD Tractors
There are several 2wd tractor models available in India. A Few of them are listed below. 

  • Farmtrac 60- It is amongst the top 10 tractors in India. It is easy to control and operate.
  • Sonalika745 DI III Sikander- It is used in a number of applications. It is stylish in design and robust in performance.
  • Mahindra 475 DI– It is one of the best 2wd tractors manufactured with the most innovative technology.
  • Eicher 548 –It has the most appropriate features for a 2wd tractor with a long-lasting capacity to perform.
  • John Deere 5050 D– It is a very trustworthy 2wd tractor suitable for the Indian sub-continent.


What is a 4 Wheel Drive Tractor?
The 4wd tractors are mighty and robust machines with dynamic tyres capable of pulling a wide range of heavy-weight tractor equipment. The strong tyres do not get damaged easily and hence the maintenance cost of these tractors is very low. The 4wd tractors offer a smooth operating experience under varied land and weather conditions. They are capable of performing smoothly on rough terrains and muddy fields.

The 4wd tractors offer increased traction as the power is distributed evenly on all four tyres. Various applications like tillage, crop protection, loading, unloading, and slashing can be performed quite easily. They can perform all basic farm activities with ease.


Benefits of 4WD Tractors
In recent years 4wd tractors have become quite reliable for varied benefits offered. Here we list some of the benefits of a 4wd tractor.

  • Greater traction – The power is transmitted to all  4 wheels. This offers good traction to the tractor. The front wheels support the back wheels in pulling the tractor forward. Farm applications can be performed easily without the risk of slippage and the tractor getting overturned.
  • Suitable for rough terrains – They are designed epically for rugged terrains and muddy lands. The 4wd tractors are best suited for these types of land conditions.
  • Versatile – Besides performing basic farm operations these tractors can perform other allied activities like loading, crop protection, etc. This eliminates the need to buy other farming equipment.
  • Long-lasting – The transmission load is evenly distributed between the rear and front axle units. This provides a long life to the tractor. The materials used during the manufacture of these tractors are very tough and durable.
  • High productivity – As the 4wd tractors are capable of performing varied farm operations under different land conditions, the productivity of the farm is quite high while using these tractors. 


Examples of Most Popular 4WD tractors
4WD tractors have gained much popularity in recent years. We present below a list of the most popular and highly demanded 4wd tractors.

  • New Holland 3630 TX Plus- It has the most advanced and innovative features needed for a 4wd tractor.
  • Sonalika GT20- It is known for its classy design and noise-free performance. It is manufactured using the most innovative technology.
  • Swaraj 963 FE 4W- It is a powerful tractor with a robust engine and advanced features.
  • Powertrac Euro 45 Plus- It is amongst the top ten 4wd tractors capable of performing trouble-free farm operations.
  • Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD- It is known to offer smooth operations because of its mechanized 4 wheel-drive.


Comparison Between 2WD vs 4WD Tractor




2WD Tractor


4WD Tractor


Prices are low but additional costs might be incurred for other for maintenance.

Prices are little bit high but additional maintenance costs are very low.

Fuel efficiency

They are less fuel efficient due to wear and tear of tyres, since the entire load is on the rear axle.

4WD tractors mostly have strong tyres and the transmission load is evenly distributed. This makes it fuel-efficient.


Mostly suitable for primary farm activities.

Can perform varied allied activities besides the normal farm operations.

Pulling Power

Pulling power is less as it focuses on the rear axle.

Pulling power is quite strong as the load is distributed on both the axles.


Traction is comparatively less as the focus is on the rear tyres.

Offers a better traction due to even load distribution on 4 tyres.

Rugged Terrain and slopes

They are not suitable for rugged terrain and sloping lands.

4wd tractors offer a good land grip on rugged terrains and sloped lands.


Work with limited power  as such performance is affected in the long run

Offer better performance due to advance technological features.


Conclusion: Which is a Better Option 2WD vs 4WD?
Based on the above comparisons we conclude that 4WD tractors are a better option. The 4wd tractors are more powerful and versatile and are capable of performing for a long period of time. In the long run, these tractors are very cost-effective. They offer high productivity and varied performance.

To know more about the different features of 2wd and 4wd tractors do visit tractorgyan.com right now.


Why choose Tractorgyan?
Tractorgyan is a unique digital platform offering varied and practical knowledge about tractors available in the market. The information provided is in a very simple and easy-to-understand format.


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