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Different types of tractors available in India

Different types of tractors available in India

    Different types of tractors available in India

21 Apr, 2022

In the olden days, farming was done with the help of animals such as bulls, cows, horses, etc.  As the demand for food crops increased this method became ineffective as we need to produce in large quantities. To overcome these shortcomings machines were invented that can perform various farm operations easily and quickly. A Tractor is one such machine. In this article, we shall discuss the different types of tractors and their application, uses, and benefits. 


What is a Tractor?
The word tractor is made up of two words- traction and motor. It is an especially designed mechanized vehicle that is known to deliver high torque at lower speeds. It is mostly used in agriculture. Besides it is all used for construction and industrial purpose. It has a trailer or machinery attached to it.

The farmer needs to perform various agricultural tasks like plowing, sowing, tilling the land, loading, and pulling heavy loads. For this many farming, implements have been developed. Similarly different types of tractors have been developed to perform varied tasks under different land and weather conditions.


Different Types of Tractors

Given below is a list of different types of tractors along with their applications, uses, and benefits.

1. Utility Tractors

Applications and uses- They are mostly used for ploughing and pulling heavy equipment.

They have low to medium type of engines with horsepower ranging from 45HP to 14oHP. They are multifunctional tractors and are mostly used in farming.

Benefits- Implements like a planter,  and thresher can be easily attached with these tractors. They are mostly fuel-efficient and affordable in price.


2. Compact Tractors (Mini Tractors)
Applications and uses- They are mostly used in fruit- yards, nut- yards, and vineyards. They are specially designed to enable the operator to choose and pluck fruits and trim trees while sitting comfortably in the tractor.

Benefits- They are small in size and consume less fuel, this makes them cost-effective. They can be easily adjusted in every space of the yard.

3. Row Crop Tractors

Applications and uses- They are preferably used on farms where farmers plant their crops in a row. They are capable of performing varied farm tasks like ploughing, levelling, harrowing, and pulling seed drills.

Benefits- They are very user-friendly. They can be comfortably used with an inadequate spacing of rows. These tractors have a good ground clearance and comfortable driving experience.


4. Industrial Tractors

Applications and uses- As the very name suggests, they are mainly used in most types of industrial applications. Formerly known as tuggers these tractors can easily pull heavy loads and can fit cranes to lift heavy weights easily.

Benefits- They mostly have a drawbar which is suitable for lifting heavy loads easily.  They are available in different models and HP ranges.


5. Garden Tractors

Applications and uses- These are very small tractors and are mainly used in gardens for cutting grass and making flower beds in the garden.

Benefits- The wheels of these tractors are almost the size of a scooter wheel. This enables the tractor to move about in all places in the garden. The small size makes handling the tractor a comfortable experience.


6. Implement carrier Tractors

Applications and uses- The chassis frame between the front and rear wheels are extended. This makes carrying and mounting different implements quite easy. That is why they are known as implement carriers. 

Benefits- Implements like sprayers, rotary- sweepers, drills, loaders, and many more such implements could be easily mounted and carried.


7. Earth Moving Tractors

Applications and uses- These types of tractors are mostly used at construction sites, dams, and quarries. These tractors are extremely powerful and heavy. They are mostly used to relocate heavy objects, mud, debris, and lumber rocks.

Benefits- The benefit of these tractors is that they can be used in various applications. The earth-moving tractors mainly consist of three types.


1. Bulldozer- They contain large plates in the front which help in crawling walls. They can work on all types of terrains to move rocks and other debris while still maintaining their balance.


2. Excavators- They are mostly used for demolishing and digging works. They are capable of lifting heavy implements and can shovel dirt with ease. They have a long bucket-type arm that rotates and the seat is elevated to enable the driver to get a view of the objects in focus.


3. Backhoe loaders- They are useful in many constructions works right from breaking heavy stones to digging work. They have a bucket arm in the back and a shovel in the front which is adjustable according to the need of the work.


8. Autonomous Tractors

Applications and uses- These are advanced driverless electric tractors that are operated and controlled by way of artificial intelligence. A combination of technologies like GPS, drone, and a satellite is used to operate these tractor machines.  Benefits- A single operator can control and operate many such autonomous tractors. This reduces the cost of manpower. The farming community is quite excited about this development.


9. Military Tractors

Applications and uses- As the name suggests these tractors are used by the military in high-risk areas for building temporary roads and other construction works. They are manufactured to travel in rough and difficult terrains.

Benefits- The design is more or less the same as commercial or industrial tractors. The use of reinforced frames and undercarriages while manufacturing these tractors makes sure that the tractors can withstand explosive devices and landmine attacks.


10. Two-wheel tractors

Applications and uses-These tractors are light in weight and are suitable for use in operations ploughing, tilling, and pulling small implements. They are known as work-behind or single axle walking tractors.

Benefits- They are useful for small farms and gardens. Operators normally walk behind while using these tractors. This enables the operators to reach the desired places of operation easily.

To know more about the various types of tractors and their uses please visit tractorgyan.com immediately.


Why choose Tractorgyan?
Consumers and especially farmers in today’s age need to have first-hand about the latest machines available in the market according to their needs. Tractorgyan is a very useful platform for all such buyers and consumers. Tractorgyan provides the correct information in a detailed and simple manner.


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