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mahindra 575 di xp plus

The 2WD tractor price starts from Rs. 2.45 lakh* - 16.60 lakh* in India. 2wd tractor hp starts from 11 hp and goes up to 80 hp. 2X2 tractors in India are perfect for flat and rough terrain farming where extra traction is not at all required. 2wd tractors are backed by advanced features like PTO, high lifting capacity, fuel-efficient engines, and many more. Many leading tractor manufacturing companies are offering 2 by 2 tractors in India. Farmers can purchase 2X2 tractors from brands like Mahindra, Sonalika, Swaraj, John Deere, and many more. Some of the Latest 2WD Tractors are Eicher 380 Super Power 2WD Prima G3, Sonalika Tiger di 75, New Holland 5620 power King trem iv, Mahindra 475 di xp plus ms, and more. By buying 2 by 2 tractors in India, farmers choose to select a tractor that has a relatively straightforward design and is easy to maintain.

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Recently Asked Question about 2WD Tractors:

In 2WD tractors only the rear wheels get power from the engine.

2WD tractors are better than 4WD tractors for dry farming conditions and they are more cost-effective.

2WD tractor hp range starts from 11 HP and goes up to 80 HP.

2wd tractor price starts from Rs. 2.45 Lakh* to Rs. 16.60 Lakh* in India.

The best 2wd tractors are John Deere 5050 D, Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus, swaraj 855 fe and more.

The advantages of 2-wheel drive tractor are a small turning radius, ease of operation, and minimal investment.

There is no difference between 2X2 tractor and 2WD tractor, they feature the same drivetrain.

The latest 2WD tractors are Eicher 551 2WD Prima G3, Sonalika Tiger DI 65, Massey Ferguson 245 DI Planetary Plus, and more.

In 2wd tractors, only 2 wheels are getting power and in 4wd tractors, all the 4 wheels are getting power.

The Popular 2 by 2 tractors are Swaraj 855 FE, Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander, Massey Ferguson 1035 di Maha Shakti, and many more.

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About 2WD Tractors in India

2WD tractor or 2x2 tractor is a 2 wheel drive tractor that smoothly manages farming or agricultural activities. A 2 by 2 tractor is equipped with a wheel drive system where only one set of tires, front or rear, is powered by the tractor engine. 

Key Features of 2WD Tractors 

A tractor 2 by 2 has certain distinct features that make it stand out from tractors with other drive systems. Here is a list of evident features of a modern 2 wheel drive tractor

  • A 2WD tractor is equipped with a single axle that is perfect for lifting implements like cultivators, rotavators, and seeders
  • Most of the 2 by 2 tractor models are designed to place the majority of their weight on the back axle so that maximum possible traction is gained. 

Benefits and Advantages of 2WD Tractors 

Using a leading 2WD compact tractor from a trusted brand always brings a lot of benefits for the farmers. For instance: 

  • A leading tractor 2x2 model will have fewer moving parts that make them easy to maintain and repair.
  • 2WD tractors are less as compared to 4WD tractors. Hence, they’re perfect for small-scale farmers. 

Applications of 2WD Tractors

As these tractors have a small turning radius, they are perfect for small fields and tight spaces.  

  • A 2 wheel (2X2) drive tractor is capable of performing tasks like sowing seeds, spraying fertilizers and insecticides, and topping pastures with the same ease. 
  • 2WD tractors are commonly used for cutting and windrowing hay or other forage crops. 
  • They can be used for irrigation management as they’re useful for moving and positioning irrigation pipes or running water pumps.
  • Because of the compact size, a 2 by 2 tractor is useful for orchards and vineyard owners as they are helpful in printing, spraying, and harvesting. 

2WD Tractor Price in India

2WD tractor price starts from Rs. 2.45 lakh*- 16.60 lakh* in India. The final 2x2 tractor price depends on the type of tractor model you’re picking and the imposed tax on it. Based upon the model, the features and specifications vary affecting the final 2WD tractor price in India

Popular 2WD Tractor Models in India

1. Swaraj 855 FE- This 52 HP 2 by 2 tractor has a 3- 3-cylinder engine, 20 engine RPM, and SC, DC, IPTO clutch type. Its cost is Rs. 7.80 - 8.50 Lakh*. 

2. Swaraj 744 FE- With a 48 HP engine, this 2WD compact tractor has sliding mesh and PCM transmission system and 8F+2R gears. The 2x2 tractor price is Rs. 6.90 - 7.40 Lakh*. 

3. Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus- This 2 wheel drive tractor has a 4-cylinder engine, partial constant mesh, and 6 spline PTO. Farmers can purchase this two-wheel drive tractor in India at Rs 6.75 - 7.12 Lakh*.

4. Massey Ferguson 241 Dynatrack - From the Dynatrack series of Massey Ferguson, this 2 wheel drive tractor is available at Rs.7.40 lakhs*-7.80 Lakhs* and offers features like multi-disc oil-immersed brakes and manual steering/ power steering. 

5. Powertrac Euro 50 Plus Powerhouse- Get this tractor 2x2 at Rs. 8.10 lakhs to 8.40 Lakhs* and enjoy features like 2000 kg of hydraulics lifting capacity and balanced power steering. 

How 2WD Tractors are Transforming Indian Agriculture

The best 2x2 tractor holds the potential to empower agriculture and farmers’ productivity by all means possible. It has great significance for the Indian agricultural landscape. 
As a 2x2 tractor is affordable, farmers from different socio-economic categories can easily get them. 

  • 2WD tractors are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of agricultural activities. So, farmers can invest once and enjoy better productivity in the field. 
  • The best 2x2 tractor automates multiple farming tasks and allows farmers to save time and effort. They can produce more yield in less time. 

Maintenance and Buying Tips

To have your hands on the best 2x2 tractor, farmers need to make sure that:  

  • You enquire about the 2WD tractor price in India and get a tractor that fits your budget 
  • You know the features and specifications of the concerned model of tractor 2x2 
  • You purchase a tractor 2 by 2 from a trusted dealer 
  • You’re aware of warranty options for available new 2 by 2 tractor models 

When you manage to purchase the best 2x2 tractor, maintain it with the help of the below-mentioned tips.  

  • Go for a routine inspection schedule of your 2WD compact tractor to check for wear and tear. 
  • Check tire pressure and condition regularly. 
  • Change fluids like engine oil and lubricants of the tractor. 
  • Change the batteries and wiring of the 2x2 tractor timely. 

What is the Difference Between 2WD and 4WD Tractors? Limitations or Drawbacks

Here is a list of key differences between a 4WD and 2WD tractor in India. 

2WD Tractor 4 WD Tractor 
Limited traction  High tractor 
Power is supplied to only one set of tyre Power is supplied to two set of tyre
Not suitable for heavy implements  Suitable for heavy implements
Uneven weight distribution Even weight distribution 

Limitations of a 2WD tractor in India include: 

  • Limited traction 
  • Less stability while handling heavy implements 
  • Uneven weight distribution between the front and rear axles 
  • Non-performance on hilly terrains


For small to medium-scale farming operations, 2 by 2 tractor models from leading manufacturers have the potential to automate farming at an affordable cost. As the 2WD tractor price in India is economical, farmers can get them easily. 

Farmers can only make most of a 2 wheel drive (2x2) tractor when they have an ideal tractor. For this, enquire about 2 by 2 tractor models, know about their features, and get a Two-wheel drive tractor from a trusted manufacturer. 

Affordable and automated farming is possible with the right kind of 2 wheel drive tractor. Know more about 2 by 2 tractor models available with the listing of 2WD tractors at TractorGyan. 

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