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Retail Tractor sales increase by 13.96% YoY in February 2023, shows FADA Research

blogs Retail Tractor sales increase by 13.96% YoY in February 2023, shows FADA Research

FADA  has released its Monthly tractor sales report, which shows growth in the sales of tractor...

Recently Asked Question about 2WD Tractors:

2WD stands for two wheel drive. This basically meant that all the traction goes to the rear wheels.

A 2WD tractor sends engine power to two wheels to get the vehicle moving. On the other hand, a 4WD model sends power to all four wheels.

2WD tractors are powered by a single axle which can also carry a range of attachments. They are better suited for drier land where the operator doesn't have to worry about overly wet/ muddy conditions.

The disadvantages are: cost of owning and operating. operator fatigue, although ride-on versions are now available.

Unfortunately, driving in 4WD uses more gas than 2WD, simply because more components are used within a 4WD system. More components mean more fuel to power the drivetrain.

2WD tractors are most suitable for sowing seeds, spraying fertilisers and pesticides, topping the pastures, etc.

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2wd tractors are 2 - wheel drive tractors that smoothly manage the farming or agricultural activities.In India, there is an increase in the demand and need for the 2-wheel drive tractors. 2 wheel drive tractors mean tractors with rear wheels. 

2 wheel-drive tractors are agricultural machines with a single axle that are used to lift implements such as cultivators, rotavators, and seeders. These tractors are mostly utilized in dry farming situations where the fields aren't too muddy, sloping, or damp. To maximize traction, these tractors place the majority of their weight on the back axle. 

Sowing seeds, spraying fertilizers and insecticides, topping pastures, and other tasks are best done with 2WD tractors. These are typically utilized on farms where the tractor's pulling strength is unimportant and the machine's operational ability is the priority.The small turning circle, simple construction, and affordability are the main advantages of buying a 2WD tractor.

 2WD tractors have a single axle that is powered and driven and can transport a variety of farm implements. These 2WD tractors are commonly used in dry cultivating situations where the administrator does not have to worry about wet, sloppy, or sloped terrain.

Below are some of the benefits of 2wd tractors

1.         Easy to access 

The 2 WD tractors are easy to access, and handle which makes them worth a buy, they have perfect movability which means they can be made to move easily. It is easy to navigate.

2.         Made for just farming activities.

Tractors with two-wheel drive are ideally suited for agricultural tasks such as planting, spraying, and other similar tasks. These tractors are ideal for farmers who only have a few agricultural loads.

3.         Small or short turning circle.

A two-wheel-drive tractor's simple design allows for a quick turning cycle, which is beneficial in confined spaces.

4.         Affordability 

The 2WD tractor is affordable to purchase. The cost of a 2WD tractor in India is reasonable for Indian farmers. Above all, small and marginal farmers can readily obtain two-wheel-drive tractors for a low cost.

Limitations or Drawbacks of 2WD

Low traction involves the action of pulling something along with the surface which further results in low pulling power. Low traction due to only two wheels receiving power. 

2WD tractors have short service intervals or require on-demand servicing, which is challenging for farmers to manage. 2WD tractors are less fuel-efficient due to their tiny tire size, which adds extra wear and tear difficulties when working on wet or uneven terrain. 

It has small tracks, and 2WD tractors may experience increased wheel slippage because of the simplistic design, it is less suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Examples of the 2WD tractors

1.         John Deere 5050 D 

John Deere is a well-known brand in the agricultural industry. Aside from that, the brand's 2WD tractor is one of the finest performers on the Indian subcontinent.

2.         Eicher 548

The tractor is designed specifically for Indian farmers and includes all necessary features. Furthermore, the Eicher 548 2WD tractor is long-lasting and ideal for year-round work.

3.         Mahindra 475 DI

It's one of the greatest two-wheel-drive tractors on the market, with cutting-edge technology.

4.         Sonalika 745 DI II Sikander 

This two-wheel-drive tractor is tough, cost-effective, and particularly suited to handle a variety of tasks.

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