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7 steps to improve the tractor battery life | Tractorgyan

7 steps to improve the tractor battery life | Tractorgyan

    7 steps to improve the tractor battery life | Tractorgyan

18 May, 2022

Tractors are an essential part of the farmer. Taking care of a tractor is also an essential part of the farmer but apart from the tractor, there are many components and parts of the tractor.

Batteries are the lifeblood or say the heart and soul of any tractor and they require proper maintenance to ensure that they continue to serve you for a long time. With a growing number of electrical and electronic components being added to new vehicles, batteries are gaining a significant portion of the weight when it comes to delivering impressive performance on the road.

Battery maintenance is the best tool for managing a battery. A trickle charger or a low-rate charger is not the same thing as this item. Circuitry in a purpose-built maintainer uses a complex, high-frequency pulse technology that dissolves some of the built-up sulfates over time. This aids in the restoration of the lead plates' efficacy.

It is your responsibility to properly maintain your tractor so that it will operate smoothly for many years and you can receive excellent returns on your investment. Here are some helpful hints for keeping your tractor in good working order. To keep your tractor in good shape, make sure you follow these guidelines to the letter. Maintenance of battery is an integral aspect of tractor for a farmer.


Here are 7 easy tips to increase battery life.

1. Gather basic information

To understand the basics and every piece of equipment of the tractor read the basic manual of the tractor Make sure you read the instructions that came with the tractor because a tractor has a lot of different components, and it's crucial to know where they're all located and how to care for them.


2. Cleaning is a necessity

The very important aspect of maintenance of better battery life is to keep on cleaning the battery life. Remove any dirt or residue from the battery and its case. When the machine is used regularly, the dirt and chaff that has accumulated aren't as bad. However, in storage, the same dirt might attract enough moisture to turn the mixture into a conductor, steadily discharging the battery.


3. Be cautious about self-discharge

Over time, car batteries deplete. However, keeping your car unattended for an extended period is never a good idea, as battery self-discharge can drain all of the power and cause your car to not start when you go out. Even if you plan to leave your car unattended for an extended period, attempt to start it every 5-7 days for at least 5 minutes to keep your car batteries in good operating order.



4. If electrolytes or water are required, make sure to hydrate the battery after charging and disconnecting.

At any other moment, it is not safe to water the battery. Charge before watering because the heat of charging can cause water levels to fluctuate (both as evaporation and overflow). If the water level in the battery is low before charging, a little amount of water can be added to prevent the battery from overheating during the charging process.


5. Check the filter, radiator, and batteries regularly.

When it comes to filters and radiators, dirt may easily damage them, so use a blow of air to wipe the dust off of them regularly. If dirt gets into the fluid inside them, you must replace these fluids as soon as possible. When it comes to cleaning the battery, you must be especially cautious. To avoid sparks, you should never let any metal come into touch with it, and you should only clean it properly after losing both the positive and negative connections.


6. Oiling is the most important part of increasing the tractors’ battery life.

Make sure that all of the moving parts of your tractor are greased properly, and use adequate oils instead of light fuel oil. If you have a new tractor, changing the oil regularly will greatly extend the life of your engine. However, before completing an oil change, make sure your engine is turned on and warm, as this will aid in optimum oil flow.


7. Maintaining the maintainer.

Connect the battery or battery group to the maintainer. Maintainers can be linked with clips similar to a battery charger or with a permanently installed plug-in wiring harness. If a permanent wire harness is utilized, it should always include an in-line fuse and be fitted in a way that protects it from harm while the machine is in use. It's also worth noting that if the machines are stored close together, one maintainer may service many machines.


Additional information

Before charging, make sure the battery is at least 20% charged. Discharging the battery's banks too far will permanently degrade the battery, reducing its performance and endurance. It may potentially overheat, causing damage to the forklift's electric circuits. 

Allow the battery to charge to its maximum capacity without interruption. The amount of charges a battery receives is frequently related to its longevity. Undercharging, charging for short periods numerous times a day (including quick charging over a lunch break), and charging before the battery has been drained more than 50% of its power can all result in a lower performance rate and shorter battery life. Ensure that the tires have the proper air pressure and that there is no wear and tear on the tires, as this will damage the tractor's performance. Also, to prolong the life of your tractor, do not overburden it.


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