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Functions, components & Advantages of Seed drill - Tractorgyan

    Functions, components & Advantages of Seed drill - Tractorgyan

06 Jun, 2022

A seed drill is a device or an agricultural tool that helps in sowing the seeds for a crop by metering or measuring the seeds and placing them in the soil at the appropriate depth and distance It covers them with soil to a particular average depth, preventing birds from eating the seeds by covering them with mud. Sowing with agricultural seed drills can increase crop productivity while also saving time and effort. 

The use of a seed drill greatly boosts the average crop output. No-till planters are drill devices that are used to meter out seeds for planting. A system that takes up seeds from a seedbox and plants them down a tube is developed in the concept. Disc seed drills are a type of agricultural technology that can also be used to disperse fertilizer on the ground.


Component of Seed Drill

A seed drill with a mechanical seed metering system is made up of the following components: (I) the frame; (ii) the seedbox; (iii) the seed metering mechanism; (iv) the furrow openers; (v) the covering device; and (vi) the transport wheels.

1. Frame – the frame of the seed drill is usually made of angle iron along with a suitable cover. The frame is made so strong enough to handle all the types of loads which come with the working condition.

2. Seed box - It can be composed of mild steel sheet or galvanized iron with the appropriate cover. To keep seeds from clogging, a tiny agitator is occasionally included.

3. Covering device - It's a tool for filling a furrow after the seed has been planted. Patti, chains, drag, packers, rollers, or press wheels are commonly used to cover the seeds. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

4. Transport wheel - The main axle is equipped with two wheels. Pneumatic wheels are also available on some seed drills. The wheels are equipped with the necessary attachments to convey power to the seed-dropping mechanism.


Functions of a seed drill

The following are the functions of a seed drill: 

(I) To transport the seeds 

ii) To meter the seeds

iii) To open the furrow to a regular depth 

iv) Cover the seeds and compact the earth around them.

v) Place the seed in furrows in an acceptable arrangement.


Why seed drill is also known as fertilizer drill

Fertilizer is distributed equally on the ground by seed drills equipped with fertilizer dropping attachments. 

Seed cum fertilizer drill is the name of the device. A huge seed box is divided lengthwise into two compartments, one for seed and the other for nutrients, in such a drill. Seed drills can be divided into two types: bullock-drawn and (ii) tractor-drawn.


Advantages of Using Seed Drill

1. The seeding rate decreases. 

2. Drilling allows for easier thinning and roughing of sick and weak plants. Wheel hoe, Japanese rice weeder, and other weeding tools can be used profitably in a short amount of time. 

3. Earthing up, manuring, irrigation, spraying, and other intercultural operations can be done successfully in drilled crops. 

4. The drilled crops are spaced at consistent distances, they receive equal amounts of light, air, and nutrients. 

5. Crop harvesting is simpler and more advantageous. As a result, the cost of harvesting decreases. 

6. Both solitary cropping and intercropping scenarios can benefit from drilling. The expense of cultivating a drilled crop decrease, while the output of the drilled crop rises.


Disadvantages of the seed drill

1. Drilling necessitates the use of a tool such as a seed drill, which raises the expense of cultivation. Drilling takes additional time, energy, and money. 

2. The operation of a seed drill necessitates the assistance of a technical professional. 

3. In comparison to broadcasting, drilling takes more time. In clay and stony soils, drilling is not possible.


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