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Vst sold 600 Tractors and 3002 Power Tillers in August 2022

Vst sold 600 Tractors and 3002 Power Tillers in August 2022

    Vst sold 600 Tractors and 3002 Power Tillers in August 2022

01 Sep, 2022

Due to its accuracy and capacity to satisfy customers by keeping up with cutting-edge technologies and advanced market needs, the VST tractors and power tillers promise to provide excellent efficiency of tractors and tillers in the market by increasing the growth of purchases in the upcoming years.

Every month and every year we wait eagerly for this sales blog to release so that we can analyse our strategies for tractors and power tillers accordingly.

Like any other month of this year, August of 2022 was no different, still recovering from the aftermath of the global pandemic covid-19 August 2022 instead faced a rapid boom or a rise in the sales for VST Power tillers and Tractors.

VST is precisely the most awaited company whose power tillers and tractors are inquired about on a regular basis. The company’s establishment goes back to 1911 when it was started and has been growing ever since, recently in 2020 the company launched the 1st 30hp tractor range, VST was the first one in India to launch a 30HP tractor range. It is the innovative thinking of VST that justifies the ever increasing fan base of the tractor manufacturing firm.



     Current period 

Corresponding period


August 2022

Year to date

August 2021

Year to date

Power Tillers 










Total Power Tiller & Tractor sales (in Nos)






As it can be inferred from the table itself that the tractor industry pioneers had to face what  it seems like to be a slight downfall for Tractor manufacturing units where they sold 134 tractors less in August 2022 than in August 2021. While on the other hand, the Power tillers turned out to be the underdogs, VST sold  400 power tillers more in August 2022 than they sold in August 2021. However, the total sales for the month of August for both divisions remained lesser than in August 2022 than that in August 2021 by 266 machinery due to the loss they had to face in the tractor division in August 2022. However, given the growth mindset of the firm a firm comeback can be foreseen in upcoming months.

The table rightly represents the sales of VST power tillers and tractor division, year to end sales similar to the monthly sales of august 2022 of VST shows a downfall for tractors by 807 tractors, results of the aftershock of the global pandemic the tractors sales declination can be justified. On the contrary, the power tillers segment of VST has once again shown a rapid growth of 2996 tillers sold in 2021 than in 2022 year to date. Resulting in a total to be 2189 machinery sold in the 2022 year to date. Giving a hope for a promising comeback by the company and hoping for the best.



From the information and comparison done in the prior paragraphs it is safe to say that even though the tractor division of the firm needs to work on the pain points to ensure their hold on the market stays, the Power tillers segment on the contrary showed an exceptional performance.

It is evident that covid’s aftermath is still there but rest assured VST will make its ever-promising comeback in the tractor industry given its history and years of experience.

Thank you for reading this blog. Keep visiting Tractorgyan for more updates of the agriculture world.


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