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Retail Tractor sales increase by 17.42% YoY in October 2022, shows FADA Research

Retail Tractor sales increase by 17.42% YoY in October 2022, shows FADA Research

    Retail Tractor sales increase by 17.42% YoY in October 2022, shows FADA Research

07 Nov, 2022

The wait is over now that the FADA research is available. FADA research presents a comparison of the  tractor sales in October 2022 and October 2021, respectively.

The graph, which is going to the right, shows a growth in the sales various brands of tractors, indicating that sales of tractors from well-known brands have been increasing.

There has been a significant rise in the total tractor sale from 45,445 in October 2021 to rise by 7,917 in October 2022 to gain a total sales of 53,362.

Below is the segregated distinction between the different brands of the tractor:

Sales report for Mahindra and Mahindra

The Mahindra & Mahindra limited tractors have shown a significant rise in their sale by  1,757 in October 2022. From 10,387 in October 2021 to 12,144 in October 2022. The sales has increased but the market share percent has decreased by 0.10 %.


Sales report for Mahindra and Mahindra Swaraj Division

The Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (Swaraj Division) shows an increase in sales by 6,988 in October 2021 to get a rise of 8,800 in October 2022 that is 1,812. The market share has increased by 1.11%.


Sales report for International tractors limited (Sonalika Tractor

International tractors limited show a rise in sales from 5,091 in October 2021 to 5,793 in October 2022 that is 702. The market share percent of the tractor has decreased by 0.34%.


Sales report for TAFE Limited ( Massey Ferguson Tractor

Tafe Limited has been raising its sales by 2,649 of tractors from 5,102 in October 2021 to 7,751 in October 2022. The tractor sale percent have increased by 3.3 % which is very intriguing.

fada blog october 2022

Sales report for Escorts Kubota Limited (FarmtracPowertrac and Digitrac)

Sales growth for The Escorts Limited (Agri Machinery) that is 778 in number rise in sales from 4,188 in October 2021 to merely 4,966 in October 2022 indicate a considerable increase in market share percent of 0.09%.


Sales report for John Deere

The John Deere India PVT LTD (Tractor Division) has shown a decline of over their sales that is 62 in  October 2022, which is 4,264 to have a previous year sales account of 4,326 indicating a decrease in market share percent by 1.53%.


Sales report for Eicher Tractors 

It's encouraging to see Eicher blossom and climb the ladder of success every month but in October there has been an increase in the total sales from 2,625 in October 2021 to 3,124 in October 2022.


Sales report for CNH Industrial (New Holland)

The CNH places another rise in their sales share of October 2022 The significant rise in sales from 1,772 in October 2021 to 2,066 in October 2022 reflects the good – going position of the firm. The rise is of 294 tractor and the market share has been decrease by 0.3%.


Sales report for Kubota

The next-best tractor brand in terms of sales is Kubota, which has a solid market response. However, their overall sales have recently increased only little to not at all significantly just by 170 in number , from 1,099 in October 2021 to 1,269 in October 2022 indicating an decrease in market share by 0.4%..


Sales report for Captain Tractors Pvt Ltd (Captain Tractor)

The captain tractors have shown a very positive rise in their sale from 215 in October 2021 to rise by 626 in October 2022 and accounts an difference of 411 they have gained a significant and astounding rise in their sales graph and rise in market share has also been seen by 0.7%.


Sales report of Other tractors

The month of October 2022 can be seen as a month of neutrality where one brand is increasing its sales but the other has not shown positive growth some have gained a high market share if not the total sales like say the V.S.T Tiller Tractor Limited (Vst shakti tractor) has increased their market share by 0.7% consequently increasing their sales by 410 in October 2021 to 522 in October 2022 similarly brands like Indo Farm Equipment Limited (Indo farm tractor) have shown a decline in sales by 1,471 by being 2,869 in October 2021 to have a sale account of 1,398 in October 2022 additionally a decrease in the market share by 3,69%.



On a concluding note it is observed that market demand for tractor sales is increasing on a positive scale gradually but not all tractor brands has been able to show an tremendous amount of growth rate but their performance has been invariably great in their previous years sales list. The growth of the tractor industry is only accountable when there are favourable economic conditions and other necessities which further lead to creating a surge in the tractor market. To know more about the latest updates and topics related to tractor industry visit Tractor Gyan for additional and updated reports about every tractor company.

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