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Escorts Kubota hiked Tractor prices from November 16, 2022, amid cost inflation - Tractorgyan

Escorts Kubota hiked Tractor prices from November 16, 2022, amid cost inflation - Tractorgyan

    Escorts Kubota hiked Tractor prices from November 16, 2022, amid cost inflation - Tractorgyan

25 Nov, 2022

Faridabad, November 8, 2022: Escorts Agri Machinery (EAM), division of Escorts Kubota Limited, shall be increasing the prices of its tractors effective 16th November 2022.

The price hike is to offset the impact of the cost inflation in both commodity and other costs. The increase in prices would vary across models and variants.

For an economy to survive and grow for years to come, inflation is necessary. However, in the tractor industry sticking to this fact, Escorts has announced and acclaimed the prices of its tractors to hike by a certain margin.

Thus, this surprising increase in the prices of the Escorts Kubota tractors is the outcome of compliance with regulation 30 of the SEBI regulations, 2015. The price increase is in effect from 16th November 2022.

Escorts Kubota tractors have taken a step ahead towards the hike in prices of all its tractor models that quite evidently gauges the economical inflation impacting the agricultural and tractor industry. This announcement by Escorts Kubota has really got everyone wondering about the sales that will happen after 16th November.

Well, TractorGyan keeps a close check on the current and important news revelations or announcements to help our farmer friends get better updates on the farming and tractor industry. Hence, for any more such updates related to Escorts Kubota price hikes or any other tractor-related gig keep visiting our website. 

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Tractor Gyan is an expert-led platform that aims to empower Indian farmers by providing accurate and timely information, and technological advancement about tractors and farm equipment in India.

TractorGyan helps farmers with New Tractor information, Compare Tractors, Tractor prices, Buying and selling of second-hand tractors, Tractor Insurance, Tractor Finance, Tractor tyre, Tractor Implements, Tractor EMI calculator and more. 

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TractorGyan is Helping India mechanise by delivering crucial information about tractor buying and guiding farmers at every step so that they get a tractor or farm equipment that empowers and equips them to produce quality yield.

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