Embracing the Future: The Rise of TREM IV Tractors in India

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Embracing the Future: The Rise of TREM IV Tractors in India

    Embracing the Future: The Rise of TREM IV Tractors in India

19 May, 2023

The Indian agricultural industry is on the path of advancement and bringing revolutionary changes for the future. Both government and corporations are working together to make it happen. Out of many initiatives, the new emission norm TREM IV, or Transitional Engine Management Standard is the one that we're going to discuss in this article. 

TREM IV refers to the latest set of emission norms mandated by the Government of India for tractors. These Trem IV emission norms aim to regulate and reduce the emissions of pollutants from agricultural tractors, thereby promoting cleaner and more sustainable farming practices.

Bharat stage TREM IV tractors are equipped with advanced engine technologies and emission control systems that significantly reduce the release of harmful gasses and particulate matter into the environment. 

As tractors are important to have a less polluted environment for future generations, the Indian government provides various incentives and support to farmers and tractor manufacturers to promote the adoption of Bharat stage TREM IV tractors engine. These incentives include subsidies, tax benefits, and financial assistance to encourage farmers to upgrade their old tractors to newer trem IV Tractors, environmentally-friendly models.

Interested in switching to TREM-IV tractors? Tractor Gyan has come up with a list of tractors in India that adhere to these new emission norms. Scroll down to know about all these Trem IV tractors. 

Tractors In the Indian Market With TREM IV Norms

tractors in the indian market with trem iv norms

As TREM IV emission norms are here to stay and are the future, many leading tractor manufacturers have started offering inventive tractor models with these trem IV norms. Sonalika, Mahindra, John Deere, and New Holland have already launched tractors with these norms while many other tractor providers will announce the launch. Let’s learn more about these tractor models. 

Sonalika Tractors- Sonalika Tiger CRDS Range

Sonalika brand logo

Sonalika Tractors believes in innovation and has always offered cutting-edge tractors. Tiger CRDS is the latest invention of it. The series features multiple models and all are TREM-IV compliance. 
Let’s learn about different models from this series that follow TREM-IV norms strictly. 


Sonalika Tiger DI 65 CRDS Trem IV

sonalika tiger di 65 4wd crds term iv

To cater to all farming needs with utmost perfection, Sonalika presents Sonalika Tiger DI 65 CRDS TREM-IV compliant tractor. Its outstanding specifications are: 

  • Rated 2000 RPM 

  • 540 PTO speed 

  • 12F + 12R gears backed with advanced shuttle tech transmission

  • Outstanding hydraulics with 2200 KG lifting capacity

  • Oil immersed brakes 

  • Power steerings 

  • Support for multiple tractor implements including square baler, speed seeder, and power harrow 

The Powerful Engine of Sonalika Tiger DI 65 CRDS

Sonalika Tiger DI 65 CRDS trem IV tractor engine is designed to be highly robust and features advanced technology. The engine is 65 HP and features 4 cylinders. The dry air engine cleaner system of this tractor ensures that the engine remains dust-free for years and operates seamlessly. 

Sonalika Tiger DI 65 CRDS Price In India 

The average price of Sonalika Tiger DI 65 CRDS in India falls in the price range of Rs.11.12- 12.89 Lakhs*.


Sonalika Tiger DI 75 CRDS Trem IV

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 CRDS is a perfect combination of invention and advancements as it features some groundbreaking specifications. For instance, it comes with a powerful TREM IV engine of 75 HP power that features a dry air cleaner. That’s not the end of it. It has a wide range of CRDS technology, superb 12F+12R gear speeds with shuttle tech transmission, and modern 5G hydraulics. 

With an independent clutch system and constant mesh with side shift and synchro shuttle, it has a strong transmission system. 

  • 12F+12R gears provide you with better control. 

  • 5G hydraulics with 2200KG, has oil-immersed brakes, and comes with power steering. 

  • 540 PTO speed 

  • A huge fuel tank with a 65-liter capacity. 

The Powerful Engine of Sonalika Tiger DI 75 CRDS

Speaking of the tractor’s engine capacity, it comes with a 65-liter tank that stores enough fuel. The engine has a 4-cylinder engine and a dry air cleaner. The operating power of this trem IV tractor engine is 75 HP, which is best-of-breed. 

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 CRDS Price In India  

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 CRDS is designed to help farmers belonging to every background with its affordable cost. The price falls in the range of Rs.13.24 - 14.49 Lakhs*.


Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS Trem IV

sonalika tiger di 75 4wd crds term iv

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS is an advanced tractor variant with a 4WD system allowing farmers to have smooth functioning during heavy-duty agricultural work. It has some impressive features like: 

  • A robust 75 HP trem IV engine with 4 cylinders.

  •  A fully independent clutch system featuring constant mesh with slide shift transmission type. 

  • An impressive gear profile featuring 12 front and 12 rear gears. 

  • A strong hydraulics system that can lift 2200 KG weight easily. 

  • XL wide workspace that provides the ultimate comfort for long work hours. 

The Powerful Engine of Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS tractor features a 75 HP trem IV engine that comes with 4 cylinders. The engine has a dry air cleaner to ensure it gets less possible dust. 

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS Price In India  

Depending upon the state and tax, the Price of Sonalika Tiger DI 75 CRDS In India varies. However, you can get this advanced TREM IV tractor in India at an average price ranging from Rs.13.24 - 14.49 Lakhs*.

Mahindra- Novo TREM IV 

mahindra logo

Mahindra has been empowering the Indian farming industry,since a long time and this time, it’s offering the Novo TREM IV tractor range. The range has 4 models to meet all kinds of farming requirements. These models are Mahindra Novo 605 DI, Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP, Mahindra Novo 655 DI PP, and Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP. 

Scroll down to know more about all these advanced tractor models.


Mahindra Novo 605 DI Trem IV

Mahindra Novo 605 DI is here to please all of us with these advanced and laudable features like 3 drive modes: diesel saver mode, normal mode, and power mode, a future-ready trem IV CRDe engine, advanced smart balancing technology, and many more. 

With a 55 HP engine that operates at 41.0 KW power, this tractor is designed to deliver powerful performance. Have a look at other key specifications of this tractor. 

  • Maximum torque of 217 nm. 

  • It comes with an inventive Dual SLIPTO clutch system for added power. 

  • Rated RPM of 2100. 

  • Two gear profiles to choose from 15F+15 R and 15F+ 3R

  • Water cooled engine 

  • The tractor comes with a partial synchromesh transmission system. 

  • The power steering helps you get great control over the tractor. 

The Powerful Engine of the Mahindra Novo 605 DI 

This tractor has an advanced 55 HP trem IV engine that gives impressive power and mileage. The water-cooled engine operates seamlessly at high speed as well. 

Mahindra Novo 605 DI Price In India 

Mahindra NOVO 605 DI CRDI Price in India varies according to the state taxes. However, it’s an affordable tractor available at a price range of Rs.10.30 - 10.50 Lakhs*.


Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP Trem IV

The next tractor that Mahindra offers under the new emission standard Trem IV category is Novo 605 DI PP. It is for those who are looking for extra power in the fields and beyond. With so many noteworthy features like a 4-way adjustable captain seat with armrest, mobile app support, and smart balancing technology, this tractor is ready to empower the farmers of new India. 

Below mentioned are a few latest features of the Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP tractor. 

  • The tractor features fully button-operated hydraulics that can lift to 2900 KG weight easily. 

  • It has 2100-rated RPM. 

  • Speaking of its transmission system, it comes with Partial Synchromesh with F - 1.7 km/h - 33.5 km/h speed. 

  • The tractor features 40 l/m hydraulics flow. 

The Powerful Engine of the Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP

The tractor is best known for its future-ready CRDe 60 HP trem IV engine. This is a water-cooled engine with a 235 nm maximum torque speed. 

Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP Price In India 

The price of Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP in India varies from state to state and the reason is different state taxes. Hence, it’s not easy to tell you a fixed price of Novo 605 DI PP. However, the average price range of this tractor is Rs. 11.50 - 12.20 Lakhs*.


Mahindra Novo 655 DI PP Trem IV

mahindra novo 655 di pp trem iv

Get ready to unfold a whole world of power and performance with the Novo 655 DI PP trem IV tractor from Mahindra as this tractor has a high-performing tractor and some highly advanced features that make it a perfect choice for heavy-duty agricultural work. Indian farmers who have a huge farming land can use this tractor to increase their production and yield quality as it supports multiple implements. 

Some of the key specifications of the Mahindra Novo 655 DI PP tractor are quoted below. 

  • The tractor has a powerful engine of 68 HP. 

  • To make sure farmers have better control over tractors, it has powerful power steering. 

  • The ground speed of this tractor is R - 1.6 km/h - 32.0 km/h. 

  • It features a Dual SLIPTO clutch system.

  • The PTO is 540. 

  • It has a 4Wd drive system. 

  • The transmission type of this tractor is Partial Synchromesh. 

The Powerful Engine of the Mahindra Novo  655 DI PP 

The tractor features a 68HP Bharat stage trem IV engine with 4 cylinders.The advanced air dry cleaning system comes as a pre-installed solution with this tractor and does its job of keeping the engine clean with utmost perfection.  

Mahindra Novo 655 DI PP Price n India 

If you wish to know the price of Mahindra Novo 655 DI PP in India then you first need to know that the price is hugely influenced by the state laws. However, the average price of this tractor falls under the range of Rs.13.00-13.50 Lakhs*.  


Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV

mahindra novo 755 di pp trem iv

The last model of the TREM IV complaint range from Mahindra is Novo 755 DI PP. This is not meant for every farmer. With its robust engine and modern technology, this tractor certainly is for farmers performing heavy-duty tasks.  

Let us explain the advanced features and specifications of Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP tractors. 

  • This tractor comes with 15 Forward + 15 Reverse gearboxes.

  • Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD CRDI comes with a smooth power steering system

  • It offers a liter large fuel tank capacity so that farmers can perform for long hours easily.

  • The lifting capacity of this tractor is 2900 KG.

  • The maximum torque speed of this tractor is 320 nm. 

  • The PTO speed is 540/Rev 

  • The hydraulic pump flow is 56 l/m. 

The Powerful Engine of the Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP

It‘s hard to beat the powerful engine of the Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP as it comes with a 74 HP trem IV engine with 4 cylinders. The engine is designed to deliver constantly improved performance in every condition. 

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Price In India 

As this tractor is the most advanced from the Novo series, its price is the highest of all. The average price of Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP In India is Rs. 14.00 - 14.60 Lakhs*.

John Deere- 5E Series 

john deere logo

John Deere doesn’t need an introduction as this tractor manufacturer is famous across the world for generating outstanding tractors and implements. The 5E tractor series of this brand is the most recent and is laced with some of the most outstanding features. 

Four models of this brand, John Deere 5310 Gear Pro, John Deere 5405 Gear Pro, John Deere 5075E Gear Pro, and John Deere 5075E AC Cab, adhere to TREM IV emission norms. So, farmers can decide which one to pick. 


John Deere 5310 Gear Pro Trem IV

john deere 5310 gear pro term iv

John Deere 5310 Gear Pro is made for futuristic farmers who want to use TREM IV emission technology. It’s an ideal combination of performance, durability and power, and reliability. 
It has a sturdy build and inventive features that make it one of its kind tractor. 

The cutting-edge features of this tractor series are as quoted below. 

  • Dual clutch system for better operation.  

  • Standard/reverse/dual PTO. 

  • Transmission system featuring 12F+4R Collar Shift or TSS transmission / 12F+12R- PR transmission and 9F+3R with additional creeper speeds.

  • 2WD & 4WD driving system. 

  • Powerful hydraulics with 2500 KG lifting capacity. 

  • Dual torque mode for advanced operations 

The Powerful Engine of the John Deere 5310 Gear Pro

The tractor features an advanced Bharat stage trem IV engine with 57HP and 3 cylinders. The engine is turbocharged and features an advanced fuel injection system. 

John Deere 5310 Gear Pro Price In India 

You can buy this modern tractor in India at an affordable cost of Rs. 12.20-14.10 Lakhs*. in India. 


John Deere 5405 Gear Pro Trem IV

john deere 5405 gear pro term iv

Another tractor from this trusted brand is John Deere 5405 Gear Pro with a highly versatile 63 HP trem iv tractor engine. The tractor is designed to deliver performance for all sorts of farming operations. As it supports multiple implements, farmers can enjoy unmatched operations with this. 

Advanced features of this tractor are: 

  • A modern combination switch. 

  • Fully oil-immersed disc brakes that deliver better performance 

  • Two steering options to choose from power steering/tilt steering option. 

  • An advanced dry-type, dual-element air filter to keep the engine clean.  

  • Wider platform with rear floor extensions 

The Powerful Engine of the John Deere 5405 Gear Pro

It features a highly advanced and turbocharged PowerTech engine with amazing fuel efficiency. To control air pollution, the engine features a dry-type dual-element engine. The engine is turbocharged and performs well. 

John Deere 5405 Gear Pro Price In India 

In India, this new emission norm trem iv tractor price is nearly Rs 13.70-14.75 Lakhs*. Seeing the features, the price is highly affordable and suitable for all sorts of farmers. 


John Deere 5075E Gear Pro 4WD Trem IV

The 5075E Gear Pro trem IV is John Deere's most powerful and versatile 74 HP tractor. This tractor meets TREM IV emission standards thanks to its powerful PowerTech engine. This heavy-duty tractor features a variety of gear choices, making it appropriate for both agricultural and non-agricultural applications such as the loader, dozer, and tractor-mounted combine (TMC).

Let’s learn about its laudable features in short. 

  • The impressive lifting capability of 2500kg.

  • The tractor is available in two engine modes, Economy & Standard. 

  • Engine service interval of 500 hours. 

  • Multiple clutch options to choose from; dual-clutch, dry-clutch, and EH clutch. 

  • Oil-immersed disc brakes. 

  • Self-adjusting brakes. 

The Powerful Engine of the John Deere 5075E Gear Pro

The tractor comes with a 74 HP trem IV engine with 3 cylinders. The fuel capacity of this engine has 71-liter capacity. It has an advanced fuel injection system for effective fuel delivery. 

John Deere 5075E Gear Pro Price  In India 

You can buy this modern tractor in India at an affordable price of Rs.14.55-15.85 Lakhs*. The price is justified seeing the advanced features it offers. 


John Deere 5075E AC Cab Trem IV

john deere 5075e ac cab term iv

Lastly, we have John Deere 5075E AC Cab to recommend to you if you want to own a modern tractor with cutting-edge features. Along with TREM IV norms, it has many other novel features: 

  •  Tilt and telescopic steering 

  •  Oil immersed brakes 

  •  Multiple speed options

  •  Self-adjusting brakes 

  •  An advanced gearbox with 12F + 4R (GearPro Speed), 12F + 12R (PowrReverser Speed), and 9F + 3R (Creeper Speed)

  • HPCR fuel injection system. 

The Powerful Engine of John Deere 5075E AC Cab

This TREM IV tractor engine has 75 HP that features an 82 liters fuel tank. To make sure that the engine continues operating for long hours without any breakdown, it has a dry type and dual elements filter. 

John Deere 5075E AC Cab Price In India 

According to the market survey, the price of a John Deere 5075E AC Cab in India starts from Rs. 21.85 Lakh and can go up to Rs. 23.75 Lakhs*.

New Holland Trem IV Tractor

new holland logo

New Holland is another dependable name to take when it comes to advanced tractor models. The manufacturer provides a wide range of tractors to the global farmer community.

New Holland 5620 Power King Trem IV Tractor

For Indian farmers seeking tractors with TREM-IV norms, New Holland announced the launch of the New Holland 5620 Power King tractor. 

The announcement was made at the KISAN Agri show, held in Hyderabad. As per the spokesperson, Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Director- Sales and Network Development, New Holland Agriculture, the New Holland 5620 Power King trem iv tractor will have a fully electrical FPT engine of 65HP and will feature an inventive hydraulic system. 
The ergonomics of the tractor are going to be best-of-the-breed to make sure its users have ultimate comfort.  

The tractor is ready to support farmers in various farming-related activities like plowing, harvesting, transporting, and hauling. 

The Powerful Engine of New Holland 5620 Power King

This tractor features a 65 HP trem iv engine that is backed by modern fuel efficiency. The engine is FPT engine controlled. 

New Holland 5620 Power King Price In India 

The brand is yet to announce the price of the New Holland 5620 Power King in India. However, we think that it will be an affordable choice to make. 


Make Your Wise Move For Trem IV Tractors With Tractor Gyan 

By launching Bharat stage TREM-IV emission norms. The Indian government has taken an appreciative step towards sustainability and environmental protection. It’s the farmers' turn now. They should replace their old tractors with modern tractors that are TREM-IV compliant. Already many amazing trem IV tractor options are there to choose from. We will get to see more models soon. The government is offering adequate guidance and financial assistance as well. 

To stay updated with such worthy information about the agriculture industry, stay connected with Tractor Gyan. On this platform, you will get fact-checked information that farmers use to be empowered. 

About TractorGyan

Tractor Gyan is an expert-led platform that aims to empower Indian farmers by providing accurate and timely information, and technological advancement about tractors and farm equipment in India.

TractorGyan helps farmers with New Tractor information, Compare Tractors, Tractor prices, Buying and selling of second-hand tractors, Tractor Insurance, Tractor Finance, Tractor tyre, Tractor Implements, Tractor EMI calculator, and more. 

On our Platform, we have information about leading brands :

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TractorGyan is Helping India mechanize by delivering crucial information about tractor buying and guiding farmers at every step so that they get a tractor or farm equipment that empowers and equips them to produce quality yield.

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