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Popular 5 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

Popular 5 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

    Popular 5 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

20 Feb, 2024

A rotavator plays a pivotal role in modern agriculture, offering invaluable support to farmers from soil preparation to cultivation. Equipped with multiple blades or tines, it efficiently breaks and loosens the soil, a crucial step in contemporary farming practices.

To address different farming needs, different kinds of rotavators exist and 5 feet rotavators are one of them.  

5 feet rotavators are a type of rotavator that has a working width of approximately 5 feet. This is a common size for medium-sized tractors and agricultural operations. With the use of 5 feet rotavators, farmers can prepare seed beds for most of the crops.

It features rotating blades or tines that break compacted layers and promote essential root growth and water infiltration. 5 feet rotavator blades can cover a substantial area in a single pass. Hence, farmers can save time and effort while preparing seedbeds. 

If you are search to buy an affordable 3 feet Rotavator4 Feet Rotavator, 5 Feet Rotavator, 6 Feet Rotavator7 Feet Rotavator8 Feet Rotavator9 Feet Rotavator10 Feet Rotavator11 Feet Rotavator and 12 Feet rotavator, then you are at the right place.

List of Popular 5 Feet Rotavators in India 2024

1. Maschio Gaspardo Virat HC 165

maschio gaspardo virat hc 165

This 5 feet rotavator belongs to the tillage category and is compatible with 35 - 45 HP implement power. Its body is made from cast steel and it has 60 blades. Its diesel engine is fuel-efficient. The 5 feet rotavator price is Rs. 1.20 Lakhs* onwards. 

2. Sonalika Challenger Alpha 5 Feet

sonalika challenger alpha 5 feet

Farmers enjoy a working width of 149 cm and implement power of 45-50 HP with this 5 feet rotary tiller. Its sharp blades are perfect for land preparation and it has a gear-type side transmission. Its cost is Rs. 1 Lakhs*. 

3. Nipha Platinum 5 Feet

nipha platinum 5 feet

This 5 feet rotavator features 5 feet working width, 40+ HP tractor power, 48 C blades and 60 J blades. As this 5 feet rotary tiller has a multi-speed gearbox, farmers can prepare the land at the desired speed. This 5 feet rotavator price is affordable.  

4. Rotoking Regular Retro RRT 5

rotoking regular retro rrt 5

This 5 feet rotavator benefits are many as it combines disking, cultivating, and planking functions. This 5 feet rotary tiller has 36 L-type blades, multi-speed gearboxes, and a 1480 mm working width. 

5. Swan Agro Standard NSESS RT 150

swan agro standard nsess rt 150

 This is one of the most famous 5 feet rotavator models in India that has features like 1500mm working width, 36 L-type blades, and 540/1000 PTO RPM. 

6. Landforce Robusto RTH5MG36

landforce robusto rth5mg36

This is one of the most famous 5 feet rotavator implements in India that has 36 blades, multi-speed gearboxes, 36 - 72 HP implement power, and CAT-II hitch type. 

7. Maschio Gaspardo Virat Pro 145

maschio gaspardo virat pro 145

 This is a multi-speed rotary tiller that comes with 35-40 HP implement power, side gear type transmission, and 1450 mm working width. 

8. Yodha Gyro 5 Feet

yodha gyro 5 feet

It comes with a working width of 1524 mm, 48 L-type, 48 C-type, and 48 J-type blades, and multi-speed gearboxes. 

5 Feet Rotavator Price Range

5 feet rotavator implements are preferred by small-to-mid-scale farmers in India. They can buy 5 feet rotavator at a cost-effective price. Depending upon the 5 feet rotavator features, the price of this implement can vary.

The starting 5 feet rotavator price is Rs. 20,000* in India for the very basic model. However, as the features and specifications of 5 feet rotavator implements advance, the cost can be Rs. 1.50 Lakhs*.

All the above-mentioned 5 feet rotavator models are best known for their cost-effectiveness. They provide advanced features at an affordable cost. 

5 Feet Rotavator Features

5 feet rotavator features are designed to make sure that farmers have ease while land preparation and dealing with compacted soils. Here is a list of key 5 feet rotavator features.

  • Implement HP: A 5 feet rotary tiller link with a tractor to continue its operation. The implement power of 5 feet rotary implements is generally between 30-60 HP. However, there are some heavy-duty 5 feet rotavator models with implement power higher than 60 HP. 

  • Engine Power: Some rotavators have their engines while many operate using the tractor's PTO. The internal engines of 5 feet rotavator implements usually have 10-15 HP engine power. 

  • Working Width: A 5-foot rotary tiller has a working width of approximately 5 feet. It means that it can till soil up to 5 feet wide in a single pass. 

  • Blades or Tines: 5 feet rotavator blades or tines are the most crucial features. Blades rotates to break the soil.  

  • Frame: The 5 feet rotavator implements have a robust frame made from cast steel or cast iron. A durable frame keeps other components together. 

  • Depth Adjustment: This is a key feature of many 5-foot rotavators and allows operators to control the depth at which they can till the soil.

5 Feet Rotavator Benefits

benefits of 5 feet rotavator

If farmers manage to buy the correct model, they can enjoy multiple 5 feet rotavator benefits. 

  • The efficiency of a 5-foot rotavator tiller significantly boosts the productivity of the farmers. It helps farmers to save time and labour. 

  • These 5 feet rotavator implements are excellent for creating a uniform seedbed. The even tilling and leveling ensures that seeds are sown at consistent depths. 

  • 5-foot rotavators are effective at burying weed seeds and existing weed growth in the soil. This leads to weed control. 

  • The rotavation process that 5 feet rotavators do enhances the soil structure by breaking up compacted layers and increasing soil aeration and drainage.

  • Another popular 5 feet rotavator benefits are promoting conservation tillage practices and effective mixing of organic matter.  

Buying Guide for 5 Feet Rotavator Implements 

When you plan to buy 5 feet rotavator in India, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the right machine and make the most of your investment. 

  • Ensure that your tractor has the appropriate horsepower and PTO capabilities to operate the 5-foot rotavator efficiently. 

  • Research reputable brands and 5 feet rotavator models. We recommend reading user reviews and seek recommendations. 

  • Verify that the width of the 5 feet rotavator tiller is suitable for your field size and tractor. 

  • Choose 5 feet rotavator implements that come with easy and effective depth adjustment features. 

  • Examine the design and material of the 5 feet rotavator blades or tines. Durable, sharp blades made of quality materials ensure durable performance. 

  • Research about 5 feet rotavator prices and get a model that fits well into your budget. 


5 Feet rotavators are crucial farming implements for modern-day farming. By helping farmers to have a uniform seed bed and fertile topsoil, this agricultural implement makes farming more efficient.

Many 5 feet rotavator models are available in India. We recommend prospective buyers study the features, models, and prices. 

Why Choose TractorGyan?

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The platform allows farmers to compare different models and make wise decisions.

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Recently Asked Question about Popular 5 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

What is a 5 feet rotavator?

A 5 feet rotavator is a type of agricultural implement that has a working width of approximately 5 feet.

What are the popular 5 feet rotavator models in India?

Maschio Gaspardo Virat HC 165, Sonalika Challenger Alpha 5 Feet, Nipha Platinum 5 Feet and Rotoking Regular Retro RRT 5 are some of the popular 5 feet rotavator models in India.

What is the horsepower requirement for 5 feet rotavators?

5 feet rotavators generally require a horsepower in the range of 30 to 60 HP.

What are the benefits of using a 5 feet rotavator?

5 feet rotavators elevate soil preparation, economize on time and labor, foster the creation of consistent seedbeds, and contribute to effective weed control.

What is the price range of 5 feet rotavator in India?

The 5 feet rotavator price in India ranges from Rs. 20,000* to Rs. 1.50 Lakhs*.

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