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Popular 3 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2023 - Features and Benefits

Popular 3 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2023 - Features and Benefits

    Popular 3 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2023 - Features and Benefits

09 Nov, 2023

Farming is no longer a manual task. It requires mechanical assistance to cut down the time and effort required. Rotavator is a popular farming machine that farmers use for soil tilling. It features sharp blades that cut through the soil as it rotates.

With the help of a rotavator, farmers can have a well-prepared seedbed, uniformly mix soil and organic matter, and expect a better yield as the farming soil will have better aeration and water penetration. 

Depending upon the tillage depth, we have many types of rotavators and the 3 feet rotavator is one of them. A 3 feet rotary tiller has a working depth of up to 3 feet. This type of rotavator is helpful for farmers who cultivate crops that don’t have a deep root system.  

A 3 feet rotary tiller is an ideal farming equipment for farmers willing to promote better root development, water flow, and soil aeration. 

List of Popular 3 Feet Rotavators in India 2023

In the Indian market, many types of 3 feet rotavator models are available from trusted brands like Garud, Fieldking, and Maschio Gaspardo. Here is a list of some of the most preferred models. 

1. Agrotis Mini 0.8

agrotis mini

Offered by Agrotis, this 3-feet rotavator is a mini tractor rotavator with 12-22 HP tractor implement power. With only 167 KG weight, it’s a lightweight 3 feet rotary tiller with features like a 3-point Hitch of category I, a working width of 152 mm, and a Gear drive option for the side transmission type. The 3 feet rotavator price for this model is affordable. 

2. Shaktiman Proton SRT 0.8

shaktiman proton srt

At an affordable 3 feet rotavator price of Rs. 66,000*, this rotavator offers features like multi-speed gearbox, curved tines, Cat I 3 point hitch type, and gear transmission type. 

3. Garud Polo 10016

garud polo 10016

Garud offers multiple models of 3 feet rotavators and Garud Polo 10016 is perfect for farmers because this is a lightweight and compact mode. This 3 feet rotavator features 15-30 HP tractor implement power, LC type blades, and a single-speed gearbox. The 3 feet rotavator price in India for this model is Rs. 65,000*. 

4. Lancer HL 105

lancer hl 105

Get this model of 3 feet rotary tiller from Lancer at the best 3 feet rotavators price. It’s a cast iron 3 feet rotavator with a multi-speed gearbox, L-type blade, and gear-driven side transmission.  

5. Fieldking Hobby FKRTMSG 80

fieldking hobby fkrtmsg 80

This Is one of the most affordable 3 feet rotavators in India available at Rs. 66,000*. This 3 feet rotavator features a 15-20 HP tractor implement, Chain/Gear type side gear transmission, 24 L-type blades, and 24 C-type blades.  

6. Shaktiman Atom SRT 1.0

shaktiman atom srt

Shaktiman offers a wide range of 3 feet rotavator models and Atom SRT 1.0 is an affordable 3 feet rotavator model from this brand. This model has 36 blades in curved and square shape, a Cat - I 3-point linkage hitch, 540 input RPM, and a single-speed gearbox. The 3 feet rotavator price for this model is Rs. 68,000*. 

7. Maschio Gaspardo Wind CD 105

maschio gaspardo wind cd 105

This 3 feet rotavator model has 20-30 HP tractor implement power, chain type side transmission, single speed gearbox, and 20 L types blades. The 3 feet rotavator price is Rs, 65,205* in India for this model.

3 Feet Rotavator Price Range in India 

3 feet rotavators are mostly lightweight rotary tillers with compact sizes. The 3 feet rotavators price is the range of Rs. 20,000* - Rs. 80,000*. The prices depend upon the brand and features of 3 feet rotavators.

All the above-mentioned 3 feet rotavator models deliver the best ROI on their price. Farmers can buy 3 feet rotavator from the list according to their preferences, budget, and feature requirements. 

3 Feet Rotavator Features 

Here are some common features of a 3 feet rotary tiller. 

  • A 3 feet rotary tiller is designed to till the soil to a depth of about 3 feet or approximately 1 meter

  • Many 3 feet rotavator models have a side transmission system with gear or chain options. 

  • 3 feet rotavator blades are made from premium-grade cast iron or cast steel. 3 feet rotavator models with cast iron blades are more costly than the models with cast iron blades. The arrangement of 3 feet rotavator blades is either curved or square. 

  • A 3-foot rotary tiller features an adjustable depth control system so that farmers can operate the machine at the desired depth. 

  • Rotary tillers have single-speed or multi-speed gearboxes. 

3 Feet Rotavator Benefits 

  • One of the primary advantages of a 3 feet rotavator is that it can till the soil at up to 3 feet depth. This way, it provides adequate space for roots to grow. 

  • Farmers can easily break down the compacted soil using a 3 feet rotavator. This improves soil structure and aeration. 

  • By thoroughly mixing and turning over the soil, 3 feet rotavators help farmers in weed management. 

  • Using a 3 feet rotavator significantly reduces the need for manual labor during seedbed preparation. 

  • Proper soil preparation with the help of a 3 feet rotary tiller promotes increased crop yields, 

Buying Guide for 3 Feet Rotavators 

3 feet rotavator benefits are many. However, farmers need to buy an ideal model with the required features. This buying guide on a 3-foot rotavator will help you make the right choice. 

  • Always keep your needs, the type of crop you want to grow, and the depth at which you need to work before you buy 3 feet rotavator. 

  • Check the compatibility of your rotavator with the tractor you already own. Make sure that the HP of the rotavator is compatible with the tractor’s HP. 

  • Different 3 feet rotavator models have different tynes configurations. For instance, some models have square tines while some have curved tines. Pick a tynes configuration that is suitable for your soil type. 

  • Always go for a 3 feet rotavator that has adjustable tilling depth. This way, you can cater to different crop needs.  

  • Check the construction quality of the rotavator. Go for a model that has a heavy-duty frame. 

After you buy 3 feet rotavator after referring to these points, you need to learn key maintenance tips. 

  • Keep on checking the lubrication between blades and gears. 

  • Remove any debris before storage. 

  • Always use a rotavator with compatible implement power only. 


Farmers need to buy 3 feet rotavator to reduce the manual work that they have to do for seedbed preparation. By breaking down compacted soil effectively, a 3 feet rotavator helps farmers to have better farming conditions that help to better crops.

However, all these 3 feet rotavator benefits can only be owned if farmers can find the right model. They have to carefully know about 3 feet rotavator features, 3 feet rotavator prices, and other aspects. 

Why Choose TractorGyan? 

TractorGyan is an online platform that farmers can use when they need to buy 3 feet rotavator that aligns well with their needs and requirements.

The platform provides verified information related to crucial aspects like 3 feet rotavator features, 3 feet rotavator prices, and leading 3 feet rotavator models. With us, finding a perfect rotavator with 3 feet working width is easy.

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Recently Asked Question about Popular 3 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2023 - Features and Benefits

What is a 3 feet rotavator?

A 3 feet rotavator is a type of agricultural implement that is specifically designed to till the soil to a depth of up to 3 feet.

Which popular brands offer 3 feet rotavator models in India?

Garud, Fieldking, Shaktiman, and Maschio Gaspardo are popular brands that offer 3 feet rotavator models in India.

What are the popular 3 feet rotavator models in India?

Agrotis Mini 0.8, Shaktiman Proton SRT 0.8, Garud Polo 10016 and Fieldking Hobby FKRTMSG 80 are some of the popular 3 feet rotavator models in India. 

What are the benefits of using a 3 feet rotavator?

A 3 feet rotavator creates well-prepared seedbeds, uniformly mixes soil and organic matter, and improves aeration and water penetration.

What is the price range of 3 feet rotavator in India?

The 3 feet rotavator price in India ranges from Rs. 20,000* to Rs. 80,000*.

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