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Top 10 Tractor Companies in the World in 2022

    Top 10 Tractor Companies in the World in 2022

Top 10 Tractor Companies in the World in 2022

16 May, 2022

For farmers, tractors are the most precious asset. Farming in the twenty-first century would be unthinkable without a tractor. A tractor is a multipurpose machine that performs well in the fields. Tractors play an important role in the lives of farmers all over the world.

Several businesses now produce world-class tractors in a variety of price ranges. Consequently, whether farmers choose to buy a high-end tractor or a low-cost tractor, these International tractor models may meet their needs. The greatest tractor manufacturers in the world use cutting-edge technology to create machines with unrivaled performance and solid build quality.

Here is a list of global tractor manufacturers to consider before making a purchase.

#1 Mahindra and Mahindra:

The Mahindra Tractor Brand is the world's best-selling tractor. It is an Indian company that makes high-quality feature tractors to meet the needs of farmers. Mahindra is dedicated to improving the lives of farmers. The HP range of these tractors is between 15 HP to 75 HP. The price of these tractors starts from  Rs 2.50 lakhs to Rs 12.50 lakhs.

The following are the several tractor divisions of Mahindra and Mahindra around the world:-

Mahindra Tractors

Swaraj Tractors

Mahindra USA (Tractors)

Mahindra Tractor Implements and many more 


#2 Massey Ferguson

The leading tractor manufacturer, Massey Ferguson Limited, provides strong tractors for its customers. The adaptability of the Massey Ferguson tractor is in high demand all around the world. Massey Ferguson presently produces a variety of multipurpose tractors with engines and transmissions ranging from 20 to 400 horsepower. Massey Ferguson will be the top ten tractor company in the world in 2022 because to these world-class tractors. The HP range of these tractors is between  18 HP to 75 HP. The price of these tractors starts from Rs 3.50 Lakhs.

The following is a list of the various farm equipment that Massey Ferguson offers around the world:

  • Tractors
  • Balers
  • Materials Handling
  • Hay and Forage
  • Planters
  • Combine Harvesters


#3 John Deere

The John Deere Tractor Company in the United States is a well-known tractor manufacturer. Deere continues their tradition by providing clients with highly efficient tractors. The price of a John Deere tractor is affordable, and starts from Rs 4.70 Lakhs. Integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation are the four guiding principles of John Deere. They are continually working to improve the lives of farmers. John Deere provides items that meet the demands of its consumers, and they strive to meet those goals by supplying high-quality products.

The various John Deere Subsidies available around the world are Wirtgen Group, Ribouleau Monosem and many more. 


#4 Sonalika

Sonalika International is the most well-known brand on the planet. It was founded in 1969, and they have never looked back since. They offer a wide selection of tractors to fulfil the needs of farmers and the market all over the world. Sonalika is the world's leading manufacturer of next-generation tractors. Sonalika Group is currently ranked among India's top three tractor manufacturers. They supply and manufacture in response to farmer demand. The price of these tractors is started from Rs 3.20 Lakhs. The HP range lies from 20 HP to 120 HP. 

The following are the many tractors supplied by Sonalika around the world

Sonalika WT 90 

Sonalika tiger DI 75

Sonalika Mileage Master


#5 New Holland

New Holland is a well-known tractor manufacturer with applications in both agriculture and construction. This company's inventory includes tractors ranging in horsepower from 35 to 90. 

Since its inception, New Holland has aided farmers by combining durability, comfort, power, sophisticated features, and efficiency in a single tractor. This tractor price ranges from Rs 3.20 Lakhs. 



Escorts Group is a tractor manufacturer with a presence in 62 countries throughout the world. They offer the greatest customer service and the highest-quality tractors. Their main goal is to empower farmers and provide them with items that actually please them. Escorts has earned the trust of farmers for over 60 years by supplying them with dependable and high-quality products at a reasonable price. Escort is the first Indian tractor manufacturer to export its products. The tractor HP starts from 18 HP and the prices of these tractors starts from Rs. 2.75 to 5.20 Lakh. The popular Powertrac Series is available from Escorts Tractor.

DS Plus Series

ALT Series

Euro Series


#7 Fendt

Fendt makes some of the best farm equipment in the world. They assist farmers in achieving their objectives more quickly by providing them with high-quality products. They manufacture a variety of products with powerful engines. Fendt tractors have the ability to increase productivity while reducing fuel use. Fendt's major goal is to meet all of the customer's needs and deliver complete satisfaction through its product line.

They provide a diverse range of items, including the following.

1100 MT

1000 Vario

900 Vario MT

Fendt 900 Vario (MY 2021)

900 Vario


#8 Kubota

Kubota, also known as KAI, is the world's most advanced tractor manufacturer. Kubota has been supplying tractors all around the world since 1890 and has gained the unwavering trust of its clients. They are dedicated to their work and produce high-quality products. The HP range of the tractors lies between 21 to 55 HP. The price range of these tractors starts from Rs 4.15 Lakhs. 

Kubota has a number of tractor series available around the world:

B Series 

L Series

MU Series


#9 Case IH

With headquarters in the United States, Case IH is the global market leader in farm equipment. In 1923, it arrived with a farm tractor. They never failed to win the hearts of the farmers. Case IH creates one-of-a-kind, fuel-efficient products. Farmers trust them since they cover big marketplaces all around the world. Customers may always expect high-quality products from them. The Case IH product line is shown below.

Magnum™ Series

Maxxum® Series

Farmall® Series


#10 Same Deutz Fahr

Same Deutz Fahr is a well-known German tractor manufacturer that has risen to the top of the world tractor rankings. Which provides tractors to customers throughout the world based on demand and trends. They are always concerned about their consumers, providing them with high-quality and cutting-edge tractor requirements. In 1968, Same Deutz Fahr was founded. They are working to improve the lives of farmers. The price range starts from Rs 5.10 Lakhs. The HP range lies between 36 HP to 80 HP. Deutz-Fahr offers a one-of-a-kind product line with a variety of features. All of the products have a fashionable appearance that will easily attract farmers. Deutz-Fahr seeks to equip farmers with advanced and innovative tractors so that they can increase agricultural output.

Deutz-Fahr has gone a long way since its inception, winning the hearts and faith of countless farmers around the world with the help of its tractors. However, there is still a long way to go.


These are the Top 10 Tractor Companies in the World, together with all relevant information. We hope you like this article; for more articles like this, visit TractorGyan.


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