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Tractor Sprayer in India

Tractor Sprayer implement in India helps farmers to spray fertilizer, water, and pesticides automatically. It has nozzles for even spraying without zero wastage.

The sprayer implementation price in India starts from Rs. 38,500* and it can reach up to Rs. 5.5 Lakh* according to the model and features. Some of the most famous mulcher models in India are the Mitra Bullet, Mitra Cropmaster, Mahindra Grapemaster, and Mitra Bullet 575.

The sprayer HP ranges between 20- 50 HP. TractorGyan has an extensive tractor sprayer listing from brands like Mahindra, Mitra, and Soil Master. Forestry, rotary, and flail are some common mulcher categories available in India.

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Recently Asked Question about Sprayer Tractor Implements:

A sprayer is a tool that is widely used to spray fertilizers, manures, pesticides, and other chemicals in the field.

Types of sprayers are tractor-mounted sprayers and boom sprayers.

Boom sprayer main function is the splashing of pesticides, bug sprays, fungicides, and miniaturized scale supplements.

The sprayer price range is Rs. 38,500*- Rs. 5.5 Lakh*.

The best sprayers in India are Mitra bullet sprayer, Soil Master field mounted sprayers and Mahindra Grapemaster Bullet++ sprayer.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest sprayer models in India.

The best sprayer brands in India are Mitra, Soil Master, Mahindra, and Maschio Gaspardo.

The amount of subsidy and process can change area-wise, to know more about Sprayer subsidy you can visit tractorgyan.com

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated sprayer price list.

To operate the sprayer, no minimum hp tractor is required.

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About Tractor Sprayer in India 2024

Farmers need many kinds of farming equipment to automate common farming jobs. A tractor sprayer is a very useful implement that farmers use to spray multiple types of liquid such as pesticides. water, fertilizer, and herbicides. 

A sprayer tractor implement has a spraying mechanism that ensures uniform spread of these liquids. It can cover a large part of farmland and help farmers save a great deal of time and effort. 

Tractor operated sprayers in India are available in different models. Many leading brands like Soil Master and Mitra offer a wide range of tractor sprayer models. Farmers can buy tractor sprayers of their choice from any trusted brand. 

The tractor sprayer prices vary according to the features and specifications. The starting tractor sprayer price in India is Rs. 38,500* and it can go as high as Rs. 5.5 Lakh*. 

What is the Tractor Sprayer Price List in India 2024?

The tractor sprayer price is between Rs. 38,500*- Rs. 5.5 Lakh* range. The tractor sprayer prices mainly depend on the features and brand. Farmers are recommended to study about tractor sprayer prices in India and buy a model that fits well into their budget.

Sprayer Models Sprayer Models Price
Mitra Airotec Turbo 1000 Rs. 550000*
Mahindra Grapemaster Bullet ++ Rs. 2,65,000*
Mitra Bullet - 3PL Rs. 2,65,000*
Soil Master Field Mounted Sprayer Rs. 38,500*- Rs. 98,000*
MITRA Cropmaster Reel 400 Rs. 150000* - 200000*

Tractor Sprayer Components

A sprayer is made up of multiple parts to ensure that it can perform in a certain way. Here is a list of key tractor sprayer implement components.  

  • The tank is the main component of a sprayer tool. It stored the liquid and its size and capability vary according to the tractor machine model. 

  • The next part of a sprayer tool is the pump. It pressurizes the liquid so that it can come out of the tank. 

  • Many leaking tractor sprayer models have a pressure regulator. This component ensures that the spray is applied uniformly and droplets are avoided. 

  • The nozzles of a sprayer machine are the outlets. The liquid is released from these outlets in the form of droplets. 

  • Fillers are also used as a key part of sprayer tractors implement in India. They are useful to keep debris and impurities away from the liquid. It also prevents the blocking. 

Tractor Sprayer Features

The key features of tractor sprayer implements are: 

  • The tractor implement power of sprayers is between 20 HP and 90 HP or above.  

  • The fan feature of a sprayer tractor ensures that liquid is dispersed material effectively. 

  • The sprayer implements are PTO-operated. 

  • The fuel tank of an agricultural sprayer is made from strong materials like fiberglass/polyethene so that liquid is not leaked. 

  • The outer body of a sprayer machine is made from quality mild steel. 

Tractor Sprayer Specification

The air output of a sprayer tool is between 24-60 meters per second. It ensures the effective dispersion of the sprayed material. 

  • A sprayer can be equipped with 10 to 12 nozzles for better spraying and field coverage. 
  • The pump bar of a sprayer machine will have a pump bar rating of 40 litres per minute (LPM) or more.  

  • The sprayer tractor implement can feature a fan with a diameter of 550 to 616 millimetres. 

  • The gearbox of a sprayer can be single-speed or multi-speed. 

Tractor Sprayer Implements Benefits

Tractor sprayer in India offers multiple benefits to farmers. 

  • Agriculture spray machine price helps in the application of liquid fertilizer. It effectively applies the fertilizer to the crops. Its major objective is to provide nutrients to the crops, and it is very successful since it can target crops without losing liquid to evaporation or environmental factors like wind. 

  • Agriculture Sprayer helps in water spraying. It helps to hydrate plants and crops. The high-pressure agricultural sprayers are used for irrigation over small regions. Like this, crops are sprayed with fresh water before harvest to wash any chemicals that might have been left behind.

  • Herbicides and fungicides are sprayed through a tractor sprayer onto crops after being diluted with water. This prevents the growth of undesired plants or fungi. 

  • To get rid of infestations, pesticides are mixed with water and sprayed on the affected parts of crops using a sprayer tractor. 

What are the Uses of Sprayer Machines in Agriculture?

An agricultural sprayer can help farmers in more than one way. 

  • Farmers use tractor sprayer implements in India for spraying pesticides and insecticides. 

  • A sprayer machine is also useful for applying herbicides for weed control.

  • Tractor sprayer implements are used to apply liquid fertilizers to provide essential nutrients to crops. 

  • Farmers can take the help of a tractor sprayer to apply liquid nutrients directly to crops. 

  • In dusty regions, a sprayer machine helps farmers suppress dust on the fields by spraying the water. It increases the air quality and visibility. 

  • Farmers can also use tractor pump sprayer implements to apply desiccants to crops before harvest. Know tractor pump price Visit tractorgyan.

Tractor Sprayers Types

To address different types of farming needs, many types of sprayer models are available in India. 

  • Boom Sprayers

Boom sprayer is one of the leading types of sprayer that has long booms. It extends horizontally to cover a large part of farmland in one spray. This sprayer tool is mostly used to spray herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

  • Mist Sprayers

A mist sprayer machine has a mechanism to create spraying liquid into a fine mist. This is useful to apply foliar fertiliser, fungicides, and insecticides. They are ideal for small-scale farming. 

  • Airblast Sprayers

Another famous type of sprayer variety is the airblast sprayer. It is suitable for orchards and vineyards. It has a fan to generate high-pressure air streams. This stream atomizes the liquid and it propels at a high pressure. 

  • High-clearance Sprayers

A high-clearance sprayer tractor implement has better ground clearance. This makes it easier to navigate over tall crops like wheat or corn. This type of sprayer has an adjustable nozzle to spray the liquid on the concerned area with accuracy. 

  • Self-propelled Sprayers

A self-propelled sprayer has its specific power source for operations. It has a large tank and a flexible spray mechanism. This makes it suitable for large and small farms.

  • ATV Sprayers

 ATV tractor sprayer implements are operated using ATVs. They are very lightweight and compact like a mini tractor sprayer. You can use it easily in tight spaces. 

  • Tractor mounted Sprayers

Lastly, we have tractor mounted sprayers. These types of sprayers are mounted directly on a tractor. It uses tractor PTO and hydraulics to link with the tractor.  

Best Sprayer for Sale

Here is a list of leading models of sprayers for sale in India. 

  • Mitra Airotec Turbo 1000

It is perfect for a 34 HP tractor implement and the sprayer tractor price in India for this model is Rs. 5.5 Lakh*. It comes with a 5-mode controller and diaphragm pump. 

  • Mahindra Grapemaster Bullet ++

This sprayer tool has a 200-liter fuel tank and it comes with 2 Speed + Neutral gearbox. The airflow of this sprayer machine is 2 m/sec. Farmers can buy this model at an affordable cost of Rs. 2,65,000*. 

  • Mitra Bullet - 3PL

This is a leading agricultural sprayer that has features like 2 speed + 1 neutral gearbox, rear bumper, 5-mode controller, two-way nozzles, and adjustable nozzle height. The sprayer price for this model is Rs. 2.65 Lakh*. This is a mini tractor sprayer as it requires 28 HP to operate. 

  • Soil Master Field Mounted Sprayer

 If you’re looking for an affordable field-mounted sprayer machine then you can go for Soil Master F 400 Field Mounted Sprayer. It’s available in multiple fuel tank capacities like 400, 600, 800, and 1000 L. The tank material is made up of fibreglass/polyethene. Its boom length is 26'-39'. The sprayer prices range for this is Rs. 38,500*- Rs. 98,000*. 

How to Choose the Right Sprayer

Farmers need to pay attention to tons of things to buy sprayer models that can meet all their requirements.  

  • Farmers need to choose a sprayer machine according to their crops. For instance, orchard crops need air-assisted sprayers. But, tall crops like wheat need a high-clearance sprayer tractor implement. 

  • Assess the size of operations and area. This is important to know the tank capacity you will need. If you’ve a large field to handle then go for an agricultural sprayer that has a large tank so that you don’t have to refill it frequently. 

  • If you’re using a tractor-mounted sprayer then you need to make sure that its PTO and implement HP are compatible with the PTO and HP of the tractor you own. Select the appropriate spray nozzle type and size based on the type of chemical you’re going to spray with your tractor sprayer. 

  • Choose a boom length that matches the width of your rows or the area you need to cover.

  • Determine your budget to buy a sprayer online. Review the sprayer prices of different models and select a model that is according to your budget. 

  • We recommend you read the sprayer's online reviews. If you want to avoid any operational issues then it’s better to select a tractor sprayer from a reputed brand. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Sprayer Machine? 

Every farmer needs to make sure that the money is invested in the right tractor sprayer model. Learning about tractor sprayer features, sprayer prices,spray machine price, tractor spray pump and types of sprayers is very helpful to make an informed decision. 

TractorGyan is a reliable medium for farmers. They can check the sprayer tractor implement listed on the platform. Sprayer machines from leading brands are mentioned in this listing. 

With this listing, farmers will have easy access to the specifications of a sprayer machine, sprayer prices, pump sprayer, knapsack sprayer, power sprayer, battery sprayer pump, drone sprayer, garden sprayer, aspee power sprayer, hand sprayer and benefits of a sprayer tool. This information will help farmers to select the right sprayer for sale. So, get a mulcher machine for sale, mini tractor spray pump price, tractor spray pump price, fertilizer spray machine, mitra sprayer, boom sprayer for tractor  with complete details on our website. 

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