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The Same Deutz-Fahr tractors are agricultural tractors known for their efficiency and precision since 1896. The Same Deutz Fahr tractor price in India starts from Rs. 6.34 lacs* - 16.46 Lacs*. The same Deutz Fahr Tractors are power-packed to tackle the most demanding heavy-duty agricultural tasks. Same Deutz Fahr tractors have more than 21 variety tractors ranging from 35 HP- 80 HP. Same Deutz Fahr (SDF) is a well-known international tractor manufacturer. Same Deutz Fahr helps to enhance the productivity of farmers with their excellent tractors, farm equipment, and powerful engines. The most popular Same Deutz Fahr Tractors in India 2023 are the Same Deutz Fahr 3042 E, Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 55, and Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 50 2WD, etc.

Same deutz fahr Tractors Price List 2023 in India

Same deutz fahr Tractor Series in India


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Recently Asked Question about Same deutz fahr Tractors:

The Same Deutz Fahr tractor HP range starts from 36 hp to 80 hp.

The same Deutz Fahr tractor price range starts from Rs. 5.10 lakh to Rs. 12.50 lakh.

Yes, Deutz and the Same tractors are the same.

The most fuel efficient Same deutz fahr tractor is Same deutz fahr 3042 E.

Same deutz fahr 3040 E is best tractor in Same deutz fahr tractor.

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated Same Deutz fahr tractor price list.

At tractorgyan, visit the Locate a Tractor Dealer page to find the Same Deutz fahr dealer and showroom.

The same Deutz fahr tractor's average lifting capacity is 1250 kg to 3000 kg.

Same Deutz-Fahr India is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Same Deutz-Fahr Group of Italy.

Same Deutz fahr Agrolux 75 profiline 4WD has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 3000 Kg.

The most popular Same Deutz fahr tractor in India is the Same deutz fahr 3035 E.

The latest models of Same Deutz fahr tractors are Same Deutz fahr agromaxx 50 e 2wd, Same Deutz fahr agrolux 55 WD.

Same Deutz Fahr's most powerful tractor is Same Deutz fahr Agrolux 80 4WD with 80 hp engine.

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About Same Deutz Fahr tractor Price in India

In 2023, Same Deutz Fahr Tractor manufactures a variety of tractors ranging in horsepower from 36 to 80 HP, all of which are well-equipped with modern features. The Same Deutz Fahr tractor prices range from Rs.6.10 to Rs.13.50 lakhs*.

It has developed a worldwide successful brand based on the qualities and innovative German tractor technology for more than 100 years. The SDF Group began an offensive to further expand this brand essence as part of its ongoing expansion.

DEUTZ-FAHR LAND, Europe's most modern tractor plant, was officially launched in May 2017 in the Bavarian city of Lauingen after around three years of planning and building time. The new plant began producing high-performance tractors with engines starting at 130 horsepower in January. Here, the 6 Series, 7 Series, and 9 Series tractors are built for the global market.


History Of Same Deutz Fahr Tractors In India -

Johann Georg Fahr developed and established Deutz tractors in 1800, and the first tractor built by them was the Fahr F22, which was the brainchild of Wilfred Fahr and Bernhard Flerlage. This brand is the global representative of the greatest and most productive tractors that are already well-known in the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry. These tractors share a simple style, minimal form, and structure, as well as a direct motor and low maintenance costs.

The company's goal is to provide the most efficient tractors in India, as well as other agricultural equipment with high efficiency. The company's major goal was to introduce technologically advanced tractors in India to support farmers in increasing agricultural efficiency and productivity. The same Deutz Fahr tractor’s approach in India is to increase agricultural tractor productivity and on-the-ground experience with end-users.

The same Deutz Fahr tractor models are distinct by options and characteristics created specifically to meet the interests and demands of farmers. Deutz Fahr tractors are available in India in 25 different types with engine capacities ranging from 36 to 80 horsepower.

Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive tractor versions are offered. In India, the Same Deutz Fahr tractor prices start at Rs 6.10 lakhs. The costs for Same Deutz tractors are inexpensive, keeping in mind the farmer's budget and interest in purchasing the tractors. 


What are the popular Same Deutz Fahr tractors in India?

Deutz Fahr tractors are incredible in terms of performance and general effectiveness; they provide the best output in production and aid in the advancement of technical and agricultural knowledge. In India, the brand's tractors cost between 6 lakhs and 13 lakhs. Farmers' budgets, interests, and beliefs are represented by the tractor brand.

These tractors are comfortable to drive and easy to maneuver through tight curves and twists. Same Deutz fahr most popular tractors in India are Same Deutz Fahr 3042 E, deutz fahr agrolux 55, Same deutz fahr agromaxx 55, deutz fahr agrolux 60, deutz fahr agrolux 80 and Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 50  and price of deutz fahr tractors in india is suits the budget of farmers.


Same Deutz Fahr Tractor's HP Range:-

Same Deutz Fahr has produced many techno-savvy tractors which have marked important milestones in the development of the brand. SDF introduces a broad range of innovative tractors that address global agricultural demand. The company furnishes a wide range of tractor models between 36 HP and 80 HP engines. We have categorized different tractor models in a given HP range that differ in features and functions for farmers.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractors under 31 HP - 40 HP:-

The same Deutz fahr 31 hp - 40 hp tractor is suitable for small farms and comes with many good features. The best Same Deutz Fahr 35 hp tractor praised for its durable performance is the Same Deutz fahr 3035 E tractor with an engine capacity of 2400 cc, 3 attached cylinders, and 55 liters of fuel tank capacity. The company installs oil-immersed disc brakes in this heavy-duty tractor that has a modest lifting capacity of 1250 kgs.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractors under 41 HP - 50 HP:-

These same Deutz fahr 41 hp - 50 hp tractors are perfect for small to medium farms as well as for off-road work. The best Same Deutz Fahr 45 HP tractor is the Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 50 4WD tractor having excellent fuel efficiency of 70 liters and a fairly heavy lifting capacity of 3000 kg. This tractor model is constructed of 3 engine cylinders and a remarkable engine power of 3000CC. This Same deutz fahr 45 hp tractor price is affordable to farmers starting at just 9.10 lacs*.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractors under 51 HP - 60 HP:-

The same Deutz fahr 51 hp - 60 hp tractor models are widely accepted for their splendid performance in fields. The Same Deutz Fahr 55 HP tractor best fitted for cultivation and harvesting is the Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 60 4WD tractor. It features 3 cylinders attached to the engine and an abundant fuel tank capacity of 70 liters also this same Deutz fahr 55 hp tractor price is economical.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractors under 61 HP - 70 HP:-

The growing popularity of these same Deutz fahr 61 hp - 70 hp tractor models is due to their techno-savvy engines, significant lifting capacity, and mileage efficiency the best Same Deutz Fahr 65 HP tractor is Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 70 4WD model. It has a mechanically operated clutch with front and rear axle brakes. This same Deutz fahr 65 hp tractor price is between Rs. 9.67 lakhs and 10.45 lacs*

Same Deutz Fahr Tractors under 71 HP - 80 HP:-

Same Deutz fahr 71 hp -80 hp tractors have made a name in farming culture as they show immense strength and productivity in their tasks. The best Same Deutz Fahr 75 HP tractor from this series is the Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 75 Profiline 4WD tractor which specializes in 15 Forward and 15 Reverse gears with a splendid engine power of 3000 CC. This Same Deutz fahr 75 hp tractor price is 9.40 Lacs to 10.15 Lacs*.


What are the best prices of Same Deutz Fahr tractors in India in 2023?

Deutz tractors are one of the most famous tractors for agriculture. They are very affordable and have all of the important specs and features. Deutz Fahr tractor price list starts at Rs 6.10 lakhs*. Same Deutz's most expensive tractor is the Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 80 profiline cost Rs 13.20 lakhs*. The rates are affordable in a deal for 36 HP - 80 HP, which are excellent in style and working.

In India in 2023, the Same Deutz Fahr tractor Prices are reasonably priced. Every farmer imagines a cost-effective tractor bargain. Same Deutz considers farmers' interests, as a result, offers budget-friendly tractor deals that are worthy of their performance and utility.


Where can we find videos of Deutz Fahr tractors?

Tractor Gyan's YouTube channel will offer you all of the specific knowledge through Deutz Fahr tractor videos. All of the Videos on the tractor gyan channel were shot with a high-definition camera to give you complete information about each and every component of the Same tractors. So, go to TractorGyan's YouTube channel to learn everything you need to know about the Deutz tractors. You can even appreciate our work on providing tractor knowledge by commenting on videos and also by giving likes.


Where to get second-hand Same Deutz Fahr tractor in India?

Second-hand tractors in India are not that difficult to get. At Tractor Gyan we have a complete and sorted list of all the used Same Deutz tractors in India. The condition and performance of this tractor are as commendable as the unique and newly launched one.

To sell or buy second-hand Same Deutz Fahr tractors in India,  Tractor Gyan is the best and most potential platform. If you are looking for any such used tractors nearby, search over Tractor Gyan to seek accurate information.


How to get a Deutz Fahr tractor on loan?

At "Tractorgyan", we have provided all the details on how to get a tractor loan, Getting a Same Deutz Fahr tractor loan will be stress-free and quick.

You can simply find all the information you need concerning paperwork, EMIs, and other connected difficulties on the Tractor Gyan website. Our website will give you a number of options for saving money on Deutz tractors. Visit and look through the financing department.


Who are the dealers of the Same Deutz Fahr tractors in India?

Tractor Gyan has a list of verified and genuine Same Deutz tractor dealers. The brand has 80 dealers in the United States and abroad. Visit Tractor Gyan for more information and a correct understanding of the Same tractors, as well as contact information for the local dealer.

The same Deutz tractors are the most efficient and empower farmers, allowing them to achieve the highest output and yield possible. Tractors with advanced features are efficient and ideal for usage, even if they are used or second-hand. Visit Tractors Gyan as soon as possible to purchase suitably advanced farming equipment, especially if it is offered second-hand. Deutz tractors are always in style and in high demand on the market.

Tractor Gyan provides a comprehensive list of dealers and Same Deutz Fahr tractor model showrooms around the country and around the world. We offer detailed information about Same Deutz Fahr tractor prices, features, and a comparison to other models. If you're a serious shopper who wants to learn everything about the tractors you want to buy, go to Tractor Gyan.

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