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M&M Farm Equipment Sector Revenue up 60% in Q4FY21, highest ever domestic volumes in Q4

M&M Farm Equipment Sector Revenue up 60% in Q4FY21, highest ever domestic volumes in Q4

    M&M Farm Equipment Sector Revenue up 60% in Q4FY21, highest ever domestic volumes in Q4

M&M Q4 Consolidated Revenues at Rs 21,456 crores up 32% ,Consolidated Q4 PAT before EI at Rs 1,834 crores up 170% ,FY21 Operating Cash Generated Rs 10,022 crores up 119%

28 May, 2021

Mumbai, May 28, 2021: The Board of Directors of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited today approved the financial results for the quarter ended 31st March 2021 of the Company and the consolidated Mahindra Group.


Key highlights below:

  Q4 FY2021 Q4 FY2020 Growth% YOY FY2021 FY2020 Growth% YOY
M&M + MVML* Results
Revenue 13,338 9,005 48% 44,574 44,866 -1%
EBITDA 1,960 1,227 60% 6,977 6,351 10%
PAT before EI 1,002 323 210% 4,097 3,551 15%
PAT after EI 163 (3,255)   923 740 25%
Group Consolidated Results
Revenue 21,456 16,315 32% 74,278 75,382 -1%
PAT** (before EI) from continuing operations 1,834 680 170% 4,610 3,386 36%
PAT** (after EI) from continuing operations 1,513 (464)   3,347 2,392 40%
Total Vehicles sold 1,06333 90,481 18% 3,48,621 4,71,141 -26%
Total Tractors sold 93,044 58,817 58% 3,51,431 2,98,927 18%

EI - Exceptional Items


• Farm Equipment Sector Revenue up 60% in Q4FY21 … with highest ever fourth-quarter domestic volumes, PBIT and PBIT margins

• Auto Sector Revenue up 43% in Q4FY21 … with a strong booking pipeline for its key products; however, supply constraints limit production and sales.

• Capital Allocation actions seeing results … Exceptional Items (EI) loss in Q4F21 reduces from Rs 3,578 crores to Rs 840 crores YoY

• Strong operating performance for Full Year FY21 … Consolidated Operating Profit up 36% at Rs 4,610 cr.

• Operating Cash Generated for FY21 up 119% at Rs 10,022 cr… driven by improved profitability and robust working capital management

• Announces a dividend of 175% of face value (Rs 8.75 per share) for FY21, which is 3.7x F20 dividend. This isthe highest everin the history of M&M, in light of the strong financial performance and to commemorate the 75th year of the Company.


Highlights of the financial results are:

− Operating margin improved to 14.7% compared to 13.6% in the corresponding quarter previous year despite a significant strengthening in commodity prices.

− Capital allocation actions resulted in a significant decline in Exceptional losses … from Rs (3,578) cr. in Q4FY20 to Rs (840) cr. in Q4FY21.

− Operating Cash Generated for FY21 up 119% at Rs 10,022 cr… driven by improved profitability and robust working capital management

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• Overall demand remained robust for the Company’s products in Q4FY21. However, the global shortage of semi-conductors impacted the production & sales for the quarter.

• Thar has crossed bookings of 55,000 vehicles since its launch o Tested to be India’s safest off-roader with a four-star rating. o It has won accolades from customers and nineteen awards.

• XUV300 has also seen strong demand with 90% growth in bookings in H2FY21 over H2FY20

• Bolero, Scorpio had strong sales of over 10000 sales per month during Q4FY21

• The Automotive Sector continued its focus on cost optimization and reduced its fixed expenses by over Rs 900 crores over the last two years & hence keeping its margin resilience even under challenging times.


Farm Equipment

• Strong performance despite supply chain and commodity challenges:

* Tractor volumes up 58% and revenue up 60%

* PBIT for Q4FY21 at Rs 1095 crores – a growth of 100% YoY

* PBIT margin for Q4F21 increased to 22.0% from 17.6% in Q4FY20

• Subsidiaries of the Farm Equipment sector registered positive PBIT for the third consecutive quarter with a turnaround in its international operations


Commenting on FY21 performance …


Dr. Anish Shah, Managing Director & CEO, M&M Ltd, said, “Our associates deserve all the credit for an outstanding performance in a tough year. Our primary focus has been “people first”, keeping our associates and our communities safe. We have delivered our promise on capital allocation actions and have seen very positive results. We are now focused on growth … across our core businesses, growth gems, and digital platforms”.


Mr. Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director, M&M Ltd, said, “Our approach of Walk-Run-Fly has delivered strong financial returns in FY21. The strong margins and turnaround of global subsidiaries in FES along with a robust automotive demand momentum through the focused SUV strategy have set the ground for us to now accelerate to fly. New products and technologies, farm machinery opportunity, Krishna and cost management sets us up for a bold, aggressive growth trajectory “


Mr. Manoj Bhat, Chief Financial Officer, M&M Ltd, said, “ Our journey towards our goals of streamlining capital allocation and delivering superior returns has begun well. We are delighted by the robust operating cash flow in a year which saw the impact of the pandemic as well as multiple supply-side challenges.”


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