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Wholesale Tractor Sales Figures June FY22

    Wholesale Tractor Sales Figures June FY22

Tractor companies show growth says the TMA figures for the month of June 21

02 Jul, 2021

When you expect something positive it happens that way. Seeing the TMA figures of the tractor sales and growth of the companies for the month of June 2021, the growth of the tractor industry can now see the hope of booming growth. Perhaps having so many challenges in the economy, the growth of the companies has still managed to survive in the market. 

The year June 2021 unexpectedly sees a gleaming growth in the tractor business as and when compared to June 2020. All the major players of the industry seem to trespass the sales bar for June 2020 and set the example of great market capture in 2021. Hee is the complete performance analysis of each of these companies. 

  1. Mahindra affixes its position to be the number 1 of the tractor industry by computing out the total sales of 48222 in June 2021 against the 36544 units of sales in June 2020. The growth is marked by 31.7% which is a great number for celebration.

  2. TAFE (Massey Ferguson and Eicherranks 2nd in the list of tractor sales and performance growth by marking its total sales for June 2021 to be 22964 units which is an increment to the sales of June 2020 i.e. 19904 units. Again the rise is by 15.4% which is great.

  3. Sonalika surprises with a little mark of growth by making up to only 15211 for the cumulative sales for June 2021 which is quite an increase as compared to the sale of June 2020 is 15200.

  4. Escorts (Powertrac, Farmtrac and Digitrac)show an increase in the total figures making up to 12533 for June 2021 which is comparatively more than the actual sales of June 2020 that accounted for 10851 units, the company registers for the highest ever sales for June month with a growth percent of 15.1.

  5. John Deere is the next in the category to achieve the sales result for June 2021 figures as 10289 then the 6802 units of June 202o. Again the growth is seen with 51.3%

  6. New Holland gives a pinch of a decrease in its total sales by 1.9%. As the June 2021 data for total sales stands to be 4863 and  4958 in June 2020, which is a clear battle of loss. However, the decrease is with a small number and thus, the company has a chance to compensate for the sales deficit in upcoming months.

  7. Kubota shows a good result as the total figures for June 2021 is 2284 which is much more than the figures of June 2020 i.e. 1428.

  8. VST accounts for 927 units as cumulated sales for June 2021 which is again an increased unit than the cumulated sales of June 2020 that stands to be 805.

  9. Talking about other brands like Ace, it unexpectedly shows a submerging result in sales with a decrease of 25%, rest Force Motors, Same, Indofarm, Captain, and Preet have a growing graph with quite good total sales figures as shown in the table. 

Thus, the overall tractor industry performance has depicted a sign of fortune and goodness for the companies. The prospects in June 2021 and market forces have worked rigorously in favour of the maximum company to hit their targets and set records of great total figures for June 2021.  The rise in sales of the market players has enforced a new ray of hope amongst the economy.  However, not to forget the rise in the price of the tractors can be a disadvantage too for the upcoming months. Hence, to keep up with the track of growth, the companies should pay attention to minimizing the cost of tractors and making it efficient for the farmers and others to afford. For more realistic information keep visiting TractorGyan. 



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