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Ace Tractors

ACE Tractors are widely used for agriculture activities, construction, and industrial haulage purposes. Ace tractor price in India starts from Rs.4.95 lakhs* to 15.20 Lakhs* in 2024. ACE tractors offer strong and efficient tractors ranging from 15 HP to 90 HP engines. Ace tractors include both 2WD and 4WD tractor models in India. Popular new ACE tractors in India 2024 are ACE DI 450 NG, Ace DI 350 NG, Ace di 550 NG, ACE DI 6565, etc. ACE ( Action Constructed Equipment Ltd.) is known for developing material handling and construction equipment products using cutting-edge technology with maximum market share in the mobile cranes and tower cranes segment. Additionally, it also manufactures innovative tractors and harvesters for enhancing agricultural productivity.
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Ace Tractor Price List 2024 in India

*Ex-Showroom Prices without RTO, Insurances and accessories, Exchange not applicable also Price may vary from state to state

Tractor 61 HPHP : 61

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1800 Kg

Tractor 25.7 HPHP : 25.7

Cylinder tractor 2Cylinder: 2

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1200 Kg

Tractor 50 HPHP : 50

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1800 Kg

Tractor 60.2 HPHP : 60.2

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 2200 Kg

Tractor 61.2 HPHP : 61.2

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 2000 Kg

Tractor 40 HPHP : 40

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1200 Kg

Tractor 45 HPHP : 45

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1200 Kg

Tractor 50 HPHP : 50

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1800 kg

Tractor 50 HPHP : 50

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1800 KG

*Ex-Showroom Prices without RTO, Insurances and accessories, Exchange not applicable also Price may vary from state to state

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tractorsAce Tractors Key Highlights

Popular Tractors Ace DI 6500, Ace FORMA DI 450 STAR, Ace FORMA DI 550 STAR, Ace DI 350 star
Most Expensive Tractor Ace DI 9000 4WD (15.50 - 15.80 Lakh)
Most Affordable Tractor Ace DI 350 star (5.50 - 5.90 Lakh)

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Recently Asked Question about Ace Tractors

What is the Ace tractor HP range?

The Ace tractor HP range starts from 25 hp to 60 hp.

What is the Ace tractor price range?

The Ace tractor price range starts from Rs. 3.40 lakh to Rs. 8.10 lakh.

Who is the owner of ACE Company?

Mr. Vijay Agarwal, a leading industrialist, investor, and philanthropist, laid the foundation of ACE in the year 1995.

Which is the most fuel-efficient Ace tractor?

The most fuel-efficient Ace tractor is the Ace DI 450 NG 4WD.

Which is the best tractor in Ace?

Ace DI 350 NG is the best tractor in Ace tractor.

Where can I find an updated Ace tractor price list?

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated Ace tractor price list.

Which is the best Ace 4wd tractor in India?

The best Ace 4wd tractor in India is Ace DI 9000 4WD.

Where can I find Ace tractor dealers and showrooms near me?

At tractorgyan, visit the Locate tractor dealer page to find an Ace dealer and showroom.

What is the Ace tractor average lifting capacity?

Ace tractor's average lifting capacity is 1200 kg to 2500 kg.

How many tractor models are available in Ace tractor brand?

15+ Tractor models are available in the Ace tractor brand.

Which is the best 50 hp Ace tractor?

The best 50 HP Ace tractor is the Ace DI 550 NG.

Which Ace tractor model has the best hydraulic lifting capacity?

The Ace DI 9000 4WD has the best hydraulic lifting capacity of 2500 Kg.

Which is the most popular Ace tractor in India?

The most popular Ace tractor in India is the Ace DI 450 NG.

Which are the latest models of Ace tractor?

The latest models of Ace tractors are Ace DI 6565 V2 2WD and Ace DI 350 Star.

Which country made the Ace tractor?

Ace tractors are made in Ballabhgarh, Faridabad, India.

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About Ace Tractor

In 2024, the Ace Tractor Price starts from Rs. 4.25 lakh* in India, which is quite affordable. In India, Ace Tractor offers eight tractor models with a hp range from 25 to 90 hp. The ACE tractor is managed by industry experts with extensive experience in the field of construction equipment.

ACE was founded in 1995. Now it has full-fledged production facilities in Faridabad's industrial townships (Haryana). These plants are capable of producing around 12000 construction vehicles and 9000 tractors per year.

Ace is a construction equipment producer, but it also has a considerable presence in the Indian tractor industry. Ace tractors are great for construction, industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. Ace is India's leading crane manufacturer, aside from tractors. Ace Ltd's success has been attributed to proper after-sales management, technological skill, and the capacity to manufacture a wide range of construction and agricultural equipment.

Action Construction Equipment Limited was established in 1995, and ACE is the smartest short form for the company. In India, Ace Company is best recognized for its material handling and construction equipment. The company is already well-known in the construction equipment market. since it is the world's leading crane manufacturer.

The workers or experts who work here have a lot of expertise in the field of construction. Since its inception, the company has excelled in the production of heavy-duty construction equipment. It also manufactures and develops farming tractors, with its headquarters in Faridabad (Haryana). On an annual basis, it produces 12000 construction equipment and 9000 Ace tractors.

History Of ACE Tractor:-

Ace is a well-known brand that is recognized as the top crane manufacturer. It has altered the way people think about farming and construction equipment. Mr. Vijay Agarwal created the company in 1995. It is one of those companies that speaks for millions of Indian farmers and meets their needs by encouraging modernity and technology. However, in 2008, the ACE firm began manufacturing ACE tractors in India.

ACE produces tractors with engines ranging from 25 to 90 horsepower. ACE tractors export to Southeast Asian countries and ensure that the company excels at producing affordable tractors. 

What makes ACE Tractors in India the best company, so far?

ACE Tractors in India is a relatively new firm in India, but it has quickly established a strong presence and captured a sizable market share. It provides the best farm-centric equipment in India, which is both beautiful in appearance and useful. However, the company is the greatest and most popular tractor company on the market. Here are some of the reasons why ACE tractors are the best and most popular among framers:

1. In India, ACE tractors have the most cc and torque in the HP sector.
2. Ace Tractors with engine efficiency ranging from 25 to 90 horsepower have a 4WD option.
3. Ace tractor boasts easy engine maintenance with low spare parts and oil expenses.
4. The ACE tractor quality in India is never compromised and is constantly improved.
5. The experts are skilled and well-versed in the latest technology. 
6. Ace Tractor Price list in India is budget friendly for our farmer's friends.

What is the ACE Tractor Price in India?

ACE tractor prices start at Rs 5.25 lakh* - Rs 9.20 lakh* in India. ACE tractors are quite popular and well-known in the Industry. When it comes to Ace tractor price lists in India, they are among the most economical in the country.

Ace Tractor Company aspires to provide the most competing priced tractors that best justify their quality and performance. So, if you're looking for a low-cost tractor, you should look at the Ace tractor price in India. 

Which are the popular ACE tractors in India?

In India, ACE Tractors has earned a reputation for being the tractor industry's fastest-growing company. The company has exhibited good stability and growth in the market since its decision to start tractor manufacture in 2008. In India, the farmer prefers the ACE tractor above anything else.

The company makes Ace tractors with engines ranging from 25 to 90 horsepower. Ace tractor's explicit efficiency, strong tool parts, and powerful fuel efficiency set it apart from the competition.

Ace tractors are designed specifically for agricultural work, industrial hauling, and construction. In India, the most costly ACE tractor Price is Rs 9.20 lakh*. The ACE tractors are distinguished by their yellow and dark blue color schemes. The novel concept of remembering the tractor by its colors has piqued the farmers' interest. The ACE DI 450 NG, ACE DI 550 NG, ACE DI-6565, and ACE DI-350 NG are some of the most popular ranges of ACE tractors.

Ace Tractors HP Range:

Ace tractors provide a wide range of tractors with their horsepower ranging from 20 to 88.5 HP. The price of Ace tractors lies between Rs.4.35 Lacs* to Rs.17.5 Lacs. They provide a wide range of tractors of different HP ranges. The best tractor model under each HP range is given below to make it easier for you to choose the right one. 

Ace Tractor Under 20 HP:

The best Ace tractor under 20 HP is the Ace Veer 20. It has a lifting capacity of 600 kg, a water-based cooling system, and is priced at Rs.3.30 Lakh* to Rs.3.60 Lakh*. The price range goes perfectly with the economic conditions of the Indian Market.

Ace Tractor Under 21-30 HP:-

The tractors that come under 21-30 HP are heavy-duty mini tractors. Ace 21 hp - 30 hp tractors are best for all kinds of small-scale tasks on agricultural fields, personal lawns, etc.

The best Ace 25 hp tractor is the Ace DI 305 NG tractor. It comes with 2 cylinders and can lift up to 1200 kg of weight. And is priced at Rs. 4.35 - Rs.4.55 Lakh*.

Ace Tractor Under 31-40 HP:-

Ace  31 hp - 40 hp tractors are perfect for all levels of tasks be it small tasks or heavy duty tasks. The best Ace 35 hp tractor is the Ace DI 854 NG tractor. It has 3 cylinders, 27.2 PTO HP, 55 liter fuel tank, and more. The pricing is set at Rs. 4.35 - Rs.4.55 Lakh*.

Ace Tractors Under 41-50 HP:-

The Ace 41 hp - 50 HP tractors are used for massive tasks on medium-large sized lands. The best 41-50 HP tractor by Ace Tractors undoubtedly has to be Ace DI 450 NG. A 45 HP tractor by Ace that meets all the requirements of the Indian farmers having medium-large level tasks and farms. This ace 45 hp tractor Price is Rs. 6.40 lakh* and goes up to Rs.6.90 Lakh*.

Ace Tractors Under 51-60 HP:-

Next up on the list is the Ace 51 hp - 60 hp tractor range used strictly for high-efficiency tasks. That needs to be performed on a huge scale.  the best tractor under this HP range has to be, Ace DI 6565 4WD V2 tractor water-based cooling system, which can lift up to 2200 kg. Comes with 4 cylinders that ensure sufficient fuel is stored, This Ace 55 hp tractor's price is Rs. 9.94 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 10.59 Lakh*.

Ace Tractor Under 61-70 HP:-

Another impeccable tractor series under the horsepower of 61-70 HP. The tractor range consists of large tractors. The best under Ace 61 hp- 70 hp tractor is undoubtedly, the Ace DI 6565. A 61 HP tractor that comes with 4 cylinders, capable of lifting 1800 kg weight, and a water cooling system. This ace 65 hp tractor Price is  Rs. 6.45-8.35 Lakh*.

Ace Tractors Under 71-80 HP:-

The Ace 71 hp - 80 hp tractor is the Second highest hp range and is used by tractor industry hotshots and anyone who has huge farms. The best Ace 75 hp tractor is the Ace DI 7575. With a 2130 mm wide wheelbase and a 2000 kg weight lifting capacity. that is priced at Rs. 7.45- Rs. 9.35 Lakh*.

Ace Tractors Under 81-90 HP:-

The highest horsepower range offered by Ace is Ace 81 hp -90 hp tractors. the tractors coming under this horsepower are suited for humongous tasks both on and off the road, or even on construction sites. The best Ace 90-hp tractor is the Ace DI 9000 4WD.

Where can we find videos of ACE tractors?

One and only place where you can find Ace Tractor Videos is on the tractorgyan YouTube channel. Our tractor videos include reviews of new and used tractors, tips for saving fuel, tractor maintenance tips, and engine maintenance tips.

The TractorGyan video will assist you in making an informed decision. When purchasing an Ace tractor as well as increase your understanding of the tractors you already own.

Who are the ACE Tractor Dealers in India?

The ACE corporation proudly owns more than 60 items, and having dealers for them is critical and helpful. However, the organization has a network of approved Ace Tractor Dealers around the country. who can assist farmers in finding the greatest tractor-brand deals at the best costs. In today's world, organizations, particularly tractor firms, must develop networks and seek out outside traditional sources.

It is not difficult to have an extremely large network via which the company's products may be readily marketed and promoted. ACE tractors in India have developed their own strategy for reaching out to potential clients by offering the highest quality and most affordable tractors. To learn more about the ACE tractor dealer & showroom in your area, go to Tractor Gyan and obtain all the related information.

How to get ACE tractors on loan?

Tractorgyan allows you to receive a Tractor Loan for your dream machine, with all the best offers that have recently been added. As well as from a variety of finance firms. Examine our network of partners to locate the Ace Tractor Loan options, EMIs, documentation, and other procedures. This may appear to be a complicated procedure, but Tractorgyan makes it a lot simpler.

Thousands of farmers have benefited from Tractorgyan in securing a tractor loan and making the procedure easier for them. Many of them have successfully returned the loan and are now in complete control of their profits. Tractor Loans have simple installments and adjustable rates. But the fact that you may receive up to 90% of the cost of your Ace tractor covered by the loan makes them much more desirable. 

Is there any second-hand ACE tractor available in the market?

However, owning a used Ace tractor that is as efficient as a new tractor is not a bad deal. You can visit Tractor Gyan any time to buy the best Second Hand Ace tractor in India. We offer a comprehensive list of used ACE tractors in India, with contact information for sellers, to assist you in getting what you want. So pay us a visit soon.

Thus, ACE Tractor in India has you covered if you want to experience technology with a blend of unique design and great functionality. Learn everything there is to know about ACE tractors in India to obtain a clear picture of why the ACE Company is so a well-known brand.

ACE tractor Prices in India are likewise more affordable and acceptable than anyone could have imagined. To learn more about ACE tractors in India, go to tractorgyan.com for the most up-to-date information.