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Top 10 profitable Agriculture Business Ideas in India | 2022

    Top 10 profitable Agriculture Business Ideas in India | 2022

18 Feb, 2022

India is considered as Agricultural Country since ancient times because most of the population in India has adopted agriculture as their primary business or family business. Most of the products are export to other countries from India. Due to Covid, when all business were announced to close or pause for a short time, at that time, farmers and landlords were still working in their farms so it has become emerged one of the most reliable sectors in business industries. This sector has been expanded a lot and still expanding because of having many of the money making Agriculture Business Ideas. There are hundreds of industries which have been linked with agriculture.

First of all, agriculture business has been categorized into three broad categories which are described below: - 

  1. Productive Resources: - In this category, seed, feed, fertilizer, equipments, energy, machinery are included that are main requirements means without them, nothing is possible in agriculture sector.

  2. Agricultural Commodities: - After getting the results (grown grains or spices), these are sold to use as raw or processed commodities of food and fiber. 

  3. Facilitative Services: - Then, on products, you may need of some facilitative services such as storage, processing, packing, transportation, marketing, credit, insurance and many more.

Most Profitable Business Ideas in Agriculture

Here are some of the most demanding and profitable businesses in agriculture. You can start with anyone of them which are described below:

1. Agricultural Land: -

You can invest your money in buying fertile agricultural land so that you may start your work by producing some most demanding items locally as well as at faraway places. Right now, due to developing technology, you can also promote and sell your products online by using different social media channels. 


2. Grocery Shopping Portal: -

At present, people don’t want to waste their time to buy day-to-day groceries because they prefer to get their ordered groceries at their door-step. So you can start your own e-shopping portal and can get maximum profits. 


3. Tree Farm: -

You can start your business by buying tree farm in which you can grow trees and sell them. Although this process is time-consuming, as trees require considerable time to grow yet this is one of the best business Ideas with which you can make a start. 


4. Dry Flower Business: -

This business idea has come into light from last 10 years. You can grow flowers in your vacant land where they will get dried properly and after that you can sell those dried flowers to craft stores or hobbyists.  


5. Beekeeping: -

As people have becoming health conscious, demand of honey has been increased a lot so you can start beekeeping business and can avail the great opportunity to get maximum benefits. You just have to keep a close supervision on bees.


6. Fruit and Vegetables Export: -

You can start your business to sell the fresh fruits and vegetables internationally and for this, you will have to collect whole products from farmers. For this, you must get complete knowledge about import and export policies. 


7. Dairy Business: -

People are so much demanding for milk and milk products so it is very good and profitable business idea. You need to invest a good amount for this business and get maximum knowledge from dairy experts and you will definitely get a good earning. 


8. Broom Production:  -

Broom is used to sweep up the floor and remove dirt and dust from it. You just have to invest a small capital on this project and can get good profit in short span of time.


9. Groundnut Processing: -

For starting this business, you just need to have good quality raw material (groundnuts) and moderate capital because processed groundnuts are highly demanding all over the world. 


10. Medicinal Herbs Farming: -

For initiating this business, you need to have great knowledge of herbs and sufficient land. You can grow medicinal herbs and sell them but with certain license from government for this business.

These are few of the business which is related to agriculture businesses. A big list of agricultural business ideas is left to see. For knowing more about this, just keep on reading our upcoming articles.


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