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Agriculture and Farm Equipment in India

Tractor Home| Agriculture and Farm Equipment in India

Agriculture equipment helped farmers save time, cost, and labor for farmers leading to an increase in the revenue of farmers. But finding Farm equipment at fair prices can be a difficult task! Hence TractorGyan provides a variety of implements and tractors that are offered by different brands stating features and prices that are budget-friendly for farmers. TractorGyan is the best-suited website for agriculture equipment information and authentic sources that help you get the best deal on farm equipment.

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About Agriculture Equipment in India:-

Agriculture equipment has revolutionized the agricultural industry in India and worldwide. These technologically advanced farm machinery play a crucial role in increasing agricultural output and have reduced the labor of countless farmers leading to a prosperous life.

Farm equipment includes a variety of machines and implements that range from manually handling farm equipment used throughout history to the modern mechanisms of agriculture. To feed an ever-growing population is a challenging task hence agriculture equipment extends it beyond just hard labor. That’s where agriculture equipment comes into the scene. There’s a wide variety of agricultural equipment available to farmers for their area of operation. Furthermore, the farmers of different fields can select and purchase agriculture equipment from numerous brands available on a single website- TractorGyan.

What are the Types of Farm Equipment?

Today, our fellow farmers can access a wide range of agricultural equipment such as Tractors and their attached implements namely; Rotavators, Harvesters, Ploughs, Power Tillers, Potato Planters, and Balers.

This agriculture equipment in India has reformed the agro-industry with its usages and advanced features. Globally, these farm equipment are manufactured by different brands offering different features and functions leading to varying prices.

Tractor Brands:

TractorGyan enlists 25+ tractor brands offering a wide range of tractors for farmers to choose an ideal tractor for agriculture. These different brands offer excellent features and functions at a price that suits the purchasing power of farmers. There is a long list of heavy-duty tractors and mini tractors available on TractorGyan offered by different brands.

Tractor Implements:-

A tractor’s main function is tilling, pulling heavy loads, and powering implements. Tractor implements or Attachments are used to execute a new function on the field that saves time and gives access to a large area quickly.
The attached farm machinery largely vary according to different farm operations but the ones summarised below are the basic agriculture equipment list used all over the world.

  • Rotavators:

A Rotavator is tractor-attached farm equipment that is used for soil preparation. This farm equipment is used to break, mix, and churn large chunks of the soil before sowing seeds in the field. This equipment improves soil fertility.

  • Combines Harvesters:

Combine harvester as the name suggests is a process combining 4 different operations namely, reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing. Harvesters are machines designed to yield a variety of grain crops through these combined operations.

  • Plough:  

A plough is a tractor-drawn agriculture equipment used for turning the soil and making it a little damp to prepare it for the next crop cultivation. Majorly, there are 5 types of ploughs used for farming namely; moldboard plough, disc plough, ridge plough, chisel plough, and subsoil plough.

  • Power Tiller:

A power tiller is basically a two-wheeled tractor used for rotary tilling. This agriculture equipment helps in healthy soil preparation, sowing seeds, and spraying water and fertilizers. This is a multipurpose machine used for small farm operations.

  • Potato Planters:

A potato planter is a tractor-powered farm equipment that is used for planting potato seeds at a set distance. This machine is powerfully built for tasks such as sowing and saves labor. There are 3 types of potato planters- Automatic Potato Planter, Semi-Automatic Planters, and High-Speed Automatic Potato Planter.

  • Hay Balers:

Balers are agriculture equipment used to collect, compress, and wrap hay, cotton, and flax straw into bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store. Mainly there are 3 types of balers namely Round balers, Square balers, and Large square balers.

How does Agriculture Equipment help in Increasing the Profit and Revenue of the Farmers?

Ever since the world has been blessed with technology we have benefited from it tremendously. The same goes for farmers. A considerable amount of workload has been shifted from their shoulders to these capable agriculture machinery.

And, it’s not only about workload. The productivity that has increased due to these efficient farm machinery is immense! These agriculture equipment are swift in operation covering large acres of land saving time. These farm Tools or agriculture machinery have lowered labor costs and saved resources resulting in a bountiful harvest. This harvest when sold at good value can generate good revenues and profit for our farmers.

Why TractorGyan for Farm Equipment?

Numerous brands are providing different agriculture equipment in India. But access to correct information is important about the product, and selecting the brand that sells the best agriculture equipment in India is necessary.

That’s when TractorGyan comes to the scene. We provide a simple yet informative portal that classifies different farm tools or agriculture machinery offered by their designated brands to our customers.

TractorGyan has been a step ahead of its peers through its regular updates on technological advances in agriculture equipment in India. The website shows honest user ratings for new customers.

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