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What is PTO and its types in India | 2022

    What is PTO and its types in India | 2022

08 Apr, 2022

Tractors are extremely important in the agriculture industry. The tractor can handle the majority of the labor-intensive tasks. Tractors are available in a variety of horsepower and PTO horsepower. PTO HP refers to the tractor's power take-off. If you haven't heard of PTO in tractors before, you've come to the right place.

PTO stands for Power Take Off on a tractor. It provides power to the tractor's mounted implement. A tractor is a multipurpose machine used in agriculture for a variety of tasks. It is mostly utilised for pulling implements, and a PTO tractor is necessary for this task. Tractor PTO is used for a variety of tasks, including moving water pumping equipment, rotavator, spraying, threshing, and more.

There are several ways to get power from the front power source and send it to associated implements. For transmitting power to attached secondary implements, this application generally uses a drive shaft and bolted joints. It's a mechanical gearbox that connects to the apertures on truck transmissions. This is a method of transferring mechanical power from farm tractors to tractor implements in a methodical manner.


What is the purpose of Power Take-Off (PTO HP):

The amount of power available to run various implements is indicated by the PTO Horsepower. PTO is a stationary power source that is used to draw equipment for tillage and planting various crops. Multi-operational equipment for threshing crops, spraying, and pumping water from a tube well, among other things.


How Does the PTO on a Tractor Work?

PTO was created to provide engine power that is transferred to implements and converted into engine rotation. Hydraulic is the term for the mechanism that uses fluids to generate energy. It has the advantage of being able to move huge implements rapidly and with little power. In conclusion, tractor PTO performs admirably in tractors.


Types of Tractor PTO in India:

Before heading towards types of PTO in India, we should first understand what is PTO Tractor Shaft?

The PTO shaft transfers mechanical energy from agricultural tractors to implements. PTO shaft is the energy that converts the engine's energy to hydraulic pressure. PTO Shafts require regular inspection because they are utilised to draw big weights and their absence can cause the PTO to malfunction. The PTO shaft is quite hefty; use it correctly.

Here's a quick rundown of the various types of PTOs available in India.

Transmission PTO Shaft: The transmission PTO shaft is the simplest and oldest form of PTO shaft available in India. This is connected to the transmission directly. When you press the clutch, the tractor acquires PTO.

Two-stage Clutch (Live): There are two levels of transmission clutch on this sort of shaft. In that instance, depressing the clutch halfway allows you to use a PTO shaft in the first stage. The second level gives you control over the PTO's affiliation. In a nutshell, this disconnects the transmission's protonation and PTO functioning.

Economy PTO: It allows the tractor to run at a lower RPM of 540 while maintaining the same engine RPM. This saves gasoline, reduces vibration, and reduces noise. It's ideal for a variety of tasks, including baling, mowing, and tilling. The tractor should be set to 540 modes by default.

Independent PTO: The tractor benefits from an independent PTO shaft. It has a clutch and is operated independently of the tractor's transmission. It's also broken down into two types:-  Mechanical \ Hydraulic

Reverse PTO: The tractor's reverse PTO is used to turn the tractor in the inverse direction by pressing a button. It is utilized when farm equipment becomes stuck while completing farm tasks.

PTO horsepower is determined in the following way:

The output shaft RPM is directly proportionate to the PTO's horsepower. As a result, the higher the speed of the turn, the more horsepower is produced. The formula for calculating a tractor's horsepower is as follows:

HP = Torque (T) x Rated RPM ÷ 5,252


PTOs are rated based on their torque capability, which is the amount of force required to move or run something. Here's the formula for calculating the PTO's speed:

PTO Speed = Equipment Speed + Engine Speed


Do all tractors have a power take-off (PTO):

A Power Take Off shaft is found on most tractors and connects to your implements to provide power. The shaft draws power from the engine, indicating the amount of power available to operate various implements. When it comes to terrain, having a high PTO is also important.


Are you aware of who invented the PTO?

The International Harvester Company (IHC) introduced the PTO (Power Take Off) in 1918 with their 8-16 model. It was the first manufacturer to offer PTO on tractors. Tractor PTO was invented by Edward A. Johnston, an IHC engineer. Earlier in France, he was inspired by a handcrafted PTO. The concept of Tractor PTO was introduced into the 8-16 by Edward A. Johnston and his colleagues. They came up with a farm implements family to check the feature adequately.

IHC was not the only company on the market with this feature for a long time. PTO is also widely found in other brands of tractors during the course of a year. In 1920, IHC presented their 25-30 tractor with PTO Tractor for a Nebraska tractor test after a two-year wait.

All of this pertains to PTO in tractors. We hope you have received all of the information you require on this subject. If you want to learn more about tractors and other farm machinery, go to TractorGyan, where you can find the most up-to-date information on agriculture equipment. TractorGyan is a platform where you can get all the information you need about various tractor brands in a simple and transparent manner. Stay tuned to www.TractorGyan.com for more information.


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