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Retail Tractor sales up by 9.66 percent YoY in June 2022 shows FADA Research

Retail Tractor sales up by 9.66 percent YoY in June 2022 shows FADA Research

    Retail Tractor sales up by 9.66 percent YoY in June 2022 shows FADA Research

05 Jul, 2022

FADA Sales report for June 2022 is out, and we can say that unlike a recent couple of years, this year’s June has been a relief for the tractor industry.  It is known that covid-19 had taken a great toll on the economy of the country, and is in a recovery state currently. And the tractor industry is no different. Overall figures show promising figures, in June 2021 the total tractors sold were 52,289 these numbers hiked in the month of June for this year, 2022, and reached 57,340 tractors, showing a growth of 9.66%.


Sales report for Mahindra and Mahindra:

Mahindra and Mahindra the star tractor manufacturing company needs absolutely no introduction. But despite its popularity, the star company had to take a toll on its sales in the previous years due to covid. The sales of Mahindra and Mahindra in the month of June in the year 2021 were recorded to be 11,636 tractors sold which hiked this year, where they sold a total of 13,191 tractors and showed a growth of 11.7% in June 2022.


Sales report for Mahindra and Mahindra Swaraj Division:

Swaraj division by Mahindra and Mahindra is favored by everyone in the agriculture sector. Swaraj by Mahindra and Mahindra sold 8,446 tractors in the month of June in 2021 and showed promising growth when they sold, 9,637 tractors in the month of June in 2022, showing a growth of 14%.


Sales report for Tafe Limited(Massey Ferguson tractor):

Alike every other tractor company TAFE also showed growth of 14 % when they sold, 6,476 tractors in June 2021 and 7,389 Tractors in the month of June of the current year of 2022.


Sales report for International Tractor limited(Sonalika tractor):

International Tractor Limited is o different than any other promising tractor company if anything it is considered to be a late bloomer. The sales for June 2021 were recorded to be 6,689 tractors and even though the number went up but it could not go much higher. The sales for June 2022 were 6,947 tractors showing a growth of 3.89%.


Sales report for escorts limited:

Escorts Limited showed slight growth in the sales of tractors when they sold over 6,475 tractors in the month of June 2021 and the numbers went up very slightly when they sold over 6,060 tractors in the month of June 2022. Showing a growth of 6.40%


Sales report for John Deere:

John Deere the hero of the tractor community also made a comeback this year when they sold over 4,517 tractors in the month of June 2022, whereas they only sold 3,839 tractors in the month of June 2021. 17.66% more.


Sales report for Eicher Tractors:

Eicher tractors also showed growth in the month of  June in both years, in the year 2021 for the same month they sold around 3075 tractors and the number went up to 3,289 tractors in June 2022, showing a growth of 6.9%.


Sales report for CNH Industrial(New Holland):

CNH industrial tractors sold 2243 tractors in the month of June in 2021 and the sales went down to 2,110 tractors in June 2022. Showed a loss of 5 %. Even though the company may have faced loss but the image and customer base assures a promising comeback in the future.


Sales report for Kubota:

Kubota showed massive growth this year’s June. In the month of June in 2021, the company sold only 797 tractors, this year’s June they sold over 1,404 tractors showing a growth of 76%.


Sales report for V.S.T Shakti:

V.S.T the maestro of the tractor industry sold only 189 tractors in June 2021 but justifying the title given to the company, it made a comeback when they sold over 410 tractors in the month of June 2022.


Sales report for Indo Farm:

Indo Farm sold only 309 tractors in June 2021 and the firm showed promising growth when they sold over 339 tractors in June 2022, 9.7% growth shown.


Sales report for Force Motors:

Force Motors surely know how to make a comeback. The company sold 241 tractors in June 2021 and the numbers then went up to 307 in the month of June in the year 2022 showing a growth of 27%.


Sales report for Captain Tractors:

Captain tractors could not sell many tractors in the year 2021, the company sold only 188 tractors in June 2021 and the sales slightly wet up when they sold 199 tractors in the month of June 2022.


Sales report for Others:

Sales of other companies could not grow. They sold around 1686 tractors in June 2021 the number then went down to 1541 tractors in the year 2022 in the month of June.



In conclusion, the month of June of the year 2022 has been somewhat mixed up in the sense of sales for the tractor industry however it does convey a slight hope of promising sales in the nearest future as everything is getting back to normal and so does tractor industry.

For more tractor-related news and the latest updates visit tractor gyan and never miss an update on the agricultural world.



  1. The above numbers do not have figures of AP, MO, LD and Ts as they are not yet on Vahan 4. However, for June 2022 numbers Andhra Pradesh has been covered.
  2. Vehicle retail data has been collected in 03-07-2022 in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport and highways government of India and has been gathered from 1,282 out of 1,409 RTOs.


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