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Force tractors are developed by Force Motors situated in Pune, India. Force tractor price in India a starts from Rs. 3.40 to 8.10 lakhs*. Force tractors provide a variety of tractor models in India ranging from 27 HP to 51 HP engines. Force motors are popularly known for their Orchard Mini and Orchard Deluxe tractor models, which offer high performance and productivity with their robust features. Force motors are the major manufacturer of three-wheelers, multi-utility, and cross-country vehicles, light commercial vehicles, buses, and now heavy commercial vehicles along with force Tractors. Force tractors offer better efficiency, mileage, and features for agricultural operations. The most popular force tractors in India in 2023 are Force Sanman 5000, Force Orchard miniI, Force Balwan 500, and more. Force Mini Tractor models in 2023 are Force ORCHARD DELUXE, Force ABHIMAN, Force ORCHARD MINI, etc.

Force Tractors Price List 2023 in India

Force Tractor Series in India


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blogs Retail Tractor sales increased by 9.62% YoY in May 2023, shows FADA Research

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blogs Retail Tractor sales increase by 13.96% YoY in February 2023, shows FADA Research

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Recently Asked Question about Force Tractors:

The Force tractor HP range starts from 25 hp to 60 hp.

Force tractor price range starts from Rs. 3.40 lakh to Rs. 8.10 lakh.

Force tractor manufacturing plant in Akurdi and Chakan (Maharashtra), Pithampur (Madhya Pradesh), Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

The most fuel-efficient Force tractor is the Force Abhiman.

Force Balwan 400 is the best tractor in Force tractor.

Late Shri. N. K. Firodia is the founder of Force Tractor.

The best Force 4wd tractor in India is Force Abhiman.

At tractorgyan, visit the Locate tractor dealer page to find a Force dealer and showroom.

Force tractors' average lifting capacity is 900 kg to 1450 kg.

10+ Tractor models are available in the Force tractor brand.

The best 55 HP Force tractor is the Force Balwan 450.

Force sanman 6000 has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 1450 Kg.

The popular Force tractor in India is the Force Balwan 500.

The latest model of the Force tractor is the Force Balwan 400 super.

Force tractor's most powerful tractor is the Force Balwan 550, with a 51 hp engine.

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About Force Tractor Price List in India

Force Tractor is a Pune-based Indian automobile company with production in tractors and equipment. It is a successful tractor company and a game-changer in the tractor industry with its unique and innovative tractor models. The Popular tractor models are Balwan, Orchard, Sanman, and Abhiman. Force tractors have unique features, high technology, and the utmost perfection. The force tractor price in India starts from Rs 4.50 lakhs* to 7.2 lakhs*.

The force tractor price is affordable and reasonable. It has 27 HP,40 hp, and 50 hp tractors. Force tractors mostly have a lifting capacity of 1-2 tonnes.

Force tractors have Mercedes-derived engines with overhead shafts for fuel efficiency which results in silent running. It has a high ground clearance which results in minimal wear and tear.

Force is one of the oldest Indian automobile companies which has collaborated with many major brands to produce unique tractors in India. The company has created more opportunities and bright careers in the tractor industry. In previous times the term tempo was coined by Force motors and the tractors was otherwise recognized by the mini tempos.

The tempo couldn’t do what a tractor does to the agricultural land and hence, that’s why the need of inventing a tractor became more important. Not just that, Force Motors has also invented auto-rickshaws with the aim of offering the cheapest public transport in India. The company has seen great heights of progress and still continues achieving its success with the launch of exquisite force tractor models that are capable of fulfilling all the farmers' needs and helping them get better and higher productivity results.


History of Force Motors Company 

A company by a revolutionary leader has to be outstanding and revolutionized in nature. Force Motors in India is the result of the sheer efforts of the revolutionary leader and great Indian activist Shri. N.K Firodia, who gave birth to this amazing tractor manufacturing set-up in late 1958. This year was seen as the glorious era of bringing on technology and advanced science culture into the tractor industry.

The main aim of the Force tractors in India was to make India an industrially advanced nation. The company has made an exceptional contribution to the industry by launching ultra-efficient tractors that not just fulfill the demand of the farmers but also make commercial and agricultural activities easy and efficient. The Force Motors price in India in 2023 is not too expensive, it is affordable and worth the investment. The debut of Force Motors in India was made with the launch of the flagship  Balwan tractor model.


What makes Force Tractors in India the best tractor company?

Force Motors Tractors, having an Indian trait, is an exceptional company that has everything to offer to the farming industry. Force Motor's exceptional outreach production has fulfilled the needs of each farmer. The exceptional functions it has, the intrinsic design of the force tractor, and the spacious driving area of the tractors make it more desirable and easy to afford.

Force tractors produce tractors of an engine capacity varying from 27 HP to 51 HP. The company is homegrown and has produced various types of vehicles for India. The company has 8500 or more employees who are highly skilled and professional in the tech world. Thus, the tractors produced here are under the supreme handling and monitoring of these skilled laborers.

The USPs of Force tractor in India are -

1. The advanced engineering of the force tractors.

2. Force tractor offers Efficient and high HP engines

3. Innovative products launch in the market.

4. Force tractor price is the best in the market and adequate in specifications.

5. Popular for GVW, emission norms, mileage, and much more.

6. Excellent fuel capacity and amazing HP in-force tractor.

7. Force tractor has High ground clearance and silent noise.


Force Tractor's HP range

Force tractor earns farmers' trust with its full spectrum of excellence in technology, structural design, and engine performance. Force Motors exports a broad range of quality assured tractors across the globe at a great value. The company offers an extensive range of tractor models between 27 HP and 51 HP engine horsepower. We illustrate these tractor models that differ in features and specifications for our customers to select from different HP categories and their respective engine performances. 

Force Tractors under 30 HP:-

Force tractors engineers cost-effective tractors that are true to their value. The force under 30 HP tractors consists of mini tractors that range from 4.25 lacs* to 5.45 lacs*. The best Force 30 HP tractor known for its powerful performance is the Force Orchard Deluxe tractor packed with 3 attached engine cylinders, an engine capacity of 1947 cc, a basic fuel tank capacity of 29 liters, and an adequate lifting capacity of 1000 kgs. 

Force Tractors under 31 HP - 40 HP:-

Force 31 hp - 40 hp tractor class is engineered with the most advanced and well-equipped features before it hits the fields. The best Force 35 HP tractor is the Force Balwan 400 Super tractor which includes all the basic amenities of lifting capacity, engine power, and fuel efficiency of 60 liters of storage, in addition to 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. This Force 35 hp tractor price is easy on the pockets. This heavy-duty tractor includes three point linkage category II system and constant mesh gearbox & epicyclic-type transmission to power and support implements. 

Force Tractors under 41 HP - 50 HP:-

These Force 41 hp to 50 hp tractors are fully engineered and well-structured. Force Motors 45 HP tractors are thoroughly equipped with features designed to deliver durable performance. The most noteworthy Force 45 HP tractor best applicable for farm activities is the Force Sanman 6000 tractor featuring dual, dry mechanical actuated clutch with full oil immersed multi plate sealed disc brakes and a 6 spline type PTO for powering different implements. This force 45 hp tractor price is economical, ranging its price between 6.80 lakhs to 7.75 lakhs.

Force Tractors above 50 HP:-

Force tractors in this category show immense strength in their operations. The best Force tractor above 50 HP is the Force Balwan 550 tractor with a horsepower of 51 HP that provides top-notch technological solutions for agricultural operations. This tractor model includes all critical components consisting of 4 high powered engine cylinders with an impressive engine capacity of 2596 cc, fuel-efficient spacious tanks holding a maximum of 60 liters, 8 forward + 4 reverse gears, an impressive structure displaying a massive lifting capacity of 1350 kgs - 1450 kgs and an efficient force 50 hp tractor price range between 6.25 lakhs and 6.95 lakhs respectively. 


What is the price of Force tractors in India in 2023?

Force tractor prices are very affordable easy to purchase and worth it. While purchasing tractors the first thing that comes to mind is price and budget Force tractor price list never disappoints customers and is budget friendly given its functions and specifications.

While buying a tractor it is important to know about its features, worth, and other details that would make or purchase wiser. While taking a Force tractor model you do not have to stress about this because now Force tractors are easy to fit in your pockets. 

Force tractors work for the betterment of the farmers and this is why they try their best in launching an extravagant tractor series that is compatible for use by the farmer as well as fits their budget well.

The price of a Force Tractor in India starts from Rs 4.50 Lakhs* which is very reasonable and worth a mechanized tractor like Force. The most expensive tractor in Force motor is priced at Rs 7.20 Lakhs*. Thus, the tractor offered by force motors is all within the range of 4-8 Lakhs* which is much more economical than the competition in the market. 


Where can we find videos of Force Tractors?

To visualize Force Tractor follow our YouTube channel to get deeply analyzed about tractors. Here we have made good videos on tractors that will help you to get clear-cut ideas about force tractor price lists, range, and specifications.

The Force tractor videos are a virtual drive of the tractor that will surely help you understand its high-time reliability, durability, efficiency, and performance. Follow our Youtube channels to get weekly doses on tractors and if you are thinking to purchase the best brand of tractors, and are still having problems regarding their worth and features then, you must go there and watch our exclusive and detailed video on Tractors.


Financial loan For Force tractor

If you are having financial problems with purchasing a Force tractor then don’t worry Tractor Gyan will help you to get a Force tractor loan with low interest and easy procedure. Follow the tractorgyan EMI calculator to get full information about the rate of interest, period, and government subsidies for the force tractor.


Who are the dealers of Force tractors in India?

Force tractors One of the remarkable features is having a strong network of dealers. Day by day they are expanding their network and dealers for better reach to farmers. For a company to grow and expand its reach is important to have a huge and strong network of dealers who can together help the company to prosper and sell the tractors at the best price to almost every farmer.

The company has 341 certified Force Tractor dealers across the country who are all spread across the nation helping every farmer to get the best deal on tractors if possible. If you are searching for the best Force tractor dealer location near you then you are at the right window. Tractor Gyan will help you to get every information related to the tractor that is important for a farmer to make a wise decision.

Moreover, the Force tractors also have a service center across the country which helps the tractors to have affordable and easy access to service and maintenance charges. Force Tractor makes sure it has its service center and you’ll have the best dealer in town to sell you a Force mini tractor in the best price range. 


Where to purchase second-hand Force tractors in India?

Force tractors built quality is very tough last very long and are durable. So buying a second-hand force tractor is also a wise decision as it’s very easily available and its market resale value is also good. Thus, a used Force tractor makes your work much easier by successfully carrying out commercial and agricultural work.

As per the statistics, the Force tractor is also purchased while resale; this is because of its excellent mileage, performance, engine capacity, and great work efficiency. Plus these second-hand Force tractors in India are also cheap in price so if you want to have a Force tractor within a limited budget category then purchasing a  used one is still a great idea. Visit Tractor Gyan to know more about second-hand force tractors in India.

Thus, if you want more and better options to purchase a Force tractor model then keep visiting Tractor Gyan. We have a complete list of all the tractors here with their on-road price and other specifications that will help in catering to your needs in a perfect way. Rest your hunt of getting information from here and there when you can have all of them only at Tractor Gyan.

The on-road prices for Force tractors in India with the HP of the tractors are listed here to help you understand better and make a wise purchasing decision. If you are inquisitive and want to have accurate data about Force tractors in India, visit Tractor Gyan soon.

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