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SSP Fertilizer: Price, Uses and Benefits of Single Superphosphate the Finest Fertilizer for Healthy Plants

SSP Fertilizer: Price, Uses and Benefits of Single Superphosphate the Finest Fertilizer for Healthy Plants

    SSP Fertilizer: Price, Uses and Benefits of Single Superphosphate the Finest Fertilizer for Healthy Plants

02 Mar, 2024

In the world of agriculture, the quest to achieve optimal crop quality and maximize yields has always been a primary concern for farmers. They have to find ways to enhance agricultural productivity. Using fertilizers is one of many ways that farmers are using for a very long time to increase crop production and quality.

Single Superphosphate or SSP fertilizer is a highly valuable nutrient source for plants. By harnessing the power of SSP fertilizer, farmers can address nutrient deficiencies in their soils, improve crop health, and ultimately increase both the quantity and quality of their harvests.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of SSP fertilizer and explore how it can revolutionize modern farming practices.

What is SSP- Knowing The Basics?

SSP Fertilizer

Single Superphosphate or SSP fertilizer is a type of phosphorus-based fertilizer that is widely used in agriculture to enhance soil fertility and promote plant growth. SSP fertilizer is the first commercially-used mineral-based fertilizer that farmers started using to increase crop production. Mainly, farmers use it as a basal dose for soil and can easily mix it with other fertilizers to increase their potency.

Chemically, it's a combination of phosphorus, sulfur, and calcium and is denoted as Ca(H2PO4)2.2H2O (Monocalcium Phosphate Dihydrate).

If we break down this formula, we get to learn that the phosphorus is in the form of P205.  SSP contains 16% P2O5. In addition, it also contains some amount of Sulfur, Calcium, etc. 
To produce SSP fertilizer, finely grounded rock phosphate and sulfuric acid are combined in a chemical reaction. As a result of this reaction,  a powdered form of fertilizer containing a high concentration of phosphorus, along with sulfur and calcium, is formed.


Benefits of Using SSP Fertilizer 

Benefits of Using SSP Fertilizer

One might wonder why SSP fertilizer is over any other fertilizer. Well, SSP fertilizer has some exceptional qualities that many other commercial fertilizers don't have. For instance:

1. It has a high phosphorus content

SSP fertilizer is rich in phosphorus, a vital nutrient for plant growth and development. It contains 16% of phosphorus, which is a great quantity. As we all know, phosphorus is important for optimal root development, early plant establishment, and the production of flowers, fruits, and seeds. 

When the crop is getting enough phosphorus, the overall plant health and productivity of the crop improve. 

2. It releases nutrients immediately  

Unlike many commercial fertilizers that release nutrients immediately, SSP fertilizer releases nutrients slowly ensuring that the crop is getting crucial growth components over time. Such sort of nutrient release promotes a balanced growth of crops. 

3. It supplies enough secondary nutrients to the crop

Other than phosphorus, SSP fertilizer contains a rich amount of sulfur and calcium nutrients as well. Sulfur is crucial for various metabolic processes, enzyme activation, and protein synthesis in plants while Calcium supports cell wall formation, cell division, and overall plant structure.

Both of these secondary nutrients in SSP fertilizer help to address deficiencies, promoting healthy plant growth and optimal nutrient balance.

4. It's easy to absorb 

Phosphorus in SSP is more soluble than in other phosphate fertilizers, making it readily accessible to plant roots. The presence of sulfur in SSP also improves nutrient uptake efficiency, as sulfur is involved in the formation of amino acids and enzymes that facilitate nutrient absorption.

5. It increases the soil fertility 

With the help of SSP fertilizer, farmers can easily address phosphorus deficiencies in the soil. When used continuously, it can replenish nutrient levels and improve soil fertility over time. 

6. It's easy on the pocket 

SSP fertilizer is relatively cost-effective compared to other phosphorus-based fertilizers. Its production process is simpler and requires fewer chemical inputs, making it an affordable choice for farmers looking to improve nutrient levels in their fields.


Key Use Cases Of SSP Fertilizer 

Key Use Cases Of SSP Fertilizer
SSP is a highly versatile fertilizer and has a wide range of use cases that includes: 

1. Cultivation of field crops

SSP fertilizer is commonly used in the farming of crops like corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, and cotton.  As these crops require significant amounts of phosphorus, using SSP  fertilizer helps ensure optimal crop growth. 

2. Fruits and vegetable farming 

As the roots of fruits and vegetables are weak, SSP fertilizer is an ideal way to promote root development, flower formation, and fruit/vegetable production. 

3. Horticulture and ornamental plants

Farmers involved in the production of horticultural crops, including flowers, shrubs, and ornamental plants should use SSP fertilizer to promote a better root system and enhance the health, vigor, and visual appeal of their horticultural and ornamental plants.

4. Reclamation of degraded soils

Try using  SSP fertilizer to increase soil fertility and we're sure that you will get impressive results as the present nutrients of these fertilizers are known for improving soil structure and facilitating the recovery of degraded soil. 

How Much SSP Fertilizer Should Be Used ?

When one aims to experience the claimed benefits of SSP fertilizer, it’s very important to use it in the right quantity.  Using too much or too less of SSP fertilizer will not bring desired results. The right way to find out the exact quantity to use is to perform soil testing and find out the nutrient requirements of the soil. However, the general recommendation is to use 100-150 kg per acre.


Price of SSP Fertilizer In India

SSP is a cost-effective fertilizer and farmers have many brands to choose from. The cost of SSP fertilizer in India varies according to the brand and quantity. It starts from ₹50 per kg/ and can go as high as ₹250 per/kg or more. We recommend farmers conduct a market survey and check the brand’s market value before buying SSP fertilizers.

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Recently Asked Question about SSP Fertilizer: Price, Uses and Benefits of Single Superphosphate the Finest Fertilizer for Healthy Plants

What is SSP fertilizer, and what does it contain?

SSP (Single Superphosphate) is a phosphorus-based fertilizer that contains phosphorus, sulfur, and calcium in the form of Ca(H2PO4)2.2H2O.

What is the phosphorus content in SSP fertilizer?

SSP contains 16% P2O5, which is a high phosphorus content.

How does SSP fertilizer benefit soil fertility?

SSP addresses phosphorus deficiencies in the soil, replenishing nutrient levels and improving soil fertility.

Which crops can benefit from SSP fertilizer?

SSP is beneficial for field crops like corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, cotton, fruits, vegetables, horticultural and ornamental plants.

How much SSP fertilizer should be used per acre?

The general recommendation is to use 100-150 kg of SSP fertilizer per acre.

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