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KS agrotech Tractor Implements In India

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Recently Asked Question about KS agrotech Tractor Implements:

The price of KS Agrotech farm implements starts from Rs. 15000.
Super Seeder, Straw Reaper and Laser Land Leveler are made by KS Agrotech.
3 models are available in KS Agrotech.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated KS Agrotech tractor implements price list.
KS agrotech KSA 756 DB (Plate Model) is the most popular KS Agrotech implement among farmers.
KS Agrotech tractor implements are compatible with all tractors so there is no specific requirement of hp.
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About KS Agrotech Tractor Implements

KS agrotech's motivation is to help hardworking farmers all over the world by designing and fabricating the best agricultural implements and machinery, such as the KS 9300 Maize Special Combine Harvester, KS Paddy Straw Chopper, Laser Land Leveler, KS Happy Seeder, KSP Multi Crop & Paddy Thresher, Reaper, Tractor Combine, and so on. KS Agriculture Industries Pvt. Ltd., KS Power Tech (Regd. ), and Bhagwan Engineering Works are part of our group (BEW). Since 1955, KS Agrotech PVT.LTD has been one of India's top agricultural implements producers, delivering exceptional solutions to basic agricultural needs.

Since 1955, KS Agrotech PVT. LTD. has been one of India's top agricultural equipment and implements producers, addressing basic agricultural needs with superior solutions. Due to KS agrotech consistency till now KS agro has won more than 200 awards and has a healthy number of happy clients more than 1005550.

KS agrotech produces a wide range of product under this belt. It produces more than 55 products which are helpful to our farmers to increase their productivity in their field.

What are the USP of KS AGROTECH tractor Implement?

Ø  While it's common to believe that new technologies are introduced to save time, these tools can also be used to boost productivity while using less time.

Ø  The potential of KS agrotech's Tractor implements to boost farm produce is very much valuable.

Ø  The aim of framers is to make a living and travel about by working hard. KS agrotech's latest Tractor equipment will surely assist farmers in enhancing their lifestyles and living situations by providing excellent field labour.

Ø  KS agrotech's Implements are critical for reducing labour costs. Machine labour has taken the role of human labour. As a result, the cost of labour for the farmer will be lowered.

Ø  The machines from KS AGROTECH are extremely durable.

Ø  KS AGROTECH agricultural equipment can withstand wear and tear for a longer amount of time than agricultural equipment from other companies.

Ø  KS AGROTECH machines are developed with all of the aspects in mind, such as soil, terrain, crop kind, and so on.

Ø  KS agrotech's Implements appears to have brought modernism to agriculture by giving every tool for every process. Fodder cutters chop fodder, bedform planter’s plant seeds and spread fertilizer, front and rear blades handle dirt and level land, and so forth.

Ø  Genuine KS AGROTECH parts are designed and produced to exacting factory specifications to ensure that your KS AGROTECH machinery runs smoothly year after year.

The Most Effective and Efficient KS AGROTECHTractor Implements 

KS AGROTECH Maize Special

Maize is one of India's most important crops, and harvesting it using a variety of agricultural equipment requires special attention. For bigger harvesting requirements, the KS Agrotech 9300 – Maize Special is the best option. The advanced infrastructure includes an Ashok Leyland powerful engine, 1312 massive clutch plates, heavy-duty gear, and a spectacular grain separation increase. A crew of agriculture professionals at BEW creates the appropriate design to fulfil the unique needs of Indian farmers.

KS Agrotech Combine Harvester

The best harvester equipment available in India, with state-of-the-art engineering technology for your agriculture fields, is the Self Propelled Multicrop Combine Harvester. This harvester is made entirely in India and is powered by an ASHOK LEYLAND BHARAT Stage 6 Diesel Engine. Heavy Duty Gear with Big Clutch Plates and Cutter Gear for Cutter Blade Movement are included with this harvester. The Combine Harvester equipment is available in India at the best price from KS AGROTECH PVT.LTD.

Spare parts for KS AGROTECH Combine Harvesters are widely accessible on the global market. Parts and Service are easily accessible. The KS Straw Reaper allows operators to do routine maintenance and changes rapidly. Safety shields make it simple to gain access to the important components and daily maintenance areas of the KS AGROTECH Combine Harvester, reducing downtime. Belts and other wear components are replaced in a fraction of the time it takes to service similar units.


The KS AGROTECH Paddy Straw Chopper cum shredder can easily chop crop residue such as paddy straw (fresh/dry). This machine was designed to chop and mix paddy stalks left over after combine harvesters had finished harvesting paddy crops. With the use of chopped paddy stalks are shred and converted into small pieces and spread over the field which later mixes into the soil of the field it becomes organic fertiliser which is very useful for soil.

Heavy chassis, straw outlet with a unique design for easy straw flow, heavy P.T.O lack, easily drawable Straw grain storage tray, heavy transmission gear To prevent stone ingress, make a stone trip. Last but not least, a complete Computer Balanced Machine with all rotatory elements balanced individually and a backlight for night operation.

KS AGROTECH Happy Seeder

Happy Seeder is the ideal upgrade for sowing seeds and distributing fertiliser on the field. It can be connected to and operated by a tractor with a power output of 50 horsepower or higher. Ten tines are used to sow seed or apply fertiliser while maintaining a 228 mm row spacing. This tool is simple to use and can deliver a fast rate of sowing in the field without compromising the soil's integrity. In reality, the equipment upgrade allows a farmer to seed wheat immediately after harvesting rice from the same area.

What is the price of KS AGROTECH tractor implements?

Every farmer or individual looks for an affordable product with good brand and quality. So now you’re looking for this feature comes to end here because KS agrotech is the brand which provides all the tractor implements at very affordable without compromising the quality. Tractor implements from KS agrotech start at Rs.10,000, making them very affordable to all farmers. This tractor implement brand's prices are very reasonable, and it will readily fit into any farmer's budget. The on-road price of KS agrotech has always been lower than the framers' budget, allowing the brand to grow in popularity and accessibility to the general population. This is without a doubt the farmer's favourite brand.

Where to get information about KS AGROTECHtractor implements in India?

There is just one location on the internet where you can acquire all the information you need about KS agrotech tractor implements, and that is TractorGyan. TractorGyan provides complete and reliable information on KS agrotech tractors and tools. TractorGyan has all of the details on each and every product that KS Agrotech sells so that anyone interested in purchasing a KS Agrotech product can get all of the details before making a purchase.

TractorGyan is a website that not only provides information about KS agrotech tools but also about tractors. TractorGyan also assists farmers in comparing various brand implements by offering complete brand information. TractorGyan is a one-stop knowledge tool that provides complete and accurate information about tractor implements from all major brands in a simple and convenient manner. So head on to our website www.tractorgyan .com now to become knowledgeable in all forms of tractors and their implements

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