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5 HP to 12 HP Mini Tractors: Every farmer Should Know

5 HP to 12 HP Mini Tractors: Every farmer Should Know

    5 HP to 12 HP Mini Tractors: Every farmer Should Know

19 Jul, 2023

When it comes to buying a mini tractor in India, the names that will come to your mind are Mahindra & Mahindra, Sonalika, John Deere, Captain, and many more as all these brands have become symbols of quality and trust because of their inventive tractor ranges. 

These brands are ruling the hearts of Indian farmers and offering tractors and multiple farming equipment that empower farmers at every front and we don’t have doubts about their usability. However, what if we tell you that some lesser-known tractor brands in India are offering trustworthy mini tractor options like 5 hp, 8 hp tractors in India, E mini tractors in India, 7 hp tractors in India, and so on? 

These tractor brands offer unique features, affordability, and reliability to farmers across the country. While they may not enjoy the same level of recognition as their larger counterparts, their contribution to the farming community should not be underestimated.

In this article, we delve into the world of these lesser-known mini tractor brands in India, shedding light on their capabilities, innovation, and potential to revolutionize small-scale farming. So, if you’re interested in uncovering these underrated mini tractor models and brands then join us. 

Mini Tractors In India By Some Home-Grown Brands 

If you want a mini tractor in India or want to know the 5 hp mini tractor price in India, we want you to look beyond the established name for once. Some small-scale players in this industry are Lovely Agro-Industry, Trishul, Krushiraj Tractor, Suraj, and many more. 

All these brands may not be household names like their famous counterparts like Swaraj, TAFE, Sonalika, Mahindra & Mahindra, John & Deere, Captain, and many more but they still provide mini tractor models that small-scale farmers can buy to take care of their regular farming needs.

The 5 hp mini tractor price in India starts from Rs. 75,000* in India. Next, we’re going to talk about some mini tractor brands that offer 7 hp tractors, 10 hp mini tractors, 5 hp mini tractors, and 7 hp mini tractors for farmers across India. 

5 hp to 12 hp mini tractors

Best 12 HP Mini Tractors 

Tractor Model HP
Lovely Agro-Industry 12 hp
Trishul 12 hp
Krushiraj 12 hp

Lovely Agro-Industry 12 hp Mini Tractor 

lovely agro industry 12 hp mini tractor

If you’re looking for an affordable 12 hp tractor in India then Lovel Agro Industry offers an option, Lovely Agro-Industry 12 hp Mini Tractor. Lovely Agro-Industry 12 hp Mini Tractor price is affordable and with an engine power of 12 hp and a single cylinder, this compact yet powerful machine is designed to meet the needs of small-scale farmers.

Features of Lovely Agro-Industry 12 hp Mini Tractor: 

- Its sliding mesh transmission type ensures smooth and efficient operation, allowing farmers to maneuver through various terrains with ease.

- Despite its small size, the Lovely Agro 12 hp mini tractor showcases an impressive lifting capacity of 100 kg, enabling the handling of light to moderate loads. 

- Its cubic capacity of 12 hp ensures optimal performance while conserving fuel. Equipped with a single plate clutch, this mini tractor provides seamless engagement and disengagement of power, enhancing overall productivity. 

- The Lovely Agro mini tractor, with its reliable performance and compact design, is a valuable asset for farmers seeking a versatile and efficient machine to assist them in their daily agricultural tasks.


Trishul 12 hp Mini Tractor 

trishul 12 hp mini tractor

Another dependable 12 hp mini tractor that you can purchase is Trishul 12 hp mini tractor. As a company, Trishul was established in the year 1994 and has been actively engaged in designing powerful and feature-rich 12 hp mini tractors in India since then. This 12 hp mini tractor in India is worth your investment because it comes with a fuel-efficient engine, powerful PTO, and amazing lifting capacity. 

Features of Trishul 12 hp Mini Tractor:

- The 12 hp engine of this tractor comes with one cylinder that is perfect for its compact body. Despite less power, this tractor delivers efficient performance while maintaining fuel economy. 

- To keep the engine running for long hours, there is an air-cooled cooling system that supports prolonged operation in various weather conditions. 

- Equipped with power steering, the Trishul mini tractor offers ease of manoeuvrability, allowing farmers to navigate their fields with precision. With a wheelbase of 860 mm and a ground clearance of 240 mm, it provides stability and the ability to tackle uneven terrains. 

- The Trishul mini tractor is equipped with 3 forward gears, 1 reverse/low gear, and a dry, friction plate clutch, enabling smooth gear transitions and reliable operation.

- Some other features of this 12 hp tractor in India are a 625 cc engine capacity, an oil bath air cleaner, and a fuel-efficient diesel consumption rate of approximately 900 ml per hour. 


Krushiraj 12 hp Mini Tractor 

krushiraj 12 hp mini tractor

Established in the year 2013, Krushiraj Tractors is a trustworthy tractor manufacturing company that is best known for its mini tractor range. Here, you’ll get 5 hp tractors, 7hp tractors, 8hp tractors, 10 hp tractors, and 12 hp tractors. 

Krushiraj 12 hp Mini Tractor Features: 

- The Krushiraj Tractor Model 611 DI is a reliable 12 hp mini tractor that is designed to meet the needs of farmers in India. The engine model is G-611 and it is a single-cylinder engine promising optimal performance while conserving fuel. 

- The transmission system of this 12 hp mini tractor features a single plate dry clutch and a 6-forward + 2-reverse gearbox, providing flexibility and ease of operation. With a maximum speed of 23.96 km/hr, this tractor allows for efficient and timely completion of tasks. 

- The steering system is manual, offering precise control over the tractor's movement. 

- The tractor is equipped with a multi-speed power take-off (PTO), adding versatility to its functionality. 

- With a 10-litre fuel tank capacity, it can operate for extended periods without frequent refuelling.  

Best 10 HP Mini Tractors 

Tractor Model HP
Trishul 10 hp
Suraj 10 hp

- Trishul 10 hp Mini Tractor 

- Suraj 10 hp Mini Tractor 

Trishul 10 hp Mini Tractor 

trishul 10 hp mini tractor

Need a 10 hp mini tractor with dependable features? Don’t worry. Trishul Tractors has got your back. Trishul mini tractor 10 hp price range is set according to farmers' budget. The tractor is an ideal choice to make when you need a tractor with a compact design but unmatched capabilities. Every bit of this tractor is designed to perform best in the fields with a very affordable Trishul 10 hp mini tractor price range.

Features of Trishul 10 hp Mini Tractor:

- The tractor features a 10 hp engine with one cylinder that has an air-cooled cooling system. With this advanced cooling system, the tractor can continue hours-long operations without any disturbance. 

- The engine-rated RPM is 3001 and the fuel tank capacity is 510 CC. 

- As the tractor’s wheel, Tel base is 860 mm, it will be stable on the ground. 

- There is a single plate clutch system in this tractor that has smooth operations. 

- It’s made in India and has 0.75 Litre/Hour fuel consumption. 


Suraj 10 hp Mini Tractor 

suraj 10 hp mini tractor

Want to experience great power in a mini tractor? Nothing can beat the utility of the Suraj 10 hp tractor then. This 10 hp mini tractor comes with impressive specifications that include an advanced gearbox featuring 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. 

Features of Suraj 10 hp Tractor:

- It is equipped with a dual plate clutch, which ensures smooth engagement and disengagement of power, enhancing overall productivity. 

- With a stroke of 78 mm, it offers efficient combustion and power generation. 

- The tractor weight is 500 kg, Hence, it’s an ideal balance between stability and manoeuvrability, allowing farmers to navigate different terrains with ease. 

- The maximum torque of 1900 rpm ensures optimal power output for demanding agricultural tasks. 

Best 9 HP Mini Tractors 

Jyoti Engineering Works 9 hp Mini Tractor 

jyoti engineering works 9 hp mini tractor

The next model that we would like to mention in this list of ‘best mini tractors from lesser-known brands’ is Jyoti Engineering Works 9 hp mini tractor. This is an ideal mini tractor to buy in India for your common farming tasks. The tractor is compact and lightweight. Jyoti Engineering Works 9 hp Mini Tractor price is affordable for farmers.

Features of Jyoti Engineering Works 9 hp Mini Tractor:

- This equipment offers versatility and functionality with its single brakes system, 9hp engine, and flexible operations. 

- With a total weight of 380 kg, it strikes a balance between portability and stability, allowing for easy maneuverability in agricultural operations. 

- It has a capacity of 1-3 tons per hour, enabling efficient handling and processing of agricultural produce.

- It can be used for crop harvesting, transportation, and other farming tasks. 

Best 7 HP Mini Tractors 

Jyoti Engineering Works 7 hp Mini Tractor 

jyoti engineering works 7 hp mini tractor

Another model from Jyoti Engineering Works in the category of mini tractors in India is the Jyoti Engineering Works 7 hp mini tractor, which is an ideal combination of features and functionalities as it comes with a wide range of features. This 7 hp mini tractor price is within farmers’ budget.

Features of Jyoti Engineering Works 7 hp Mini Tractor:

- It has a 7 hp diesel engine with 1-3 tons/hour of operational capacity. 

- The tractor's weight is 380 Kg. 

- With a single brake system, the tractor delivers great performance in small fields.

Best 5 HP Mini Tractors 

Bhishma Basic Agriculture 5 hp Nano Tractor

bhishma basic agriculture 5hp nano tractor

If you need a 5 hp mini tractor in India, we would recommend Bhishma Basic Agriculture 5 hp Nano Tractor. The 5 hp mini tractor price in India of this model is only Rs. 65,000* in India. Hence, it can be practically available for every farmer. 

Features of Bhishma Basic Agriculture 5 hp Nano Tractor:

- It’s a lightweight tractor with a 5 hp engine. 

- The working width of this tractor is 16-40.


Also Read About Electric Mini Tractors Under 20 hp:

Autonxt E Mini Tractor 

autonxt e mini tractor

If you're looking for an electric mini tractor under 20 hp in India then go ahead and buy Autonxt E mini tractor. This is a 20 hp tractor with amazing features. 

Features of Autonxt E Mini Tractor:

- An electric engine of 20 hp operates at 15 KW. It needs only 2 hours of fast charging to be fully charged. 

- Its gearbox has 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. 

- Oil-immersed drum brakes are used in this tractor. 

- The lifting capacity of this tractor is 750 Kg.

Top 8 Under 12 HP Mini Tractors List

Tractor Model HP
Lovely Agro-Industry Mini Tractor  12 hp
Trishul Mini Tractor  12 hp
Krushiraj Mini Tractor  12 hp
Trishul  Mini Tractor 10 hp
Suraj  Mini Tractor  10 hp
Jyoti Engineering Works Mini Tractor  9 hp
Jyoti Engineering Works Mini Tractor  7 hp
Bhishma Basic Agriculture Nano Tractor 5 hp

Are You Ready To Buy Mini Tractor In India 

From the above list, it’s clear that we have no dearth of options when it comes to buying affordable mini tractors in India Many local and India-based companies like Trishul, Jyoti Engineering Works, Autonxt, and so on are offering tractors of 5hp, 7 hp, 8 hp, 9 hp, 10 hp, and 12 hp range. 

Tractor Gyan did extensive market research to find these hidden gems. They are the true example of India’s fighting spirit as they have managed to make their name in the market dominated by giants like Sonalika, Mahindra, John Deere, New Holland, Swaraj, and many more.

Try them out today and stay connected with more such details.

About TractorGyan

Tractor Gyan is an expert-led platform that aims to empower Indian farmers by providing accurate and timely information, and technological advancement about tractors and farm equipment in India.

TractorGyan helps farmers with New Tractor information, Compare Tractors, Tractor prices, Buying and selling of second-hand tractors, Tractor Insurance, Tractor Finance, Tractor tyre, Tractor Implements, Tractor EMI calculator, and more. 

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