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51 HP To 55 HP Tractors

The Indian tractor industry has multiple 51 HP to 55 HP tractor models from providers like Mahindra and John Deere that farmers can use for heavy-duty farming activities. 51 HP to 55 HP tractors for sale in India are compatible with leading implements and are laced with advanced features.

Under 55 HP Tractors Price

Under 55 HP tractor price range is Rs. 6.40 Lakhs* -Rs. 13. 50 Lakhs*.

Popular Tractor Under 55 HP in India

Swaraj 855 FE - Among the available 52 tractors, the Swaraj 855 FE is best as it has SC, DC, IPTO clutch options, 6 spline PTO, and an affordable price of Rs. 7.80 - 8.50 lakh*. New Holland 3630 TX Plus- This is the best 55 HP tractor as it has double clutch and creeper mode. It’s available at Rs. 7.15 - 7.60 lakh*. John Deere 5310 (Trem III)- This 4WD 55 horsepower tractor is available at Rs. 10.00 - 12.50 Lakh* price and offers facilities like self-adjusting brakes, power steering, and independent PTO. Powertrac Euro 50 Plus Powerhouse- With a dual-clutch, 52 HP engine, and balanced power steering, this is the best tractor below 55 HP available at Rs. 8.10 lakhs to 8.40 lakhs*.

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51 HP To 55 HP Tractor Price List 2024 in India


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51 HP To 55 HP Tractors Customer Reviews

tractor model Kartar 5136

user review


 04 May, 2024

New kartar tractor acha hai

tractor model John deere 5310

user review


 26 Apr, 2024

Jhon dheer 5310 good

tractor model John deere 5310 4WD

user review

Vikas patidar

 01 Apr, 2024

On road price best

tractor model Kartar 5136

user review

Sanjay rambhau kharode

 19 Feb, 2024

Kartar tractor best

tractor model Swaraj 855 FE

user review

Ajay singh

 16 Feb, 2024

Swaraj 855 FE

Recently Asked Question about 51 HP To 55 HP Tractor Models Tractors:

Which is the most popular tractor under 55 HP?>

The Best tractors under 55 HP in India are Powertrac Euro 50 powerhouse, Kubota MU5501 2WD, John Deere 5310 4WD, Swaraj 855 FE, Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander, and Mahindra Novo 605 DI CRDE.

What is the 51 HP to 55 HP tractor price range in India?>

The 51 HP to 55 HP tractors price starts from Rs. 6.40 Lakh* - Rs 13.50 lakh* in India.

How many under 55 HP tractor models are listed on Tractorgyan?>

There are 60+ Under 55 HP tractor models listed on Tractorgyan.

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About 51 HP to 55 HP Tractors in India

To make your search easy for your dream vehicle tractorgyan has a separate page for all 51 hp to 55 hp tractors, so you can easily find the perfect tractor. Not only models you can also find 51 hp to 55 hp tractor prices.

Horsepower is the prime feature of any tractor and there is a huge range of horsepower to choose from which can be confusing at times, different HP tractors are suitable for different purposes hence choosing the correct Horse Power tractor is very important. the range can go as low as 15 HP tractor which is perfect for yard scaling and as the hp range goes up the features add up and so does the utilities. For example, tractors with Horsepower of more than 65 HP are used for heavy-duty farm tasks, transportation needs, and construction work. We understand the confusion and chaos one has to go through in deciding on the perfect Horsepower tractor, the most popular range is a 51 hp to 55 HP tractor. Here is the information related to the same along with the popular under 55 hp tractors price list ranges.

Who Should Buy 51 HP to 55 HP Tractor?

51 HP to 55 HP tractors are used for all medium to heavy-duty tasks on the large field. Apart from farming under 55 hp tractors are also popular for transportation purposes such as transporting harvested crops and grains from farms to the marketplace as well as transporting truckloads of construction material on the construction site. Basically, thanks to the heavy-duty functionality of under 55 horsepower tractors, farmers work a lot easier. 

51hp to 55hp tractors are the most popular range of tractors in India due to the country being a major in agriculture. 51 hp to 55 hp tractor price range starts from Rs. 6.40 lacs*.

Popular 51 Hp to 55 HP Tractor Price List in India 2024:

Tractor Models                                       



Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse    

52 HP

Rs. 7.65 to 8.05 Lacs*

Kubota MU5501 2WD

55 HP

Rs. 8.54 to 9.99 lacs*

Swaraj 855 FE

52 HP

Rs. 7.80 to 8.50 lacs*

Sonalika DI 750 III RX Sikander

55 HP

Rs. 7.80 to 8.25 lacs*

Mahindra Novo 605 DI CRDE 

55 HP

Rs. 10.30 to 10.50 lacs*

Why TractorGyan for 51 HP to 55 HP Tractors?

India being an agriculture-oriented country specializes in creating exceptional agricultural vehicles, and when it comes to 51 hp to 55 hp tractors. Tractorgyan brings you the best tractors Under 55 HP category.

Tractorgyan has the best deals on under 55 hp tractors which are all from India's top-notch manufacturing companies such as john deere, Massey Fergusson,  Mahindra, Indofarm, Swaraj, Farmtrac, Solis and this list goes on and on. We understand the importance of buying the best tractor under 55 hp because buying a tractor is considered an investment. Apart from brand new 51hp to 55hp tractors, we are also trusted by our client base for dealing in reselling pre-loved 51 hp to 55 hp tractors. 

Keep visiting our page to stay updated on the latest news related to the world of agriculture. And don’t miss out on any deals. We hope we were able to help you out in finding the best 51 HP to 55 HP tractor prices.