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26 HP To 30 HP Tractors

10+ tractors available under 30 HP tractor category at Tractorgyan. 26 HP to 30 HP tractors in India are highly versatile tractors that farmers can use in a wide range of farming activities. With the help of an ideal 30 horsepower tractor, farmers can perform light to medium-duty operations on the field and can work with lightweight ploughs, harrows, seeders, and front-end loader implements.

The current 26 HP to 30 HP tractors for sale in India are from brands like Mahindra tractor, Sonalika tractor, and many others.

26 HP to 30 HP tractors Price

under 30 HP tractor price is quite affordable as the very basic model starts from Rs. 4.40 Lakhs*.

Popular Tractor Under 30 HP in India

John Deere 3028 EN- This is the best 30 HP tractor as it offers modern features like a Collar Reverser transmission and 2800 rated RPM at a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 7.15 - 7.50 Lakh*. Mahindra 265 DI Bhoomiputra- This is the best tractor under 30 HP from Mahindra. You pay Rs. 4.80 - 4.95 Lakh* and get features like manual/power steering and 8 F+2 R gears. Farmtrac Atom 26- The tractor 30 HP price for this tractor is Rs. 5.65 - 5.85 Lakh* and it offers features like ADDC controls and a single clutch. Kubota NeoStar B2741 4WD- This 27 HP tractor has gear shift transmission and comes with a price tag of Rs. 6.20 - 6.30 Lakh*.

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26 HP To 30 HP Tractor Price List 2024 in India


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Mahindra Tractor Dealers26 HP To 30 HP Tractor Dealers

26 HP To 30 HP Tractors Customer Reviews

tractor model Massey ferguson TAFE 30 DI Orchard Plus

user review

Gaurav pathak

 16 Apr, 2024

I am old meshi custmar, this is good tektar

tractor model Sonalika GT 28

user review

Gajadhar rana

 17 Jan, 2024

Tractor acha

tractor model Sonalika GT 26

user review


 11 Nov, 2024

Sonalika GT 26

tractor model Sonalika Tiger GT 30

user review

Dattatray umagi radhe

 05 Nov, 2024

Sonalika Tiger GT 30

tractor model Massey ferguson 6028 4WD

user review

Kanhaiya saluja

 26 Oct, 2024

Very systematic

Recently Asked Question about 26 HP To 30 HP Tractor Models Tractors:

Which is the most popular tractor under 30 HP?>

Some of the best tractors below 30 hp are Farmtrac Atom 26, Swaraj Target 630, Massey Ferguson 1030 DI MAHA SHAKTI, Kubota NeoStar B2741S 4WD, John Deere 3028 EN, sonalika DI 30 Baagban, and many more.

What is the 26 HP to 30 HP tractor price range in India?>

The 26 hp to 30 HP tractors price starts from Rs. 4.40 lakh* - Rs 7.55 lakh* in India.

How many under 30 HP tractor models are listed on Tractorgyan?>

There are 10+ Under 30 HP tractor models listed on Tractorgyan.

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About 26 hp to 30 Hp Tractors In India

26 hp to 30 hp tractors in India are also called mini-tractors, which are specially designed to work on intercultural operations, agricultural fields, and orchards with medium size land holdings. These compact tractors are perfect for navigating through orchards and vineyards. These 26 HP to 30 HP tractors generally have lift capacities up to 1000 kg and can also perform various other functions with different farming implements. Under 30 HP Tractors can also perform multiple applications with high mileage, better performance, power, and efficiency. Moreover, these tractors are highly affordable for marginal farmers with no compromise on power, performance, and features. You can even buy advanced technology 2WD or 4WD mini-tractors under the 26 HP to 30 HP range.  Under 30 HP Tractors are capable of increasing your productivity with their better torque power and low turning radius features.

Now, let's see what are the uses of this 26 hp to 30 hp tractors and for whom they will be beneficial.

Who should buy 26 hp to 30 hp tractors?

26 HP to 30 HP tractors which are known as compact tractors can be used by farmers, homeowners or hobby farmers, or anyone who has small to medium land holdings or farms. These under-30 horsepower tractors are agricultural tractors that are built to perform with mowers and light-duty material handling equipment. Compact tractors can be attached to a variety of tractor implements such as small farm implements, front-end loaders, and small backhoes. If you need power, performance, and durability then you should buy a 26-hp to 30-hp tractor. 

Under 30 horsepower tractors can even perform multiple farming tasks such as harvesting, haulage, puddling, and reaping. These best tractors under 30 hp are built with robust materials, which can even attach trolleys and a water tanker. The tractor is made to perform all-around applications. They can be used in orchards, vineyards, and other intercultural operations. Besides agriculture operations, they can be used in the commercial sector also which includes haulage, construction, mining, infrastructure, health, and sanitation fields for spraying pesticides and herbicides, etc. Plus, you can also use 26 hp to 30 hp tractor for livestock, landscaping, lawn care, etc.

Popular 26 Hp to 30 Hp Tractor Models With Price List

Best Tractor under 30 hp

HP capacity


Swaraj target 630

29 HP

Rs. 5.35 lakhs

Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD    

28 HP

Rs. 5 to 6 lakhs*

Sonalika DI 30 Baagban

30 HP

Rs. 4.80 to 5.15 lakhs*

John Deere 3028 EN

28 HP

Rs. 5.65 to 6.15 Lakhs* 

Farmtrac Atom 26

26 HP Rs. 5.05-5.35 Lakhs*

Note:- 26 hp to 30 hp tractor price may vary from state to state as per the taxes.

Why Tractorgyan For 26 Hp to 30 Hp Tractors?

TractorGyan is a leading and trusted platform for tractors, mini-tractors, tractor implements, and second-hand tractors for your agriculture and commercial needs. We provide the best consultation regarding buying the 26 hp to 30 hp tractor for your business. We first analyze your requirements and then suggest you the best 26 hp to 30 hp tractor that matches your needs that helps you improve your productivity and achieve your goals faster. We have a team of experts who provides you with all the information on tractor, tractor implements, second-hand tractors, tractor loans, EMI calculations, and tractor insurance. So you just have to sit back and relax, and we will handle everything to help you buy the best product at affordable rates. Moreover, if you wish to buy an under 30 hp tractor, then you must be clear about the purpose and where you are going to use the tractor, according to these requirements you can finalize your below 30 hp tractor with the best match features. So get in touch with us for the best deal on 26 hp to 30 hp tractor price.